About Waste

Whether in business or in life, the resources you have around you are precious, you have to respect them. Think very carefully about how you assign them and what you give your attention to.

We only have a short time, but we still can to make our lives count. Why would you waste opportunity?

(ilona pulianauskaite)

о броске

Будь то бизнес или жизнь, ресурсы, которыми вы располагаете, бесценны. Тщательно продумайте, как вы их назначаете и на что обращаете внимание.

У нас мало времени, чтобы подсчитать нашу жизнь. Не упускайте возможности.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos de gaspillage

Que ce soit en entreprise ou dans la vie, les ressources dont vous disposez autour de vous sont précieuses, vous devez les respecter. Réfléchissez très attentivement à la manière dont vous les attribuez et à votre attention.

Nous disposons de peu de temps, mais nous pouvons encore faire en sorte que nos vies comptent. Pourquoi voudriez-vous gaspiller une opportunité?

(ilona pulianauskaite)


33 thoughts on “About Waste

  1. It is so true that time is a limited resource and that we have to be very careful and wise about how we’re spending it. Not to mention how important it is not to waste opportunities, we might not get a second chance… Have a beautiful and joy-filled day!

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  2. Smiles i did finish that Blog
    Post but i still haven’t starting
    Putting it together re-Tired
    Full Rubber Back on my
    Humanity Wheels
    i get to put
    first always
    hehe.. they are
    the only resources that
    and who count so me..
    it might be different now
    if my God was Money.. or
    at least my Boss as Slave.. hehe..;)

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      1. Hehe.. i am building the next Mammoth Blog Post before finishing the last as i Dance and Sing with you now.. hehe as hey mostly i tell stories that are true in real time like the Beatles Dance and Sing ‘With a Little Help From Friends’ And ‘Love is All you Need’ Money is the Virus Love is the only Cure to that Ill..🙏😇🤗🕺😁

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      2. Thanks I am about to start to complete it putting it together now it will Probably take about 4 Hours as it is Close to 40 Thousand Words And Ha! i wrote about 6 Thousand Words Yesterday not even part of it..hehe.. i don’t like typing on my phone either still in Bed across the Ocean and all
        these Time
        Zones too🙏🤗🕺

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