Came Up With It Last Night, While I Was Analysing My Blog

What does the people want? To be happy..

What can you give to them? Inspiration..

What inspiration does to them? It makes them happy..

(Ilona Pulianauskaite)

Придумал это прошлой ночью, пока я aнализировала свой блог

Чего хотят люди? Быть счастливым ..

Что вы можете им дать? Вдохновение ..

Что приносит Вдохновение людям?? Это делает их счастливыми ..

(Илона Пулианаускайте)

Ca m’est venu hier soir, pendant que j’analysais mon blog

Que veulent les gens? Etre heureux..

Qu’est ce que je peux leur offrir? Inspiration..

Qu’est ce que l’inspiration leur fait? Ca les rend heureux..

(Ilona Pulianauskaite)


74 thoughts on “Came Up With It Last Night, While I Was Analysing My Blog

    1. I’m persom of them moment, i’m very emotional, i can be happy in10minutes sad, i laugh again and cry and again laugh, but if you mean if i’m happy in general yes i’m, at least for now, dont know, what the future are having for me❤️🌸🤗

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  1. Beautiful pic Ilona. It is hard to define what people want because their desires change frequently. How one individual want to be happy? Everyone has different desires to make them happy. So it is complicated to explain.

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  2. Smiles Science Shows that by far the Number one Factor of Happiness NoW STiLL
    As Humans Are Social Mammals is the Human Connection in All the Ways That
    Comes and sure with a Dance of Moving Life Connecting Life And Co-Creating
    Life in all the ways the Dance and Song of Life Will CoME ToGeTHeR as
    HuMaNS Do GaTHeR ToGeTHeR kind of like they Do at Church
    and Sports and Bowling Leagues and sure Bars
    Where folks Chat and Dance too.. often
    getting intoxicated enough
    to let down all the
    Road Blocks to Love
    that the Neo-Cortex
    has driven us away from
    Social Empathic Cognition iN
    Worrying too much about Deadlines
    for Past and Future and such as that
    Where the Social Empathic Mind and Body
    May need a Jump Start to relax all the Inhibitions
    That Fear from Culture Brings to Us.. As True.. Fear
    Comes in many ways of restraints to keep Us in Prison
    Away From the Human Touch that keeps Us not only living
    but LoVinG LiFE ToGeTHeR as We Human Beings thrive this
    way.. yep.. even Monkeys too will GaTHeR ToGeTHeR in a Zoo
    NoW if Dirty Damn Hairless Apes go into their Cage and Scare the
    BeJesus out of them.. too.. with SMiLES.. True We all need a Group
    Hug in Common Bonds to Bond From Soccer Teams to Church Pews
    to just about anything that will Bond Folks Together over Binds like 10
    Pins at a Bowling Alley for a Strike or even a Few Beers to Loosen up when
    Alcohol Becomes a Bit of a God For Some Folks at the Local Pub and or the
    Dance Hall True..
    but hey whatever
    it takes for us
    to Regain
    All the Humanity
    We Are Born with just
    Reaching Out For and To Go Get A Hug For Life..
    Honestly the reason Your Blog is so Popular and
    Successful is you give out Free Hugs to everyone
    You Meet and Greet those are the Best Blogs to Visit my Friend..
    Or Sure Even Thanks Giving Day at Grandma’s Home there are Truly
    lots of disenfranchised Bloggers in their Flesh and Blood World either
    Grandma has Passed away or Perhaps in this Sense or Feel they Never met
    or a
    Giving of
    Life that touches
    Their HeARTS oF LoVE..
    SMiLes Love is my Currency
    my Pay and my Pay Grade too
    OnLY LoVE IS A Last Groove LiNE FoR Me..:)

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  3. Happiness is a joy and deep of emotions that I cannot hunt, or maybe I can🦋but I have to create myself and decide to be in that state of mind.
    I sm like you Ilona, I can cry and laugh and cry and laugh…. It’s good to cleanse my soul by crying and a sense of happiness can become overwhelming afterwards and last longer inside my heart❤️
    This was a good write Ilona, thank you🦋 I hope you enjoy your day🦋❤️

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  4. You are right, inspiration can make a person happy, it’s very hard to be happy without inspiration, if people don’t have any they just give up and say what’s the point? Then they are unhappy. Your posts give inspiration and happiness! Your smile brings happiness too, beautiful picture!😁

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      1. So what are you doing this afternoon? Is it a nice day there? I agree that walking is good, I do as much as I can, unfortunately this town is so spread out that a car is necessary at times 😁. But I enjoy walking. I know, that’s not part of your post, it was in the comments!😀

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      2. Yes very nice going to gym and to the shop, after i have a friend who come over for a cofee🤗🌸it was based on them, i was analysing my blog, i was reading my comments and i got an idea🤗🌸🧘‍♂️

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      3. Yes, she likes, and her body became more hot because of sun, or maybe just the hair, because she so black, for some reasons the sun always has big effect on dar clothes as well, every time i wear black, i feel so hot, but other colour of clothes doesn’t have same effect, why thought?

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      4. Yes, black always attracts heat more than other colors, but even very dark blue, brown can have the same effect, especially if we are in the sun 🌞. What is your favorite color? Mine has always been blue. Not sure why, just like it. My apartment is mostly wood but I have blue and white mixed in. I also like red, goes with blue nicely. 😁🌄

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