Monday Blogs

I like to read blogs when i have time, i did little selection of Monday, i’m very happy i follow them, even if sometimes i miss the post, i’m sure they appreciating their followers and they will follow you back, they will give you feedback if you honestly read their blog, they are also very active at the blogging journey:


There is much more, but I will keep it for Tuesday.


102 thoughts on “Monday Blogs

  1. Oh wow. Wasn’t expecting to see myself on the list. That is very nice of you Ilona 😊 Thank you 🙏
    There’s a few I haven’t visited. Going to check them out based on your recommendation. Some good reading ahead 🙂

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    1. I selected about how active they are.. And those who was the first ones i followed, and i’m back to work, i want be able to read each of their post, everytime they post it, but evertime i will have time, i will stop, and i will read❤️Because there is something different in the air when i enter them🌸

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      1. I know what you mean about having the time. When we get the chance it is always time well spent.
        I’m checking them out already 😊
        Hope you are happy being back at work 🙂

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    1. You know? I infollowed about20people, i was reading liking commenting, and they seems was active to post, but they never even said thank you, i took my time to read and to comment and for them its doesnt matter, sad, but based on my experience❤️

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      1. I know what you mean. I recently unfollowed 10 blogs for that same reason. I always try to answer everyone comment though sometimes I may be a bit slow since I only use my computer. But when I take the time to read and comment and I don’t even get a one word reply I figure they don’t really care. I will certainly be checking the blogs I don’t already follow. Thanks Ilona!😁

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      2. Maybe. I don’t want to write just for me, if I did, I would just write a diary or something. Writing a blog we also get to meet some great people, maybe make friendships, read others ideas, it’s all fantastic! I really enjoy the new friends I have found!😀.

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      3. Yes, when i started blogging i found many great blogs out there, and i’m happy i’m reading it, even when i’m forcing to read, because of lack of time, at the end, i’m happy i did! Back to work Steven i hope we can catch up later🎈

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      1. Not everyone has time or wants to share other people’s work, for that I thank you 😊 And yes, it is an honour for me when someone recognises my work that I put into 🙏🏻

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  2. I don’t know what’s happening but that is taking me to my site for some reason. I’m not really good with technology so I can’t figure out the problem. Sorry. (Will keep trying though 🙂)

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  3. SMiLes iLona i am surely Honored to make Your List of
    Recommended Blogs as when i finish this Blog Post i am
    Working on i will do my best to visit some of them and
    Smiles this was also an excellent test/task to see if my New
    iPhoneXS would open up my 67 Month Entire 6.7 Million Word Long Form Epic
    Free Verse Bible Poem With 170K Thousand or So Photos and over 10 Thousand
    YouTube Videos as Whole Link You Provide here and Smiles not surprising
    my Smart Phone Still Balked at the Entire Enterprise of that Hulk-Like Task..
    Smart Phone Technology has yet to rise to the occasion of me.. hehe.. my Desk
    Top was able to open it up in about 2 Minutes and i scrolled as fast as i could to
    see how far i could get before my Internet Access Speed and Big iMAC could go
    Before giving
    out of steam
    i was somewhat
    Happy as i ended up
    Down with a Picture of
    Beloved Yellow Boy Cat
    at the End of January so true
    my Computer and Internet Access
    Speed Has Power and Speed to Travel through
    2 Months as sure what is around a Quarter of A Million
    Words and 2400 Photos and Gosh probably 200 YouTube
    Videos and a bunch of Selfie’s of me in my SiGNaTuRE HiGH
    LoW BRoW Yoga-like Pose too.. SMiLes the only People who have
    the Strength to Visit me are those with Angel Wings you Fly You
    Enough Haha..
    Anyway thanks
    Again i am surely
    honored to gain a
    place on your List
    as you have surely
    Rose Like a Star
    of Friendly
    Angel for sure..:)

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  4. Ilona, ​​you are so incredibly kind and sweet, and thank you for including me in this post. I will check out the others when I gets time. I love to get tips❤️
    I can’t thank you enough, but I hope you know that you mean a lot to me, more then you can imagine🦋thank you again, Ilona❤️

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  5. Thank you ilona for your wonderful website it is very interactive and just has that “this person cares about his/her followers or subscribers! I also have a blog. So if you want to check it out I would really love that. It’s called “Relax and Enjoy the little things in life” By Aunt Marvelous. And its on word press! Once again thanks for these wonderful recommendations

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