About Habits

First, when growing we are creating our habits and after our habits becomes a part of us and it may have big effect on our life style and health. Is very important what you choose, because you choose what you become. But we have the possibility to make mistakes we are humans and usually we have the opportunity to change it.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

о привычках

Во-первых, когда мы растем, мы создаем свои привычки и следуем нашим привычкам, потому что это часть нас, и это может оказать большое влияние на наш образ жизни и здоровье. Очень важно то, что вы выбираете, потому что вы выбираете, кем вы становитесь. Но у нас есть возможность делать ошибки, мы люди, и обычно у нас есть возможность изменить это.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Sur Les Habitudes

Premièrement, lorsque nous grandissons, nous créons nos habitudes et après nos habitudes deviennent une partie de nous et cela peut avoir un effet important sur notre mode de vie et notre santé. C’est très important ce que vous choisissez, parce que vous choisissez ce que vous devenez. Mais nous avons la possibilité de commettre des erreurs, nous sommes des humains et nous avons généralement la possibilité de les changer.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


46 thoughts on “About Habits

  1. Smiles my Friend we think about our lives in Words
    But Truly it is our Feelings and Senses that rule at core
    of all of who we are every decision ruled First by Emotions
    and Senses next as we do our Best to Rationalize with Words
    Associated with Emotions and Senses New to Best Navigate
    Our Path in Life
    to make it a Bit
    More Sweet than
    Sour and Bitter might
    otherwise come.. true we
    Are Energy at Core Frequencies
    of Vibrations Higher and Lower Within
    inside outside above so below and all around
    every Neuro-Bio-Electrical-Hormonal-Chemical
    Reaction a Process of Becoming now anew always Rewiring
    in Adapting to Change of Struggle Both Light and Dark too.. Further
    Becoming the Person now we are now and in the Future now True..
    hehe this is why i do my
    Best to toss all the Words away
    Go directly in conduit to Feelings
    And Sense to Master those Feelings
    And Senses in Regulating Emotions
    And Integrating Senses in a Bio-Feed-Back
    Of Free Dance and Song yes Steps Then Words
    That Bring Will A Pure Force of Being beyond
    All Words other than the ones i create to reflect
    A Newer State of Being Yep as ‘they’ say they Dance
    Sing too a Kingdom of Heaven Within a Newer place
    all Written
    Words of ‘fore
    yes.. even all the Older
    Words We Write in our Minds
    Each Day where a New World Erupts
    That Changes all of Who we are requiring
    New Ways to Express Life in Light that never
    Sees the Dark of ‘Fore.. like ‘Silent Lucidity’ my Friend
    Where the Spirit Guide is Integral as Us.. Bringing Feeling
    And Sensing Dreams to Fruition now Old Habits go away
    And A New World That We Feel and Sense Begins for Us away
    from so
    Deceit that may
    ‘Tale’ us Heaven is any other
    Place but the Reality we Co-Create
    With God Hand-in-Hand-in-Us Emotions
    Senses First And just a Report Card of Words Next..
    heHe as BasicAlly Science Shows too Now This iS how it works..:)

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    1. Smiles, hello, hello, i haven’t heard this song before, thank you for reading and for taking your time to comment, our path is real and don’t need to take another one, is with ups and downs and at the end it makes it okay🎈🙂

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      1. Wishes for a Great Night of Sleep for you my Friend
        yes Your Blog is Very Special and you too are very Unique
        and a pleasure to visit.. smiles i’m retired which only means
        i always have time for whoever would like to visit me you are
        always welcome my Friend to a Fredtalk from me.. hehe..;)


  2. It’s true that habits often form in our childhood and can stay with us. Others we pick up along through our life. Some are good, some are not, but we can always choose to change what we don’t like, even though sometimes it may not be easy!😀. Love that nice warm picture!📷👍😁

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