About Running

Running reduces the risk of lungs and heart disease, the heart is muscular and if it works more intensively with a safe load it will increase and become stronger, each time you run, you will noticed, that every time you are able to run longer distances.

Reduce the stress, stress hormones catecholamines excrete into the bloodstream and thicken the pulse and raise blood pressure, the breathing increases, and the body prepares for physical activity. Running promotes the elimination of these chemicals, reduces the unpleasant signs of stress and anxiety.

Ones you start to run, you will understand why some people become runners for life, i’m running about 4-5 years and i have noticed, that it helped me to feel better mentally and physically.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

о беге

Бег уменьшает риск легких и болезней сердца, сердце является мускулистым, и если оно работает более интенсивно с безопасной нагрузкой, оно будет увеличиваться и становиться сильнее, каждый раз, когда вы бежите, вы заметите, что каждый раз, когда вы можете пробегать большие расстояния.

Снижение стресса, гормоны стресса катехоламины выделяются в кровоток и сгущают пульс и повышают кровяное давление, дыхание усиливается, и организм готовится к физической активности. Бег способствует устранению этих химических веществ, уменьшает неприятные признаки стресса и тревоги.

Если вы начнете бегать, вы поймете, почему некоторые люди становятся бегунами на всю жизнь, я бегаю около 4-5 лет, и я заметила, что это помогло мне почувствовать себя лучше умственно и физически.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos de la course

La course à pied réduit les risques de maladies pulmonaires et cardiaques, le cœur est musculaire et s’il fonctionne plus intensément avec une charge sécuritaire, il augmentera et deviendra plus fort. Chaque fois que vous courrez, vous remarquerez que chaque fois que vous le pouvez courir de plus longues distances.

Réduisez le stress, les hormones du stress que les catécholamines excrètent dans le sang, épaississez le pouls et augmentez la pression artérielle, la respiration augmente et le corps se prépare à l’activité physique. La course à pied favorise l’élimination de ces produits chimiques, réduit les signes désagréables de stress et d’anxiété.

Quand vous commencez à courir, vous comprendrez pourquoi certaines personnes deviennent des coureurs à vie, je cours depuis environ 4-5 ans et j’ai remarqué que cela m’a aidé à me sentir mieux mentalement et physiquement.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


45 thoughts on “About Running

  1. I was never a big fun of running. I sucked at it. However, recently I’ve been investing some time it, and I’ve been able to really improve my endurance. So yeah, now running is great. I love it ahah!

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  2. I don’t run. 😂 I need healthy legs joints that are very important for powerlifting. Well powerlifters don’t run because when we do cardio we are burning fat and reducing muscle mass. But looks like you are having fun running and this is so wonderful. ☀️☀️☀️💖💖💖

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  3. Okay Throwback Photo Time.. you may have already seen this on
    my Blog but it is from my Vintage Days of Running 5K and 10K Races
    in the Local Area and hehe.. from at least this view it appears i am ahead..
    hmm.. i ran and ran and ran almost just Like Forest Gump before it was even
    popular to run and run and run it’s a Secret don’t tell anyone i am the Real
    Forrest Gump hehe.. just did the Dance 11,070 Miles now in Public
    Stores instead of running across the USA in 67 Months Several
    times too… anyway i ran for around a Decade and a Half
    yep just like the Wind as Christopher Cross Sings too
    Run Fred Run Like the Wind like Forest Gump Runs
    too.. true Running is an excellent way to burn
    off Stress Hormones get some fresh air
    but one must be careful of doing
    any activity the same
    way repetitively or
    Ergonomic Injuries may
    Occur with the same movement over
    and over again.. same applies to running
    on Treadmills Same Applies to Climbing Ellipticals
    Same Applies to almost everything in Life Same Same
    Change Change
    Fly Like
    A Seagull
    Spiral Around the Sun..
    And if you are not a Bird
    A Free Dance Will Work too with Smiles..
    Hehe but it’s not like i’m selling anything at all haha..;)

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