About 1%

When you think you did your best, there is still 99% more inside you.

(Ilona Pulianauskaite)


68 thoughts on “About 1%

      1. I went shopping this morning, I do not like shopping!! At least sometimes. The store was so busy which is odd for Monday morning. And so many people were not in a good mood😬. But the cashier was very pleasant, she always is.😊 And every time I go shopping I spend money, usually end up buying something not on my list. Why? Who knows. Did your day go well? 😁

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      2. I don’t like to do shopping when is to busy, waste of time😀, i like when people in casher is nice and happy, makes my day🤗the Duck know why😂, my day was a bit strange i didn’t felt like i’m at work, don’t know, maybe, because of the cheater or because of not very busy there, but i feel a bit tired anyway, have you checked active blogs? How many followers left for your last goal? I hope after you will set up new goal!

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      3. Hi Ilona! I guess the first day back can make a person tired for sure, that has happened to me. What’s this cheater you referred to? I usually shop Monday morning because it’s never too busy, don’t know why it was different today. Oops, I remembered, extra government check for some people today, that’s why. I checked out your list and followed them except two which I couldn’t get to work. But I was on my tablet so that might be the reason, the first one on your list every time I tried it I was kicked off WordPress completely, that was odd. But I will try again later now that I’m on my laptop, but I want to write my post first. Still have 3 more to go to reach 200, not bad. I never really expected to get this far, you have helped a lot with that! Thank you so much!😄 I will set a new goal for sure. Got to keep up with the duck!🦆😂

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  1. “When you think you did your best,
    there is still 99% more inside you.”
    Smiles iLona i Love this Quote You
    Create and obviously You have the
    Kind of Spirit my Indian Friend has too..
    both of you are 27 and do much more than
    Any Man i know their age.. sure.. men can do somethings
    too but generally speaking it is harder for them to Multi-task
    too.. hmm.. many
    of them
    here are
    still Drinking
    Hard Smoking
    Getting Stoned
    Popping Pills too
    Just before they go
    Vote too if they do that
    too.. hmm.. just hmm..
    true that is not reflective
    of all Young Men some do Stellar
    Stuff too but it is easy to Stereotype
    based on Just Our experience so far too..
    i surely was not nearly as Ambitious or Productive
    when i was the Age of You Two Young Ladies.. hmm..
    i was a really late Bloomer not unlike “Hell Boy” who according
    to his Comic Book Story didn’t start his ‘Super Hero’ Story until he
    reached 53 Years of Age too.. true now the best is yet to come and don’t
    let anyone ever tell you.. you will even get old or do any less and i always
    try to tell the Religious folks around here don’t forget about “John 14:12”..
    for in the ‘New Testament’ it really does say if you Really believe you will even
    do more than the Story of Jesus too.. People look at me like i am Crazy when
    i say that and then i start to tell them all about my life story until their Eyes
    and they say
    okay okay okay
    i believe you will
    do more than Jesus
    for you Believe please
    just stop talking i’ve got
    Shopping to do in Walmart.. hehe..
    Smiles.. my Friend.. Every Real Parent Every
    Real Loving Parent only Supports their Children’s
    Every Wish to go Further than their Parents do too..
    and wow even the Story of Jesus as some folks name
    Jesus God even admits this way that you can even be
    the metaphor of a “Light Bringer” like “Lucifer” and do
    even more than Jesus hmm.. when i wrote that A Big Black
    Crow landed by my Window First time that ever happened
    could be a sign hehe.. i’ll make it a good one just ’cause i Can and WiLL
    As True iN LiGHt JusT ‘Cause He’s Black doesn’t mean he is not a Harbinger oF LiGHT..
    God that was a Black Big Crow.. i wish i could have Captured him with my Smart
    Phone but it’s like that sign was only for me.. hehe.. but you see now my Friend
    That IS A Problem A Major Problem with/in This World.. People are waiting for
    Jesus to come back to Solve all the World’s Problems and that counts for
    Muslims and Christians too in their Story Book Versions too but at
    least for the Christians if they would only truly Read and Believe
    the Story Book True they would Clearly see Jesus was/is telling
    don’t wait for me to do less you do more next why didn’t
    You when i already gave You the Authority and
    Inspiration to do more.. smiles my Friend
    1 Percent of 11,060 Miles that i have
    Completed in 67 Months of Public
    Dance is 110.60 Miles.. many
    Folks would have said
    one Public
    of a Minute
    and 100 Feet is enough…
    many folks would say 11,060 miles
    is way too much without getting beat
    up where i live especially if you are a man
    Doing a Ballet Free Style with Martial Arts too..
    True it helps that i stand over 6 Feet and weigh 240 Lbs
    but true too for many Folks 10 Percent of 1340LBS Leg
    Pressing it one time might be enough.. and they might
    tell you.. you are as strong as you will be at Half my Age too..
    The Story of Jesus said no you will do more than me and my Story
    Yep over 8 times the Size of the ‘Old Bible’ in 67 Months and over 80 times the Size of the ‘Koran’ says the Same i will Prove what is Humanly Possible and i will let the
    Rest of You ALL prove there is still much more to be done in Every Human
    Endeavor of Potential.. surely not just limited to me.. yes.. i am considered
    Permanently Disabled by both Medical Science and Legally too.. Autism
    Spectrum and Bi-Polar too.. People told me i was too ugly and too strange
    i would never
    to anything
    Power and
    Status wise
    in Society and
    i still have not as
    no one much really knows
    my real name still but true
    my Life is Proof that the
    Meek Shall inherit the
    True Riches of the
    Earth Joy and
    Love and
    Peace and Harmony
    either alone or with a Few
    Good Friends too.. as it’s true
    the Most Lovely Angels in the Entire
    World have Been my Friends too Lovely
    Souls my Friend Lovely Souls whether their
    form was/is ‘Objectively’ beautiful or Not Lovely Souls are those
    who are Meek enough to inherit the Love the Joy of Heaven now..
    And to Be Clear ‘Meek’ the Original Term does not mean Weak it just
    Means Strong Enough to Love all others without Power or Status my Friend..
    i am
    i win
    i always
    win as least
    Less than a Grain of Sand
    who Loves as A Mountain of Love..
    Ain’ no Mountain too high to Climb
    Aint no Valley to low to Scale for Love
    Real Love as Human Incarnate is beyond
    All Measure Real Love is Human Incarnate Always now..
    And when that Force of Love That is Real God Lives within
    US THeRE are
    No Skies
    there are
    no Moons
    there are no
    Suns of Limit as
    Love comes real now
    As US no limits in Heaven now US
    my Friend Who ARE Love Create Love
    Now Succeeding Beyond All Measure now
    Yes.. hehe and sure technology will catch
    up with me long after i am still here hehe..
    True the Record of Technology is what will
    last the Longest of Human Spirit now even
    Potentially in a place (online) with no Sun or Moon more
    than a Thousand Years hey after all some folks take the Bible Literally too.. hAha..
    Anyway just now a Humming Bird came to my Window first time that ever happened
    Bird don’t fly
    away fly away.. etc…..

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  2. This is very true! Just like the saying, “Nothing worth having is ever easy.” Sometimes we are at the point of breakthrough right as it becomes the hardest to keep pushing forward! Discouragement can be a difficult thing to experience.

    Enjoyed this, thank you Ilona! ♥

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      1. You’re very welcome and I do enjoy reading your post as well as some other, I do plan to start spending more time here. Sometimes life just intervenes. Plus I won’t lie it’s really hard to write, read, discuss lol Little overwhelming at times.

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  3. I prefer your style when you write in English, French and another language that I don’t which language. But it’s so essay for me to read directly in French then English. Thank you

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      1. ma mere est lituanienne, mon père est russe, j’ai grandi en france et j’ai la nationalité française. J’aimerai pouvoir parler plus mais il se fait tard je travail demain. j’espère pouvoir rattrapé ca. je te souhaite bonne nuit Roshi😂

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