Hulk vs Wolverine

This is the first big statue i bought, bigger than sixth scale, i believe its fifth scale.

Always loved The Hulk and Wolverine so its awesome to reunited them on one statue.

This scene come from an old cover, the first meeting between each other. In theatre we not use to see X men and The avengers together due to licence issue, but in the comics they re in the same world. in avengers we suppose to see x men or fantastic four if i remember. but sadly it wont happen this time. Maybe in a future reboot.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

халк против росомахи фильм

Это первая большая купленная статуя, больше шестой шкалы, я думаю, ее пятая шкала.

Всегда любил Халка и Росомаху, так что здорово воссоединить их на одной статуе.

Эта сцена происходит из старой обложки, первой встречи друг с другом. В театре мы не привыкли видеть людей Икс вместе с Мстителями из-за лицензии, но в комиксах они в одном мире. в мстителях мы предполагаем увидеть x людей или фантастическую четверку, если я помню. но, к сожалению, в этот раз этого не произойдет. Возможно, в будущем перезагрузите компьютер.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Hulk vs Wolverine

C’est la première grande statue que j’ai achetée, plus grande que les 1/6, c’est une 1/5.

J’ai toujours adorer Hulk et Wolverine, c’est génial de les réunir sur une statue.

Cette scène provient d’une vieille couverture, la première rencontre entre eux. Au cinema, nous n’avons pas l’habitude de voir les Xmen et les Avengers ensemble à cause d’un problème de licence, mais dans les comics, ils sont dans le même monde. Dans The Avengers, nous devrions voir les Xmen et les 4 fantastique si je me souviens bien, mais malheureusement cela n’arrivera pas cette fois. Peut-être lors d’un futur reboot.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


48 thoughts on “Hulk vs Wolverine

      1. yes its the last avengers and probably the last super hero movie for all those actor 😦 lets hope the next generation will be as good as those one. hugh jackman also did his last role as wolverine in the movie Logan and anyway they couldn’t put them together as Sony have men franchise i think. recently disney bought it if i m correct but its sadly too late for any crossover 😦

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  1. I am pretty certain that Wolverine was originally written to be the Hulk Killer. There has been some animated movies where the two clash; as part of the “Wolverine VS” series.
    Either way I fanboy over this statue, thank you sharing this.

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      1. So you know the feeling about having collection, is good to have a hobbie, i read mostly japanease manga sometimes comics☀️🤗Feels good thought, about reading i dont have time as well, one day i will get retirement and i read them all😄

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  2. Hmm.. hehe.. i see the Hulk is copying
    A Bit of my SiGNaTuRE Pose and GRiMaCE
    too.. True though the Hulk is a Story of the Human
    Feral Shadow as it Comes Out to Play Full Force out of
    Emotional Regulation and of Sensory Integration in
    Free NoW..
    A Life will get
    A bit out of Balance
    AS well too.. Most Every
    Body Can And Will Use a Hulk
    As ‘they’ do not become Servant
    Shadow of Hulk Now for Real..:)

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