About Few Words

Do you know this feeling, when someone makes your day much better, just by saying few words? Why dont you say them to another person, it may come back to you from the different lips and it will make your day as well.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О нескольких словах

Знаете ли вы это чувство, когда кто-то делает ваш день намного лучше, просто сказав несколько слов? Почему бы вам не сказать их другому человеку, это может вернуться к вам из разных уст, и это сделает ваш день также.

(илона пулианаускайте)

À propos de peu de mots

Savez-vous ce sentiment, quand quelqu’un améliore votre journée, simplement en disant quelques mots? Pourquoi ne les dites-vous pas à une autre personne, cela peut vous revenir de différentes lèvres et cela fera votre journée aussi.

(ilona pulianauauskaite)


47 thoughts on “About Few Words

  1. Songs come Dull or Brilliant…
    Words come Colored or Grey…
    Human Emotions and Senses are Energy
    We Give and Share or Take and Hoard the
    Circle of Life.. Yes.. the Golden Spiral of Love
    Is Either Lit up with Positive Energy of Song
    Frequencies of Vibrations High
    or pulled
    Energy of Words
    Frequency of Low
    in Vibrations too..
    So Far Away.. from an
    Uplifting Song of Emotions to
    Flow.. but only as Close as a Word
    Becomes Poetry of Song to Play..
    to carry
    on a
    oF LiGHT…
    SMiLes We see that
    Light some folks do
    they carry on Energies
    Synergies of Human LoVinG
    LiVinG on Free to Give and Share even more…
    Smiles my Friend These days Super Heroes will be words
    That and
    to Dance
    and Sing as Play
    aS Even Text Becomes Organic
    Living Poetry All of Us continue Dancing
    And Singing to Light the Words up Color
    The Love Now for Free…
    SMiLES too..
    Hehe i F E E L i’m a
    Bit Extra Happy today
    As i turned my ‘Income
    Taxes’ in Traveling to the
    Local Post Office Right before
    Midnight and Set my self Free..
    Smiles.. Your Prophecy might come true
    i may end up a Bit Brilliant Like a Shooting
    Star Dancing in Public Before the Night is out..
    hey.. yep..
    it happens
    all the time
    now but i never
    get tired now of
    Steak and Ice Cream this way
    of Constant Challenge Now and
    Struggle Light Wins over Dark to Be Free NoW..:)

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      1. Hehe I have a Hulk
        Shirt will wear it
        Some Time i
        Kid You
        Not i ripped the
        Back Katrina Sewed
        It Up Happens with the
        Shorts too Tread wear not
        Great in 22 Pairs of Shoes
        Hehe if i count All Tools and total Labor output to
        Reach 6.7 Million Words of
        Poetry and 11,090 Miles
        Of Public Dance at Minimum Wage
        Equivalent my
        Hobby Cost me
        Half a Million
        My only
        Reward Heaven now
        Smiles i Will Always
        Owe the World Thanks
        For Providing All the
        Avenues for that/this
        And You
        Know What
        If Jesus Does
        Really come He
        Will Torture no
        One Just say thanks
        For Heaven Now People
        Will be so angry with Him
        For not destroying their
        Enemies OMG they
        Would wanna
        Him Again
        On A Good Friday
        Full Moon.. Hehe Real
        Jesus Would Follow
        No Rules
        But as
        Not expected
        Would Come Maybe
        Even Dance Like
        At Night
        Believe i
        Saw A Movie
        Like That Wow
        It seemed so Real👌🧠😂

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  2. That is so true Ilona! It doesn’t take much to make someones day brighter, no cost on our part, just a few kind words will do it. 😄 Someone did that for me today and it really made my day!😃 Keep up with these great thoughts Ilona!😃🌞💛🌴

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