Thank You Readers❤️

I wont be able to be very active from Monday, but i will read your posts when i will have time.

Спасибо, Читатели❤️

Я не смогу быть очень активная с понедельника, но я буду читать ваши посты, когда у меня будет время.

Merci pour les lecteurs❤️

Je ne pourrai pas être très active à partir de lundi, mais je lirai vos posts quand j’aurai le temps.


108 thoughts on “Thank You Readers❤️

      1. Much i go to work from Monday, cant wait to be back, i like my work🌸🤗thank you for asking i said goodnight to people 1hour ago and i’m still here😂now i really have to go, i hope we can talk tomorrow🌸🤗❤️

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      2. Today gym, blog, house cleaning, need to buy some food, after the friend will come to my house for a cofee and maybe i go out with her to take some pictures for my blog we like to walk so its good idea❤️🌸🤗🍒

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      3. Oh no, blog is not my job, but i wanted to start something from 0 and to enjoy the progress and i love how it turned out, i’m studying architecture soon i get my diploma, but before i get it i have a lot of free time, so i work at the hotel reception as well, after i will search a job with my profession, blog is more a hobby🤗☀️🌸

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      4. I’m glad you are motivating yourself to work out, i think it helps to stay more healthy and in better shape, i find out, that gym, helps to improve mental health and the results makes you happy, have you posted something new so far on your blog?

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  1. Smiles my Friend i just don’t know how you keep up with
    all of this but you are doing a Great Job as i’m sure you do
    in your Flesh and Blood Life true don’t do too much and the
    Flesh and Blood Life is
    so important
    not to
    miss for
    true that
    can and will Happen too..:)

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  2. It is understanding and I wish you all the best at work Ilona, I know you are there🦋❤️and I am very happy for you that you feel better❤️
    Miss you already🦋
    Take care, cause I care🦋

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      1. Yes, and I think about life and what I want to continue with. But it doesn’t get any salary from it, but was needed for my mental health and stop now. I go to courses and school to learn more about healing, meditation and yoga and it saves me.❤️🦋

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      2. I like to cut of a lot of spendings i use to buy things what i dont really need, they just take spaces in the house, now i think didferently and it helps me to save, i’m still buying my statues i cant stop, its my passion, but the rest is very minimum🌸❤️🙏

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      3. Thank you so much❤️ I had to grab my childhood and get some help to master it. I struggled with the flashback of having been bullied and grown up in a home with alchol, trouble and violence.
        It is much better noe🦋

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      4. I think bulling is comes from family, is depend how parents raise the children, i never understood, how kids can be so cold, without any feelings for another person, i know you have been thru a lot, and we can’t deleted memories, they comes when they comes, the best what you can accept them and they will go away by themselves❤️i’m glad, that you found yoga and meditation useful, many people thinks is non sense, but i’m doing it for long time and i liked the effect, for me is really helpful and life changing, i hope you will get better soon, try to focus on your physical health as well, the rest comes after❤️hugs

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      5. It is so true my friend.
        Thank you so much for your wise and caring words. You lift me up when I feeling down and with your heart and soul you are a lovely person❤️
        I can’t thank you enough, but you mean a lot to me Ilona and often I hope to meet you in real life to thank you❤️
        I am much better and yes, meditation yoga is so helpful to me🦋
        Yes, it took a while before I understand that the rest will comes after, but it is true❤️
        You are a everydaylight 🦋
        Thank you Ilona⭐️❤️🦋

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      1. I have only had one cup of coffee so far which is terrible, I’m behind this morning. Crazy squirrel was just hanging upside down trying to get at the sunflower seeds in the bird feeder! 🌻She nearly fell, long drop if she did! But even falling 10 feet, they don’t get hurt.😁

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