Finally Friday

Dont know about you, but my Friday is going to be out, just feels like after all the hard week, i need to let it all out. HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS, tonight BUDDHA bar in Monte Carlo will BLOOM, you are welcome to come.. (ilona pulianauskaite) Наконец-то Пятница Не знаю, как у вас, но моя пятница скоро закончится, я чувствую, что после тяжелой недели мне … Continue reading Finally Friday

Meaningless words

Meaningless words, which make the life more heavy: what does the people think about you? (ilona pulianauskaite) Бессмысленные слова Бессмысленные слова, которые делают жизнь тяжелее: что люди думают о вас? (илона пулианаускайте) Mots sans signification Mots sans signification, ce qui rend votre vie plus difficile: qu’est-ce que les autres pensent de moi? (ilona pulianauskaite) Continue reading Meaningless words

Friday Top 12 Blogs

I like to read blogs when i have time, i did little selection of Friday, i’m very happy i follow them, even if sometimes i miss the post, i’m sure they appreciating their followers and they will follow you back, they will give you feedback if you honestly read their blog, they are also very active at the blogging journey: 1. 2. 3. 4. … Continue reading Friday Top 12 Blogs

About Goals

If you work hard and nothing happens, take a break and come back with a stronger force. (Ilona Pulianauskaite) О целях Если вы много работаете и ничего не происходит, сделайте перерыв и вернитесь с более сильной силой. (илона пулианаускайте) A propos des objectifs Si vous travaillez fort et que rien ne se passe, faites une pause et revenez avec une force plus forte. (ilona pulianauskaite) Continue reading About Goals