Shoutout to some amazing souls

My God, i could never imagine, that people will start to make posts about me, i’m very happy and very thankful, thank you so much for all what you have done❤️


I would like to dedicate this post to my friend Ilona. She is a coach that everyone should have in their lives who always has a positive look on life. I have learned a lot from Ilona when it comes to blogging. She is someone with a very kind soul and is always there to appreciate me and my blogs. Mostly people want to push their work and advertise themself but Ilona makes it a point to share other peoples work as well and promote them. Thank you so much for all that you do 🤗

So anyone who wants a daily dose of inspiration, please head over and follow this beautiful human:

Other than Ilona, there is another woman who has inspired me to the core!

She was there for me in my darkest times, infact she is the one who made me start this blog. Her belief…

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50 thoughts on “Shoutout to some amazing souls

  1. Hey Ilona, you certainly deserve all the recognition! You are an absolutely amazing person! You are always there to help others with all your posts, you are always so positive, happy, like rays of golden sunshine throughout the day! And you are such a wonderful inspiration to everyone. Keep it up Ilona!😃🌞😉

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      1. You are welcome, I would really like to say more, so much could be said, and it would be such a joy to meet you!🌞 But it’s so nice to be able to talk with you.😃 Well, it’s sort of talking anyway!😁😄


  2. You deserved every word Ilona❤️and I feel grateful to read your words and get to know you🦋thank you❤️You have so much love, goodness and you are a light in my life, that for sure🦋I wish you a lovely day🌈

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