Detox Juice, My Daily Routine

Detox drinks are simple to make and easy to drink, make it part of your day and it will change you. You have big choice, my preference are home made juice, i like to make it on my own.

The best thing about detox is that you can use any combination of vegetables and fruits, i like to add some coconut water in my juice, because it taste so good and has some benefit as well.

Cleaning yourself is just a first step to go, after that is much more things to follow, but its already a very good start, if you are ready to pay a lot of attention for every single food than you eat or drink, you will be able to lose a lot of weight and burn all the fat from your body.


  • 300g of spinach
  • 1 long piece of celery
  • 1 big grapefruit
  • half of leek
  • water

Wash all ingredients well and pat dry, cut fruits and vegetables, don’t forget to remove any peels, place all in a juicer. You can add water or coconut water.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Детокс сок, моя рутина

Напитки Детокс просты в приготовлении и употреблении. У вас большой выбор, я предпочитаю домашний сок, я люблю готовить его самостоятельно.

Самое лучшее в детоксикации – это то, что вы можете использовать любую комбинацию овощей и фруктов, я хaтелa бы добавить немного кокосовой воды в свой сок, потому что это просто вкус, а также имеет некоторую пользу.

Чистка себя – это только первый шаг, за которым следует гораздо больше вещей, но это уже очень хорошее начало, если вы готовы уделять много внимания каждой еде или напитку, который вы пьете. вы сможете потерять много веса и сжечь весь жир с вашего тела.


  • 300 г шпината
  • 1 длинный кусок сельдерея
  • 1 большой грейпфрут
  • половина лука-порея
  • вода

Тщательно вымойте все ингредиенты и высушите, нарежьте фрукты и овощи, не забудьте удалить кожуру, поместите все в соковыжималку. Вы можете добавить воду или кокосовую воду.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Jus de désintoxication, ma routine quotidienne

Les boissons de désintoxication sont simples à préparer et faciles à boire. Faites-en une partie de votre quotidien et cela vous changera. Vous avez un grand choix, ma préférence va au jus fait maison, j’aime les faire moi-même.
La meilleure chose à propos de la désintoxication est que vous pouvez utiliser n’importe quelle combinaison de fruits et de légumes; j’aime ajouter de l’eau de noix de coco dans mon jus, car son goût est si bon et présente certains avantages.
Boire des Jus détoxication n’est qu’un premier pas à faire, après c’est beaucoup plus de choses à suivre, mais c’est déjà un très bon début, si vous êtes prêt à donner beaucoup d’attention pour chaque aliment que vous mangez ou que vous buvez , vous pourrez perdre beaucoup de poids et brûler toute la graisse de votre corps.

1.300g d’épinards
2.1 long morceau de céleri
3.1 gros pamplemousse moitié de poireau l’eau

Lavez bien tous les ingrédients et séchez-les, coupez les fruits et les légumes, n’oubliez pas de retirer les pelures, placez le tout dans une centrifugeuse. Vous pouvez ajouter de l’eau ou de l’eau de coco.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


70 thoughts on “Detox Juice, My Daily Routine

    1. My Wife is a perfectionist
      once i compared her to
      the Egyptian Goddess
      Isis and she said that Woman
      is not attractive don’t compare me to her..
      every Morning when
      she wakes up she
      dares the Mirror
      to tell her she is
      not the Fairest of them
      all and at 49 Years of age
      this Week the Mirror has just
      about given up hope but perhaps
      there is as i spotted a Gray Hair this Week
      perhaps i will be married to an Older Woman
      one day but until now my Dream just can’t seem to come
      True.. anyway.. there is
      nothing i can do for
      my Wife in terms
      of Housework
      that will
      Her Perfectionist
      Needs therefore i am
      Free to Do as i please as
      she insists on doing everything her
      way.. i have no real complaints but
      there are days i do wanna get into the Kitchen just for fun
      do some
      Real CooKinG..
      Perhaps one day
      she will give up control and let me in to
      do some Real Cooking i used to do it a bit and i kinda miss it..:)

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      1. Finally i can answer, good evening smiles, i like the way you think about your wife, is very important respect in family, family and support what give to each other, it the strongest power what ever can be.. i saw many pictures of you guys and you both look very happy and good souls, you have great life styles, you both love life and you are living your life meaningfully, many people don’t have it what you do, i’m very happy for you..SMILES.. To cook and to keep the house clean and everything inside the house in order, its a hard work, sometimes i don’t have enough time to cook, so i grab something easy to make😀

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      2. Thanks You So Much For All Your Kind and Encouraging Words
        It took many years
        To Both Master
        Joy and Give And
        Share it Freely
        Without Restraints of Fear
        In Any Way Well Worth
        All Dark Thru Light
        To Find this Home
        Of Heaven really
        Real to Be i Am Now🌺

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      3. Not everyone is capable to share joy, it must be inside you, other wise it looks fake and unreal, you got it or you didn’t, BUT YOU DID, overtime when i’m able to open you blog i feel life, i feel emotion and this is the reason, why i’m keep trying to excess you blog, even if is long to change sometimes🤗

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