Mondays Precious

Instead of focusing on those who dont appreciate you, focus on those who cares.






Make each day special, each day are precious so are YOU..


43 thoughts on “Mondays Precious

  1. Hey, hey Ilona! How are you today? I agree, each day is very precious and special. We shouldn’t waste time, it never comes back. Focus on things we do now and look ahead with a great attitude. Today is a special day, thank you for reminding us of that, you are a special person yourself! Muffin says hi too, how was Leya this morning?😄🌞💛😺 I have my coffee in hand enjoying the early morning, do you have your coffee yet?☕

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    1. Good afternoon Steve, i had difficult night, yes, each day is new and different, thank you reading already had two expresso, I dont remember seeing her this morning i was half sleeping😂how about you? I will answer later have to go back to work🤗

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      1. Sorry to hear your night wasn’t good, hope you are not too tired today. I will be waiting, I am feeling great today, a little tired, didn’t sleep too well either.😃🌞


  2. Congratulations for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Comments were closed on all your posts so I’ll comment here 🙂 Enjoyed your answers especially banning money! Great one! You’re Venom haha okay noted, I read it also before 😀
    The lighting on the statue is also amazing!
    Have a great day ❤

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      1. My pleasure 😊 you post multiple posts so you must consider keeping the comments few days probably because sometimes we miss many posts when busy or away
        Yes sure too many questions and too many things to say! So we repeat 😁

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  3. Ilona, that is so true🦋but never forget about yourself, because you are you❤️And I am so grateful to have meet you in here on blog, thank you-you always care about me❤️🦋


  4. You nominated me today for precious Monday.. Made me little cry and emotional .. Have a nice day🤗🌸❤️👍 Thanks for so much of kindness but you know it’s take nothing to be kind.. Have a sunshine day🌸

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      1. No, I have had that problem too. I’m actually having several problems with WordPress though they did fix one thing. But every time I go to blogs I’m following, it says I’m not following and I can’t use the like button. Haven’t been able to get that problem fixed yet, it’s frustrating at times.😕🙁🤔

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