Tuesday Blogs

I like to read blogs when i have time, i did little selection of Tuesday, i’m very happy i follow them, even if sometimes i miss the post, i’m sure they appreciating their followers and they will follow you back, they will give you feedback if you honestly read their blog, they are also very active at the blogging journey:

  1. http://tingsha.co.uk
  2. https://whenlovingstartwithyourself.wordpress.com
  3. https://chubbybubby.wordpress.com
  4. http://bocc.live
  5. https://sereneluna.wordpress.com
  6. https://burningrock408.wordpress.com
  7. https://bigskybuckeye.com
  8. https://dragthepen.wordpress.com
  9. https://jhward.net
  10. https://notesfromb.wordpress.com
  11. https://blainerestaurantreport.wordpress.com
  12. https://growingupsideways.blog
  13. https://inhisserviceandlovingit.wordpress.com/blog/
  14. https://catcaresolutions.com
  15. http://abkstories.com
  16. https://ultrasoundfeminsider.com
  17. https://noraedinger.com
  18. https://quirkycatsblog.wordpress.com
  19. https://mythsofthemirror.com
  20. https://bookishbehavior.blog

There is much more, but I will keep it for Wednesday.


48 thoughts on “Tuesday Blogs

    1. hello, i check blogs who i’m reading if they ever answered my comments, also how active they are, because i was reading and commenting people who never even said thank you or answered my questions on their blogs🌈li’m not accepting an answer in 1minute but had been more than 1month, they keep posting, but they not answering at all😀

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  1. Honestly, I never in a million years thought that anyone would share my material, or appreciate the work I put into my story.
    I am truly humbled by this; thank you this really means a lot to me.

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  2. God Bless all your Efforts to appreciate People and lift them up i bet in your Job in the Hospitality Industry you are much Valued And Appreciated For Doing the Same with Your Kind and Welcoming Smile Good on You my Friend🙏😇🤗✌️🕺

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    1. SMILES my friend, hey hey hey!!!🙏i hope you are having a great day, another working day over the ocean, but i like it, and i know, soon i will have a possibility to find a job, what i was studied hard for all those years, something what i really like🤗

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      1. SMiles my Friend it is
        my Wife Katrina’s 49th Birthday today she is
        Going off Beading i
        Am Home alone yep
        Still finishing
        And putting
        The Next Mammoth
        Blog Post Together
        Best Wishes to
        You in Your
        Coming Career
        Of Architecture
        i understand a
        Better Design
        Is Needed for
        A New Eiffel
        Tower and Sistine
        Chapel meanwhile
        i’ll Paint
        The Ceiling
        With Words
        And Photos
        And YouTube Videos
        While you continue
        Your Career in Architecture as
        My Indian Friend
        Tells me just
        Relax and the
        Universe Will
        Provide the
        Time Now
        And Way
        Passes Now..🙏😇🤗😁

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      2. Happy!!! Birthday to your Friend my Friend Will Be by your Blog a Bit later when 10 Fingers and
        A Desktop is available
        Out and about now
        Will Be
        Back later
        Your last two
        Blog Posts look
        Highly inspiring..!!
        Still Working on
        Putting mine together
        But hey things come
        Up as ‘they’ say
        Too hehe..✍️🤗😇😁☺️🙏

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