Wednesday Motivation

When there are hard times in life, some people turn back instead of going forward, they put their hands down without accepting challenges, while others are motivated by difficulties and are moving forward.

Which one are you?

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Среда, мотивация

Когда в жизни бывают трудные времена, некоторые люди вместо того, чтобы идти вперед, поворачивают назад, опускают руки, не принимая вызовов, в то время как другие мотивируются трудностями и движутся вперед.

Кто ты?

(илона пулианаускайте)

Motivation du mercredi

Lorsqu’il y a des moments difficiles dans la vie, certaines personnes reviennent au lieu d’aller de l’avant, elles se laissent tomber sans accepter de défis, tandis que d’autres sont motivées par les difficultés et vont de l’avant.

Lequel êtes-vous?

(ilona pulianauskaite)


49 thoughts on “Wednesday Motivation

  1. Life has taught me to tackle the challenges and not push them in front of me .. it can be a painful experience that I don’t want any ..Wish challenges welcome with open mind ..No matter how difficult it turns out, you may be surprised at how strong you are🦋
    I love this Ilona, thank you for your ingenious words❤️
    Much Love -Lillian-

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  2. The best thing to do is always tackle those challenges when they come and keep moving forward! I have had my share of challenges but keep pressing on it’s the only way to do it. Don’t let the challenges win, we do get stronger with every challenge and it helps us through life. Great thoughts Ilona!😃

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  3. Turning away from a challenge doesn’t make you a better person because next time you come across it again you still won’t know how deal with it but facing it head on is best so people must never ever shy away from any challenge and they must know that challenges are there to help us grow and by the way your Tuesday motivation was great so I can’t wait to see what you got for Thursday.

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  4. We All Breathe First And Last Breaths of Life Some of Us Breathe Deeper And
    Are Happier For Deep End Beginnings of Life than Fear in Shallow Breaths Now Fearing
    To Ever Live…
    Smiles my Friend
    i used to be Very
    Cautious Risk
    Of Culture
    To the Wind
    Now i Dance
    And Sing on
    Water i Am Air
    i Am Breath i Live..
    Smiles my Friend thanks for inspiring opening Lines of my Next Blog
    Post Until the Last is First.. heHe..;)

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