My Passion Dragon Ball Z

Here is Gogeta vs Janemba from the movie Fusion Reborn.

I remember when i saw this movie in theatre when i was 7 or 8, it really marked me and make me love manga and Japanime even more. I m so happy someone did a statue on this movie with such a great quality.

The statue is around 30 cm for 4O large, its very dynamic i love it.

Gogeta is the fusion between Goku and Vegeta. it didn’t t reappear in the anime since this time and they finally bringed him back in the last movie about Broly but softly different.

Janemba is the big villain of the movie.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Моя страсть Dragon Ball Z

Вот Гогета против Янембы из фильма «Возрождение Фьюжн».

Я помню, когда я видел этот фильм в театре, когда мне было 7 или 8 лет, он действительно отметил меня и заставил меня любить мангу и Japanime еще больше. Я так счастлив, что кто-то сделал статую в этом фильме с таким великолепным качеством.

Статуя составляет около 30 см для 40, она очень динамичная, мне это нравится.

Гогета – это слияние Гоку и Вегеты. с тех пор оно не появилось в аниме, и они наконец вернули его в последний фильм о Броли, но немного по-другому.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Ma passion dragon ball z

Voici Gogeta vs Janemba du film Fusion Reborn.

Je me souviens quand j’ai vu ce film au cinéma à l’âge de 7 ou 8 ans, cela m’a vraiment marqué et m’a fait encore plus aimer les manga et la Japanime. Je suis tellement heureuse que quelqu’un ait fait une statue avec une si grande qualité sur ce film.

La statue mesure environ 30 cm pour 4O de large, elle est très dynamique je l’adore.

Gogeta est la fusion entre Goku et Vegeta. il n’a pas réapparu dans l’anime depuis ce moment-là et ils l’ont finalement ramené dans le dernier film sur Broly mais légèrement différent.

Janemba est le grand méchant du film.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


51 thoughts on “My Passion Dragon Ball Z

      1. I have thought about it, but I certainly couldn’t do one item at a time! That would take a while!😂 But it might be a good idea for some extra posts. Hmm, maybe I will give it a try. Of course everyone will see how crazy I am!😲 Scary.

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      2. Nice to have you back😀! I started to take some pictures then decided I better do some dusting first! That’s the problem when things sit out in the open.😞. Good idea, maybe I can do it that way, just some of my favorites. I really should sell some of my stuff, I have too much, but it’s very hard to sell things around here. And then I have to choose what to get rid of and what to keep!😂. I’m a terrible person!

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      1. Yeahhhh I got’cha. Yeah I love Trunks too, there’s something about him that’s awesome. As a Villain I love (and detest!) Cell with such a passion, but I appreciate Vegetta just as much. His arrogance is so off the scale, and the way they wrote his lines makes him that much more, well, villain-y if that makes sense. The whole cast is awesome though, a lot more depth than other shows offer.

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      2. I agree, all the character are very interesting, even Krilin (kuririn) 🙂
        Gohan ssj2 was fantastic moment versus Cell, one of my favourite moment of the manga. i heard Dragon ball Super will come back middle of july, curious to see what they will do but i didn’t been convince by the first part sadly.

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    1. Salut Gohan, ba oui je suis une fille et j’adore dbz, je ne suis pas la seul heureusement 🙂 j’aime lire tout les genre de manga ou regarder des anime mais y a toujours eu quelque chose de special a propos de dragon ball🔥

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