Thursday Motivation

Motivate yourself by creating your own challenges.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


Мотивируйте себя, создавая свои собственные цели.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Motivation du jeudi

Motivez-vous en créant vos propres défis.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


78 thoughts on “Thursday Motivation

      1. Early thought, today somehow we got up at same time, I didn’t have a coffee yet today and its already 12.38pm, i was in to my blog, but today is my colleague turn to go to pick it up, i think she will go soon👱‍♀️

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      2. Is not only about the place, but all people even from my kinder garden are here, not all, but some chose to stay, people from high school, i still meet the on them street and we have what to talk about, my cool neighbours, i have some family here as well, i feel like my heart is here and the home is where the heart is.. Even if the city is huge, at the end people still know each other, like my girlfriends boyfriends cousin went to school with me, at the end we all connected here😂

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      3. That’s great to hear! I really don’t have any connection here anymore, my parents died years ago, the rest of my family moved elsewhere and all my best friends have moved as well. Only have one friend left here now and we don’t really do anything together except have coffee sometimes. I would actually like to move but…🤔😄🌞

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      4. No bear picture yet. He came at 1 am, I was sleeping, but he made enough noise to wake me up, but by the time I got my camera he was gone.📷😕 Normally coffee is my morning drink, tea later, otherwise I drink water or sometimes juice. I’m still not drinking as much water as I should, but I’ll get there.😁😂

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      5. My weight always goes up in the winter since I don’t get as much exercise as I should. And it goes down in the spring as I go out walking more. Walking is my main exercise, although I have a regular exercises that I do inside too, but it’s not the same as getting out in the fresh air.😄🚶‍♂️🌞🌳


      6. That’s good! It’s been a rough day, I guess part was good, part wasn’t. Too much stress sometimes I guess. So how has your day been? Is Leya fighting with you again, or sleeping?😄🌞💛😹

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      7. Good morning Ilona!🌞 I know you’re not likely awake yet, hard to get into that new schedule isn’t it? hehe.😄 Still waiting to see if that bear might show up. Also just finished my post for tomorrow. Tried something different since it is already Friday for so many of my readers. And friends.😃 Warm place, try Nice? Now why didn’t you suggest that sooner? I’m already packed.😄🌞🌴✈

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      8. Glad the day is going well! Only a few more hours then your work day is over. It’s 4.46am here, I have my coffee and Muffin had her breakfast and is looking out the window watching whatever!🤔😸☕

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      9. I didn’t woke up at 4am today, I did at 6, but i think it takes time to get use to new habits, finally the weekend, it was so hard this week, but somehow i went thru it, and feels good, can i ask you something? Its a bit a lot actually, can i ask you a lot?😂

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  1. Yes Yes yes.. i may have mentioned
    this before but no no no never leave
    Boot Camp even if you are not in the Military
    Make Your own Bootcamp Challenges for you Mind
    Body and by God Soul too.. Climb a Mountain of Love
    Scale a Valley of giving and sharing to the Needy do something
    no one else has ever
    done before
    to your Face
    Book Neighbor too..
    hmm.. don’t ever give
    up keep smiling too..
    True hey! we could make
    a List of all the Different Challenges
    we will do in one day.. take your Smart
    Phone and Capture as many Flowers as you can
    in one day.. i bet that will make you so happy by the
    end of the day.. Look in the Sky take as many photos as
    birds that you find.. take a new stroll through Nature you
    have never been to before.. hey you could walk in reverse
    it’s true it makes your back feel so good.. and true you could
    just spin and spin and spin until you no longer get dizzy people
    will imagine you must be on drugs to do something so strange like that..
    oh my
    Gosh i could
    think of a Zillion
    and one challenges for
    that is why i smile every day
    if there are no friends around to
    talk to i just make challenges up and play!!..;)

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