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      1. J’ai des amis russe ici à l’université, mais mes meilleurs sont des français, avec un français g m comme on était du même pays. Tu veux que je dise un truc ?

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  1. SMiLES.. the View From Monaco is Beautiful And
    Almost Identical to the Emerald Gulf Coast where
    We are Traveling today haha.. this Proves you are
    Real To those Folks i
    Know Here who
    Do not think someone
    As Young as You are is
    Capable of such success
    In Blogging in less
    Than three Months…
    Your Voice is soothing
    Like a Song Natural
    Poetry of Speak You
    Bring Colored by Several Countries of Origin And Yes i agree Blogging is all about Expressing Identity
    All of Who You Are Free And Open to Be in a Global Community That is Free Without Walls Built by Smaller Souls to Reduce a Tree of Life in size to Prison Souls so tiny
    lost.. SMiLES Celebrate
    Yes Do Evolve
    Bloom Thorns
    Through Flowers
    Rose Whole Smiles
    Patiently Waiting
    A Free
    Dance too
    Hehe The
    Song Is Nice..✌️🤗😇👌🕺


      1. Hey hey! Glad you are safely home again. Looking forward to all those nice pictures. Did you remember? My day has been good so far, sunny and warm finally! Muffin is sleeping again. Really enjoyed your instagram video, that’s a great idea.😃🌞😺📷

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      2. It’s amazing, I quietly told Muffin you were home and she got up and came over to the computer. Sometimes I think she really does understand!😹😂 I did my blogger award post today, people seemed to like it! These things are so much fun.😃

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      1. Goodnight, dont forget to eat something, at least ew grapes thought, thank you for stopping by today and for all your time as well, means a lot, Teya already as sleep, goodnight my lovely MUFFIN, i hope i can see you here tomorrow🤗🌈👱‍♀️

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  2. I also have an insta account and I kept it also empty.. You got the wrong identity of me and judged it wrong Have you read my Blogs carefully and the comments which I say back to you.. *Boy I’m..🙄

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      1. We were joking about the tiger, so i thought your cheeks got read because of laughing, okay i know now you are guy, sorry, i didn’t knew Aman is the name of the guy, i thought you are very sweet lady, from the picture🤗

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      2. I’m jolly kind of a person so It doesn’t hurt me ! Even I’m happy and laughing… why to be sad? Life is more beautiful than it be sad for no valid reason. yaa I have done there is a post where you judged it wrong so I done that already right..

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  3. Loved the accent 😊 you’re right but let me disagree with one thing that content is very important, the other things as well but content for me comes first ❤ Great new idea to speak through video! Bravo 😊

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    1. Thank you for watching Huguette, content is important, but i think not what kind of it is, you can share about health or about inspiration, whatever what is inside you, your content is always very interesting and pleasure to read🤗❤️

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      1. An actually positive way to Connect with host’s or people..

        If certain individuals have negative around them or within..

        The may positively find it easier to interact with the optimism that you show from within yourself..

        I believe you take pride within in..

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