Friday Top 12 Blogs

I like to read blogs when i have time, i did little selection of Friday, i’m very happy i follow them, even if sometimes i miss the post, i’m sure they appreciating their followers and they will follow you back, they will give you feedback if you honestly read their blog, they are also very active at the blogging journey:














21 thoughts on “Friday Top 12 Blogs

  1. You are doing a great job. Many bloggers, including myself, don’t usually create time for this. You will certainly receive your reward for using valuable time to promote the informative blogs of other bloggers.

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      1. No problem. Thanks alot.

        Yesterday I nominated your blog for the versatile Blogger award which you can see here:

        At the ending of the post you will notice that I nominated your blog and 3 others for the award, but I didn’t inform any if you because of the responsibility attached to receiving it.

        Personally, I know that creating a post can be tiring at times, and that’s something I wouldn’t want any of you to face, especially after you might have received the same or similar awards several times in the past.

        Your blogs were listed because of they are highly valuable to me.

        But please don’t waste your time to create a new post in orderto rreceive the award, since I believe you have received many more before.

        Use your time to create a new post for others to read, instead of using your time to create a post in order to receive a new award which you might already have.

        Thank you.

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      2. Thank you so much, yes i already had this nomination, but is fun to answer the question to read yours, i havent read it yet, but i will let you know when will read yours and when i will be done with a post, thank you so much again🤗

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  2. Nice to see another list today Ilona, thanks for sharing all of these! You are helping many people by doing this!😃🌞Fridays are great, it means the weekend to enjoy the things we like to a greater extent than during the week!😄😁

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