Meet The Spawn

Spawn is one of the first comics i read when i was kid. It was created by Todd McFarlane. The hero is Al Simmons who was military, then betrayed by his own and murdered. Then he did a deal with the devil to resurrect and have a chance to see his wife again. This statue is base on the criticise movie from 1997 the design is a bit different but i love it so much. Its a very big statue over 80 cm. Its a very violent comics, very dark, but i always loved the design and how good the drawing are, Todd McFarlane is a master from his art.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Встречайте Спауна

Spawn – один из первых комиксов, которые я прочитал, когда был ребенком. Он был создан Тоддом Макфарлейном. Герой – Ал Симмонс, который был солдатом, а затем предан и убит. Затем он заключает сделку с дьяволом, чтобы воскресить и снова увидеть свою жену. Эта статуя основана на фильме с критикой 1997 года, дизайн немного другой, но я его очень люблю. Это очень большая статуя более 80 см. Тодд Макфарлейн – мастер своего искусства.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A la rencontre de Spawn

Spawn est l’un des premières Comics que j’ai lu quand j’étais enfant. Ca a été créé par Todd McFarlane. Le héro est Al Simmons qui était militaire puis trahi par le sien et tué. Puis il a fait un pacte avec le diable pour ressusciter et avoir une chance de revoir sa femme. Cette statue est basée sur le film de 1997 très critiquer, le design est un peu différent mais je l’adore. C’est une très grande statue de 80 cm. C’est un comique très violent, très sombre, mais j’ai toujours aimé le design et la qualité du dessin, Todd McFarlane est un maître de son art.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


40 thoughts on “Meet The Spawn

  1. Hi again Ilona! I tried to reply to you but was rejected, guess I wasn’t quick enough!😂 My day is going well so far. You’re getting a late start, how far is it? Hope it’s nice and sunny for your pictures today. I’m going to do the award post soon! Like you’re latest from your collection!😄🌞🌴📷

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      1. That’s good, hope it goes well for the pictures, take lots! Muffin was acting a bit odd today, just didn’t want to leave me, I think she got scared by that bear again last night.🙀 No real plans today except some cleaning, might try for some pictures too since it is sunny. How is Leya? Muffin meows hi to you both.😄🌞😸💛


      2. That’s nice that she missed you! I know what you mean about sorting out pictures, it can take a while for sure. Muffin meows hi to you and Leya! Such a beautiful day, feels so nice and warm compared to the last few days.🌞 I noticed you don’t have a contact page on your blog, probably smart. Oh, can’t remember if I mentioned before, but if you ever want help again, you could put the post on a comment on my blog so your readers wouldn’t see it ahead of time. Hmm, maybe I did mention that. Oh well.😂🤔🌞💛

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      3. You know, twice now while I was on the computer Muffin came and started to bite my hands! She must have seen that picture of you with Leya biting your hand. I mean, she has never done that before!😂😹📷 Did you pick up some grapes?

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  2. SMiLes.. Good Morning From Florida.. hehe i can relate to this Spawn Fellow as even though i didn’t make a Deal with the Devil the ‘Flat Earther’ Cashiers at the Grocery Store Back In ‘97 when i occasionally purchased a Beer or two thought i was the Spawn of the Devil just cause my Birthdate said 6660 on my Driver’s License.. ‘Flat Earthers’ make me Giggle but it is
    Rather Sad to go through life so full of illusory fears and Hating People Just because someone in Church says God don’t like some of God’s Creation.. Yes Snakes are Magnificent Children
    Of God too like Flat Earther’s just a bit mixed
    Up like those Church Cashiers.. i Like Your
    Spawn Statue
    Hope your
    Day is Stellar!!😇🤗🙏✌️😁

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