Robin from One piece

This is my first female character, Robin by Tsume. This character come from the manga One piece, but i m actually not related to the character, i really bought it for the beauty of the statue itself. I read around 20 volume of this manga but this character probably come later in the story.

It give a feeling of flying, the colours are amazing. I really enjoy to admire it in my living room everyday.

One piece is an interesting manga, one of the biggest hit of the history in this industry, its about pirates, treasure and lot of adventure. I enjoyed it but didn’t had time to continue at the time i was reading it. I think there is over 100 volume and probably over 500 episode in the anime so not easy to find time to catch up, i wish a day could be 40 hours instead than 24, but its not 🙂

Робин из одного куска

Это мой первый женский персонаж, Робин Цуме. Этот персонаж происходит из манги One Piece, но я на самом деле не связано с персонажем, я действительно купила его для красоты самой статуи. Я прочитал около 20 томов этой манги, но этот персонаж, вероятно, появится позже в истории.

Это дает ощущение полета, цвета потрясающие. Мне действительно нравится каждый день любоваться этим в моей гостиной.

Одна часть – это интересная манга, один из самых больших хитов в истории этой индустрии, о пиратах, сокровищах и приключениях.Я думаю, что в аниме более 100 томов и, вероятно, более 500 эпизодов, так что не так просто найти время, чтобы наверстать упущенное, я хотелo бы, чтобы день мог длиться 40 часов вместо 24, но это не так:)

Robin de One piece

Ceci est mon premier personnage féminin, Robin de Tsume. Ce personnage vient du manga One piece, mais je ne suis en fait lié au personnage, je l’ai vraiment acheté pour la beauté de la statue elle-même. J’ai lu environ 20 volumes de ce manga, mais ce personnage viendra probablement plus tard dans l’histoire.

Elle donne vraiment l’impression de voler, les couleurs sont incroyables. J’apprécie vraiment de l’admirer tous les jours dans mon salon.

One piece est un manga intéressant, l’un des plus gros succès de l’histoire de cette industrie, qui parle de pirates, de trésors et de beaucoup d’aventures. Cela m’a plu, mais je n’ai pas eu le temps de continuer au moment où je le lisais. Je pense qu’il ya plus de 100 volumes et probablement plus de 500 épisodes dans l’anime, donc ce n’est pas facile de trouver le temps de les rattraper. Je souhaiterais qu’une journée dure 40 heures au lieu de 24, mais ce n’est pas le cas:)


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    1. Thank you, i was thinking to finally renew my instagram and to add all the pictures what i have been selecting for very long time, i will be able to add some videos, so you can laugh from my accent😂i’m logging out for tonight, thank you for a great talk, i’m always up for cool conversation with someone who likes to talk as i do🤗👱‍♀️and EAT!!

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  1. Nice! 👌🏻 One Piece anime has 879 episodes 😅 I remember when i started watching it after reading manga. Didn’t have enough motivation to continue after first 70 episodes, due to it having 1/3 of fillers 😁

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  2. The same is true for Dragon Ball, but the creator of One Piece wanted to finish the story in about two years, but it has received a commercial compelling from the publisher by having made a big hit, and it has to be drawn long Mr. Akira Toriyama and Mr. Eiichiro Oda talk in an interview that they should not do it. I can not read it without time.😞

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  3. Robin, Archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates With an ability to read and decipher ‘Poneglyphs’, a skill which is considered forbidden and threatening to the World Government. Yes.. Hehe.. i have something in common with this Super Hero
    as i was also an Archaeologist one Summer at University as a Research
    Associate in Digging for Prehistoric Artifacts that was part of the
    Requirement of my Anthropology Degree but hehe.. then it was
    a long way from “Indiana Jones’ and the ‘Straw Hat Pirates”
    too also i am born with a Condition called Hyperlexia”
    where i decoded symbols well before i spoke
    at Age 4 that is often part of that condition
    too.. in delayed Vocal Speech
    but smiles there isn’t much in
    life that
    i will
    not decode
    Quickly Efficiently..
    Even Happiness my Friend..
    True and my type of intelligence
    is mostly fluid with sure some Crystalized
    Intelligence mixed in too.. Crystalized Intelligence
    are the Facts we learn in School Fluid Intelligence now
    is finding Patterns other folks do not See And Creating Anew..:)

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      1. Good Morning Kind Friend iLona all the way across the Ocean From the Nice Place on the French Riviera the Wife’s BD went Great as you might imagine where i Live Every Day is a Party and a Disney Ride and Some Days Katrina Gets a Bit Disney Dizzy And Needs a Break From the Main Oldest Attraction as it spins a Bit too much for her Grounded on Earth..hehe🕺😂🕺🕺

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