About The Secret Place

Everyone has a secret spot, so do i.

Here is to me the best view from Nice, a little square on top of a hill hided in a turn of the road. This place is known just by the local and not that many as its most of time empty, it feel amazing to be there and to be able to enjoy fully the beauty of this city.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О Тайном Месте

У каждого есть секретное место, у меня тоже есть.

Передо мной лучший вид из Ниццы, небольшая площадь на вершине холма, скрытая в повороте дороги. Это место известно только местным жителям и не так много, как его большая часть времени пусто, это удивительно, чтобы быть там и иметь возможность в полной мере насладиться красотой этого города.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos du lieu secret

Tout le monde a un endroit secret, moi aussi.

Voici pour moi la meilleure vue de Nice, une petite place au sommet d’une colline cachée dans un tournant de la route. Cet endroit est connu des habitants et pas si nombreux qu’il est vide, c’est incroyable d’être là et de pouvoir profiter pleinement de la beauté de cette ville.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


113 thoughts on “About The Secret Place

      1. Perhaps a few times a week, just depends? When I do, there’s not a lot of people there either. It’s almost empty, and this is a BIG place. I definitely enjoy it a lot more when its quiet and peaceful with not a lot of folks than full.

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  1. Beautiful “Old World” Scenery
    from the Mediterranean
    French Riviera from
    Your View
    of the
    City of Nice
    of course to
    be expected
    A Very nice place
    to find Sanctity there
    With Nature and the City
    Mixed Together.. up high too
    as i will add mostly Sea Level
    Endeavors hehe.. Where i live
    as all we have are Gently
    Rolling Hills.. Smiles
    i really don’t have
    any Secret
    for Sanctity of
    Spirit of Heart
    As SoulFul Place to Be..
    but True the way i feel and sense
    is most definitely my Secret Place of
    Sanctity Within that it doesn’t seem most
    Folks have a Clue that it even exists as True
    i surely did not until i came to the Holy And
    Sacred Place A Xanadu where we Feel oh So Alive
    to Be From Head to Toe as a Living Reflection of
    all that is the UniVerse Plus too beyond normal
    Feelings and Senses of Dimensions of
    Reality Higher and even Freer and
    Truer too.. in LiGht So Well..
    Where all Becomes
    Meaning and
    with no Secrets at
    all yet the Biggest Secret
    Folks keep from Themselves
    Yet to Seek and Find this Place
    of Pure Harmony in Well Being
    Now.. True why should Heaven within
    be such a Secret place For most.. True it is so
    Close yet folks continue to Search For Heaven in the Distance
    away from
    Living Now For Real..
    other than that yes really
    the only Person Who’s Seen
    my Place of meditation are few
    indeed yep just Wife at Home but
    ha.. i Broadcast my BackYard to the Entire
    World no Longer a Secret Forest Respite Garden of Eden it is
    at Least..;)

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    1. If you don’t have one, i can share mine with you, i like company, but at the end of the day, i like to be a lonely wolf to sit for 10minutes alone and to think🎈nature is great, any kind of nature, heels, mountains, forests, the sea.. I know you prefer to dance in the stores as i did yesterday, didn’t find out yet how to add the video here, but i will one day, but the dance in my secret place could look good with this view on the side.. SMILES MY FRIEND, any grapes?😂

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      1. SMiLes my Nature when Younger was mostly
        Lone Wolf not really of my Choosing
        but true as a bit of outcast where
        i live then all was my
        Secret Hideaway
        to Be Found Years
        And Years of Beach
        Walking Devoid of Human
        Touch yet the Touch of Nature
        God’s Hand Free hehe.. since i’ve
        Been Married i don’t often find that
        place but back in 2014 when Katrina’s
        Sister Was Dying of Cancer my Wife set
        me Free for a Dancing Spree without her
        And that is when i Started my Dance Hall
        Days and Danced the Beaches Night
        And Day truly it felt good in a
        way to be a Lone Wolf
        Again then but only
        parts of the
        Day my Friend
        i am not alone
        When God’s Hand
        of Nature Touches me
        Never Will i Be Now for God is
        Always Living Free in Nature with/in me..
        Truly though Writing has been my Lone Wolf
        Way there were Months when i only had one friend online
        here and really none at all while i was ill for 66 Months where
        all was Pain and Numb even when the closest to me at Home in
        Family Way did their best then to try to make me feel Love but
        Still one Friend and one Friend of God is more than enough For
        i understand then for 66 Months what it felt to have none of that
        at all
        not even
        the Beach
        as Desperately
        after not going back
        to that place of Sanctity
        through 23 Years and the
        Stresses of Work there was
        nothing left of my Soul or Even
        God there for me when i tried in January 2008 at
        the Beginning of my Long Illness at the Beach then
        Sanctity is Always Present when God Thrives Within Free..
        whether other
        Folks see
        it as
        Secret or Ever
        Present of Gift Now..:)

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      2. Haha.. you know i should have thought about
        it but practically speaking my Blog is Just
        about a Secret Hideaway ’cause you
        and just a couple of other people
        even admit to visiting it and
        Comment at all now
        with smiles haha..
        and yeah i Love
        to Do A
        “Hulk Pose”
        as my SiGNaTuRE
        Pose of Nature as really
        it’s sort of a Yoga Pose for
        if you look at the Left Side of
        my Body it Spirals a Bit like the
        Curve up top of a 6 Number and
        the Curve Down Bottom like a
        9 Number reflecting the
        Way i Dance too
        as the longer
        i have
        Danced the More
        Pronounced the Spiral
        Curve on the Left Side
        of my Body from Hip up
        and Hip Down has gotten i do that
        Pose everywhere i go hehe.. it’s like
        Marking the Dance Territory as my own
        and haha NO ONE else does it but me anyway
        so no need to Mark the Territory as it’s obviously
        me the only one who comes to Dance Free i am to be..
        And Yes actually that was a Young Woman Filming me
        and Lord Know after doing this now for 1633 Events in the
        Last 67 Months that’s been going on the Whole Time with
        Numbers of People doing it at some events too large for me to
        count so add in all the Social Media they share it on and even though
        People only know me as the Dancing Guy Still and have no idea i write
        100 thousand or so words online each Week with 11,050 Miles of Dance
        i am literally seriously as people have even commented where i
        recorded it in Viral Video FB Comments the most Recognizable
        Person in my Entire Metro
        area haha..
        A Weather
        Guy on TV of Dance…
        i copied some of the 1300 Facebook Comments from the Video one
        Young Woman took of me that went Viral with around 90K
        Views and added it to the End of the Blog Post Attached
        linked below where i was wearing a Red Colored Jacket
        And the Comments are Truly Hilarious as i went
        into the Comment area like a Fly on the Wall
        And Got to hear how the Entire Metro area
        assessed my Dance.. the comments ranged
        from the Guy who is Everywhere who
        is a Legend to oh Lord i’m Scared of what that Dude will do next..
        i also have the Video but you have to be a Facebook User to actually
        see it as it isn’t on YouTube that Video is on the Blog Post before
        the one linked Below named “Poetic Muse on Fire” where i also
        copied and pasted many more comments at the bottom of that
        post too.. and Yep i was definitely on Fire in the Local Community
        Social Media Arena then during Christmas Vacation where i became what it seems like was the Topic of the Day more than Santa haha.. as such.. there is probably at least a Thousand Videos of me Dancing out
        on Social Media And for some reason that one went really Viral as the
        Place where i Live is not like a really Big Metro area Just a Small City
        it’s like
        most everyone
        has seen me Dance
        A Zillion and one times
        as they just walk in one day where i am at and Voila i come again.. Oh
        My God can you imagine how much fun that is with or without Friends..
        you are Extraverted you probably can but the idea of doing it at all terrifies
        my Wife
        Yes! Got
        her on Video
        Trying once and
        in two seconds she said
        whoah how you do you do this at all
        without getting dizzy and falling on your
        Butt.. you just do it 11,050 miles like any other
        challenge you get
        to it
        and even do more..
        And haha the first time a group of Young
        Folks told me i was Famous online was way back
        in the Summer of 2014.. as the “Legend” i have Singularly
        Created continues to Grow and Grow and Grow and you know
        legends go some folks said he is doing it cause he is dying of Cancer
        and other Folks say i am a Real Life Ninja.. the list goes on haha..
        you didn’t
        know you
        were talking
        to a Comic Book Dance Hero in Real Life hehe..
        Life is sort of like that it manifests whatever ya wanna see or be..
        so much
        more fun to Be..
        and you are just helping
        to add to the Written Legend too
        and true if anyone ever forces me to make
        Money off of a Brand Name or whatever i’ll
        Just Donate it to World Peace and say that’s why i was
        doing it all along Just so other Folks would Dance in joy too..


        Not likely anyone is gonna get motivated to write much past
        280 Characters these days lone wolf i write forever now with
        a Few
        Brave enough
        to Catch up with me like Ilona..
        meanwhile other Folks most of them
        hide behind the Apparel Displays with there
        Cameras every once in a While you Get a Young
        Woman like this who doesn’t care who is watching
        when she videos
        Public like me
        haha.. i must not
        be that scary after all..;)


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      3. Hehe.. how else am i gonna spread my message
        Of the Healing Effect of
        The Real Fountain of
        Youth unless i
        Inspire an Entire
        Army of
        Young Folks
        To Capture
        Me Like a Wildfire
        Spreading me all over
        Social Media it’s like
        my Wife and her Love
        Of Home Work i
        Just Dance i
        Play they
        May think
        They are Hiding
        Behind the Apparel
        Displays Sneaking a
        Video of me but ha!
        They are Doing all
        The Promotional
        Work for
        Me all Volunteer
        All Free it is like
        The Happy Version
        Of Minions and i
        Am Not Despicable
        At all hehe.. most
        People seem to
        See me that
        At least and
        Hehe considering
        I’ve Done Nude Art
        Too for 67 Months
        I’m not exactly shy
        In any any way
        Haha.. of course
        In the original
        Spirit of
        Of Course
        In the Flesh and
        Blood Cave Art
        Petroglyphs And
        The Egyptian
        God Min of
        Male Fertility
        It’s Super High Brow
        Art but not every one by
        Far is Cultured enough
        In Historical and
        Pre-Historic Art to
        Fully Appreciate
        It but that’s what
        Ya Gotta do to
        Explore all Human
        Potential ignore
        The Couch
        Averages hAha..
        And on top of that
        It’s excellent motivation
        To stay in shape as that
        Kind Art doesn’t Hide
        Any expanding
        Waist lines hehe
        One Year i was not
        In the Best Shape
        But i grinned
        And Bared it
        Still it’s just about
        Impossible to
        Me Hehe Good
        Morning i am up
        A Bit early..:)

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      4. 😃sounds like good idea to start the day, i think any physical activity is good to start the day, i like dancing but i prefer to run, today i didn’t i slept to long, but i think i just needed, how many hours do you sleep?🤗

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      5. Hehe i only slept Four Hours.. feel like
        The Energizer Bunny
        Still laying in Bed
        With one Finger
        Smart Phone
        Dancing this
        Keyboard i Dance
        In Church in the
        Back Pew Slowly

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      6. Haha Dancing Comments
        No Blog Post today
        First Time since
        i met you
        Maybe i
        Can Help
        Inspire a New
        topic hehe
        i already
        Have with
        smiles ‘How Do
        You Come Up With
        New Topics’.. 🕺🕺🤗😁

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      7. Today i stayed in the bed longer, than i was expecting and over slept don’t know why, but usually i open my eyes and jump out; fixing my bed and changing in to the running clothes, but seems today is the resting day, maybe gym after all🍒

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  2. My best secret place is a nature park about a 10-minute drive away. I haven’t been there for several weeks because of the winter weather. The park’s trails take one through heavy woods and upward along two different ridges. It is amazing!

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      1. exactly, i think everyone need the secret place, its remembers me childhood, when someone upset me and i run to hide, and no one could find me and they was worry and i was just hiding and laughing, because i wanted to worry and to feel the way i did😀now when i think about it, how much stress gave to people around me, but those days looked correct😀

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