About Motivation

Motivation is the reason why and how we act in our life. The real motivation is this little power that we have inside of us which helps us to move forward. When we have motivation we are not asking many questions, we are just doing it and we are trying to do the best we can. Motivation helps us to do things in life, the biggest and craziest goals can become real, we get more confidence, even if the work is hard, it’s still the key for success, but confidence is needed. When we are motivated we may have many new ideas, which helps to challenge us and to get us out of our boring comfort zone.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О мотивации

Мотивация – причина того, почему и как мы действуем в нашей жизни. Настоящая мотивация – это та маленькая сила, которая у нас внутри, которая помогает нам двигаться вперед. Когда у нас есть мотивация, мы не задаем много вопросов, мы просто делаем это, и мы стараемся сделать все возможное. Мотивация помогает нам делать вещи в жизни, самые большие и самые сумасшедшие цели могут стать реальностью, мы получаем больше уверенности, даже если работа тяжелая, это все еще ключ к успеху, но уверенность необходима. Когда мы мотивированы, у нас может появиться много новых идей, которые помогают бросить нам вызов и вывести нас из нашей скучной зоны комфорта.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos de la motivation

La motivation est la raison pour laquelle et comment nous agissons dans notre vie. La vraie motivation est ce petit pouvoir que nous avons à l’intérieur de nous qui nous aide à aller de l’avant. Lorsque nous sommes motivés, nous ne posons pas beaucoup de questions, nous le faisons simplement et nous essayons de faire de notre mieux. La motivation nous aide à faire des choses dans la vie, les objectifs les plus ambitieux et les plus fous peuvent devenir réels, nous avons plus de confiance, même si le travail est difficile, c’est la clé du succès, mais la confiance est nécessaire. Lorsque nous sommes motivés, nous pouvons avoir de nombreuses nouvelles idées, ce qui contribue à nous mettre au défi et à nous sortir de notre zone de confort ennuyeuse.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


55 thoughts on “About Motivation

  1. SMiLes i was wondering when you were going to become
    Human and set some Human Limits on what you do.. smiles
    many people would Just let the comments come
    with no Response but you are a bit like
    me You Serve Everyone Love ’em all
    hehe.. there are signs
    like that all
    over the
    Hard Rock Cafe
    Casinos.. i used to go
    to Casinos’ once a Month
    for almost 5 Years still have
    about 60 Blog Posts with all
    the photos of that too.. Love
    the Look of the Buddha Bar in Monte
    Carlo if that is what you are showing in this
    Blog Post about Motivation Lord knows to me
    i get Motivation from every thing in life i’ve willed
    my Life that way to be.. go go go in flow flow flow…
    true when Positive Muse comes
    from Dark and Light
    i Marry the
    Night and
    Honey Moon the Day
    as Lord i’ve said that a few
    times in the last few days..
    and yes i’ve done it too as i always do..
    catching up on the Comments from your
    other Blog Posts as that is more efficient for me
    too.. hehe.. just open up another Window with the
    Reliable Big Desk Top iMac and Voila there they still are
    to read and comment on this Window now.. it’s additionally
    Efficient as Your Blog Posts are concise and meaningful and fit
    on the Preview Window of the Entire Blog haha.. one day i think
    i’ll try that i’ll
    get more
    visits hehe..
    but no no no..
    no way to write 40,000 Words
    in a Week if i am making small talk
    with a Thousand People a Week yes there
    Are Human Limits and only so many Hours in a Day
    And Week.. True sometimes 86,400 Seconds in a day is just
    not enough.. and on top of that my Indian Friend got motivated
    to Blog again and she has already done 3 today too.. oh Lord being
    A Group Auditor Manager of the Biggest Airlines in the United Arab
    Emirates.. i am just a poor boy retired from a small town such important
    and smart friends i have who are so productive too.. just a Handful but the
    way i Friend people how in the World could i handle more than 2 or so.. hehe..
    Smiles my Friend
    i Adore Deep Words
    Meaningless Words in this
    Age We Live in are as Few as
    Many as there are Likes on Blogs
    And Follows that are only Trades for Follows..
    this is no surprise either we use our muscles to move
    connect and co-create or they wither away and all that is
    left is fog and mush.. and maybe a Job where we are more
    Machine than Human.. smiles my Friend if you even have
    one friend
    in this world
    who is more
    deep than
    Shallow you are beyond
    blessed and truly a friend
    who really cares and doesn’t
    only have some kind of agenda with you..
    it’s nice to know and feel folks like that
    they are surely worth visiting and so
    motivating for Loving Life too.
    Thank You..
    You are on the
    Right Track for Balance.. UNiTY
    Yoga Keep Life Yoga and Meditate in
    Peace and Harmony and yes Party with
    ‘Purple Rain’ Like it is 1999 that’s what i did
    last night as Thursday Night is always Dance Night
    with Hundreds and Hundreds of People and you know
    what so many people high five me every night and say
    i am Awesome just because i am reliable i’m always there
    away still for
    5 years now..
    hehe and truly
    not too big to see
    like i am online haha..
    let’s face it a little bit of me
    goes a long long way..
    one word
    Once Dance and Song ALL..
    And a lot of you is all over this place too.. haha..
    even too much for even you to do.. hehe.. Some Walls necessary too..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What drives a man to continue is not always a light filled prize
    The dark side of motivation a powerful yet corrupted well from which we all are tempted to feed
    The cause for which we go forward been our redemption and for what we feel
    Even if what drives a man to continue is not always those flowers a plenty in sunlit fields

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