About Happiness

Its not easy to be happy, you can’t just go to the shop and buy it, you have to feel it. Its not possible to be happy without suffering, otherwise we could never know, how the happiness looks like. You can buy new phone and it may make you happy for few weeks, but after you will need to buy something new, because material happiness is very temporal, if you want happiness forever, you have to feel it inside you, you have to work with yourself and to stop searching for the meaning of life, you have to live it meaningfully and i believe, that it will make you happy.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О счастье

Нелегко быть счастливым, вы не можете просто пойти в магазин и купить его, вы должны это почувствовать. Невозможно быть счастливым без страданий, иначе мы бы никогда не узнали, как выглядит счастье. Вы можете купить новый телефон, и он может сделать вас счастливыми на несколько недель, но после того, как вам нужно будет купить что-то новое, потому что материальное счастье очень временное, если вы хотите счастья навсегда, вы должны чувствовать его внутри себя, вы должны работать с самим собой и чтобы перестать искать смысл жизни, вы должны жить осмысленно, и я верю, что это сделает вас счастливыми.

(илона пулианаускайте)

À propos du bonheur

Ce n’est pas facile d’être heureux, on ne peut pas simplement aller au magasin et l’acheter, il faut le sentir. Il n’est pas possible d’être heureux sans souffrance, sinon on ne pourrait jamais savoir à quoi ressemble le bonheur. Vous pouvez acheter un nouveau téléphone et vous rendre heureux pendant quelques semaines, mais après vous aurez besoin d’acheter quelque chose de nouveau, car le bonheur matériel est très temporel, si vous voulez le bonheur pour toujours, vous devez le sentir en vous, vous devez travailler avec vous-même et cesser de chercher le sens de la vie, vous devez la vivre de manière significative et je crois que cela vous rendra heureux.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


56 thoughts on “About Happiness

  1. You are absolutely right, without suffering how could we know what happiness is, and it certainly can’t be found in material things, that kind of happiness is shallow and disappears very quickly. That’s a beautiful picture too!😃

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    1. Is not, but happiness is inside it, just need to figure out how does it works, same when you are buying new phone, takes time to find out how it works, if we can take time for phone, we should take some time to figure out how do we work?


  2. SMiLes.. of course Happiness is Dancing
    And Singing for me Regulating Emotions
    Integrating Senses Always Generating
    My Own Happy Biochemistry Within
    And Visiting my Uncle on the
    Emerald Coast Resort
    Area Didn’t
    Leave Any time
    for Hours of Dance oh no.. but hey
    that’ll be the first Day that my Legs got
    anything Close to Rest as long as i can Remember
    since the Last Time i visited my Uncle around a Year or
    two ago.. hehe.. yeah.. i guess Happiness is giving the Legs
    rest one
    Day a Year or two
    too.. We did enjoy
    ‘High Class’ Meals too
    that surely is a place of Luxury
    through and through with only the
    Finest Money Will Buy for my Uncle and
    Aunt.. but for me all of that means nothing nothing
    at all and rare did i see an upturned Smile among the
    Folks too hehe..
    other than that The
    Emerald Green Waters are
    Gorgeous the Sand Dunes are
    Stellar Quartz White and pretty Much
    that’s what made me Happy.. the Food was
    but my
    Wife Cooks
    Better and it’s
    Relatively Free in
    comparison as i ‘Lectured’
    my Aunt and Uncle on how all of
    Happiness is Generated Within and none of that
    at all For Happiness
    Within Generated by Will
    We carry with Us Always for free..:)

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    1. Hello hello, SMILES, thank you for stopping by, for reading and for taking your time to write such long and wise comment, i hope you are having a great day, i appreciate your words and your comment, thank you for sharing your experiences, i’m very happy to hear other people thoughts, smiles, dance and living meaningfully the LIFE🤗

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      1. Hello Hey to you Across the With SMiLes too.. what a long Day Yesterday Looking Forward to
        Dance Both in Church
        And After Church hehe..
        Best Wishes for a Happy
        Meaningful rest of your
        Sun Day Life too!!🕺🙏😁🤗😇🕺

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  3. I love your thoughts here, and I think it’s all begin within myself🦋and more I recover from my past, you more joy I feel deep inside myself, and I am so grateful to that🦋
    Lovely post Ilona❤️and I can feel your honesty and authenticity from your heart.
    Thank you for sharing❤️🦋Enjoy your day💜

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    1. Hey hey hey, yes, i woke up early, went for a run, did meditation, work out, also had to cook my food for the week, i like to have prepared meals, like this on dont need to worry what to cook, also i have chose clothes, because when i’m in rush is difficult to chose, did some cleaning, washed the windows as well, because after the rain they looked dirty, now i’m here for few minutes, are you happy a great day so far?🤗

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      1. Hey hey! Wow, you have been busy already today! That’s a good way to do things, prepare ahead like that. Yes, I am happy, it’s a beautiful sunny and warm morning!🌞 Nice to see you back on for a while.😃🌴💛☕ Had your coffee?

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      2. Not yet, but i will go out soon to get it, i will meet some family today🤗good to hear, that our day is better today, yes, good to be back on blog for few minutes, hehe, but i will be back for longer in a little while🍒

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  4. This is a lot of wisdom in your words, Ilona. I’ve heard stories of people going out to buy things in order to cheer themselves up, but later on to feel the melancholy of money blown away, and not wanting these things they bought the next day. I agree that happiness comes from within, not from wihout. Thank you for your wise words.

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  5. It is true. No money ever gave human happiness. Happiness it is hard mind work but as soon as you in peace with inner you and you know who you are, happiness presents itself. Once you learn how to be happy you will never get over it because happiness is addictive. I wish you happiness in everything you are doing. 🌺🌟🌈☀️❤️💜🌟💫🌸🥀🌹

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