The Versatile Blogger Award (

Thank you so much from all my heart for nominating me, it means a lot to me, guys check out this blog, it is really very interesting and always very informative, take your time to read, because is worth attention,, i’m very happy to be able to answer.

Stats about my little, small and tiny blog

I posted my first post Jan 20, 2019, i could never imagine it will become such a huge part of my life, at the begging i didn’t knew what i was doing, but from very young ages, i was told, that the hard of this key for everything, so i started to work hard on my blog, at the beginning i wasn’t reading other people blogs, i was focus on mine, i didn’t even clicked likes, i was just writing and posting, after i thought, hm, but how people can find me, they dont know my blog exist, so i started to like, read and to comment hundreds of people.

Second part was to comment them regularly, to be kind and nice, instead of telling them what i dont like about their post, i was saying what i like the most, why do we need negativity? The amount of followers started to grow fast, because i was just on every single post with my comments, i believe it helped a lot to be seen. Also at the beginning i was liking all the conversation of other bloggers i just wanted them to notice me, now i think is silly, but for some reasons it worked.

The amount of followers is big, now i can’t comment each post, but i go one by one, until i get back where i started, it is only the way to make it up to everyone, i also disabled comments on my old posts, if people really read it and they want to talk about old posts, they are very welcome to do it on my new post.

The best part is, i found some beautiful souls here, i was thinking, that is no more people like this in this world, but there are, we still have people, who is good, honest, who can help you online if you have some trouble with something, there is still people who can take their time for you. I was very surprised, i didn’t expect to find them on Word Press, i believe, that they are here for the reason, they are bringing this beautiful messages on their blogs and they have no idea, what their posts can mean to other people.

Award Rules

In order to receive the award, each nominee will have to:

  • Thank the person who nominated him/her.
  • Link to the blog of the person who nominated him/her.
  • State 7 facts about himself/herself.
  • Nominate other bloggers who bring joy into their daily life (Note: There’s a different rule which asks nominees to nominate 15 more bloggers.)

Seven Facts About Myself

  1. I have been in deep depression in my life and i never find out why it happened, but i find out the way out and wont wish to anyone to experience it, is very difficult to pull yourself out it, i had tried 3 different treatments what doctor subscribed me, at the end i putted all of them to rubbish and started myself treatment, the effect of pills scared me and i decided to do it on my own. And after a long fight i won, the fight left scars and bad memories, but is the past and the flash back come when he want to come and nothing i can do about it, i believe, that it comes and leaves when is time to leave is no point to try to control the thoughts, it makes everything more heavy, now i’m just letting it go.
  2. I’m very strong mentally, after all, that happened, i think i’m very strong, specially when it comes to environment or on being effected by other people, it is very difficult for other people to hurt me by mean words, because i just dont care so much, so much😂i have my own truth and i believe in it, i dont need any other truth, the earth is round and i will never go to discussion with stupidity, i think is waste of time.
  3. I’m only child, because my parents had me very late, but at the time we use to live in big house with my fathers sisters family as well and she had 2 boys, so it was fun, i didn’t felt like i’m lonely, it was great time, feels good to remember.
  4. Is so difficult to tell facts about me, i dont know, i’m optimist, i try to find some positivity everywhere, i could never sit and think, that i’m bored, i can always find something to do.
  5. I like company, there is always someone in my home, it just must be, at the end of the day i like to be alone a bit, for few minutes, just to think and to clear my head, but after i need company again, if there is no one, well sometimes happens, so i’m on phone talking with someone, or i’m on my blog talking with someone, or go to the coffee shop and i talk with the worker, i just can’t stop talking, i was wondering if i’m talking by sleeping as well.
  6. I like being me, i dont like to pretend like i’m someone who i’m not, i dont like to copy other people, we are all unique, we have our own style and we dont need to try to look good in other people eyes, they wont pay my bills, they wont deal with my problems, who will? I will.
  7. Is very difficult to talk about myself, i dont know what else to say, i already said it on one of my awards post, but say it again, my horoscope is Virgo, i was born on September 3. Huh, done, voila.

my nominees for “The Versatile Blogger Award” are:


71 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award (

      1. Good morning Ilona! 🌞 I’m not really up, it just looks like it!😁 Some noise outside woke me up so I decided to see if the bear was around. I will wait for a while to see if he shows up. Hope your day goes great, you will likely be gone by the time I get up.😂 Don’t forget the grapes!🍇☕🌞

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      2. Good morning Ilona, I’m finally up! No, I didn’t get the picture, he never came back close enough. One of these days. How’s everything this morning? Have you gone on your trip yet?😁🌞📷

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  1. SMiLes.. Coming out of the Dark allows Us to appreciate Light
    More and also makes us Stronger for others who are in a Dark
    Place now too.. Smiles i’ve spent about 7 and a Half Years of
    my Life in the Dark Place and no Treatment Options helped…
    i had to learn how to Navigate the Dark Place myself by looking
    within and finding the Answers there
    that finally came to
    the Fruition of
    A Never ending
    Dance And Song Now…
    Smiles.. most every Night
    i go to the Dance Hall as i did
    Last Night and Marathon Solo Dance
    for 3 Hours Straight always welcoming nice
    people to dance with me if they approach me for
    that.. someone most always asks me on the sidelines
    Of Dance mostly Male Folks what i am on ‘Now Big Time’
    as Far as Drugs to be that Happy.. it’s Hard to convince
    them i am not.. but haha.. what i do now is show them
    me Leg pressing 1340 LBS 12 times on YouTube and tell
    them Dance
    and you will
    Become a ‘Real Man’
    of both Heart and Spirit
    of Mind and Body Balancing
    Soul Force Love.. It’s True You’ll become
    the Grinch now but the Reformed Grinch
    With a Heart 10 Times as strong as before
    And Multiples of 7 in all Human Potentials..
    Anyway Ilona you surely are a Versatile Human
    Being and Deserve this Word Press Nomination..
    i’ve come across Thousands of People online in Writing
    the last 3060 consecutive Days and literally around 12 Million
    words as Recorded too.. literally.. i have probably come across
    100,000 People hehe that’s Just an Average Blog Post Size of
    120 Words per all 12 Million Words..
    Every Person who
    has had what
    it takes to
    catch up
    to what i do..
    is beyond belief a
    Stellar Star Human i always
    see who never changes that way
    smiles.. there have only been as many
    as there are Fingers on my Hands and
    it seems you are Number 11 my Friend
    not in terms of who is greater just in terms
    of Numbers
    of People
    who have
    time to be
    A Friend with someone
    in Words literally too big to see..
    i didn’t go to Hell not to come back Epically
    my Mother told me my Life would tell A
    Grand Tale but she never told me i would
    do it solo.. haha..
    it hasn’t
    been solo..
    i honor the
    Brave souls
    who have flown higher with me..:)


    “Jonathan Livingston Fredenstein Seagull”

    that’s a Good Enough Nickname for me.. hehe..

    but as usual

    it is

    bits and bytes too long to fit in most Blog Homes..;)

    If you haven’t read the Book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”
    it describes you well too my Friend just a Prophecy of what
    it means to meet all Your Human Potentials and Self-Actualize..
    is someone
    on their way
    as Young as You
    and my Indian Friend..
    i was a late Bloomer you
    two are truly blessed at 27..
    i suppose 1991 was a Good Year
    as that is close to the Age of my
    3 Best Dancing Friends too of 27 too..
    one might be 28 one might be 26 but it all averages out..;)

    Hehe i call those three “Charlie’s Angels”.. Chelsea.. Cortney.. Maggie…
    in that ‘Sense’ i am the Old Dude who is hard to see on that show too..
    smiles… some folks recognize me almost immediately and it’s Magic..
    few but
    still that’s what
    makes it Magic..
    Meanwhile i Do A
    Lightening Dance after
    A Thunderstorm of Song my way..
    When we LiVE iN Dark Many Years No one will Blind us in Light..:)

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  2. During your prologue I thought that something is wrong, this isn’t normal: “no need to spread negativity, be nice, etc.” Then on the “Seven facts about me” I saw : ” i have tried 3 different treatments what doctor subscribed me, at the end i putted all of them to rubbish and started myself “, and I said huah… she is normal… LOL

    Congrats dear.

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