Which One Is Your Favourite Joker And Why?

My favourite is Heat Ledger, he was great Joker to me. Fantastic actor barely possessed by his character. Jack Nicholson was a fantastic Joker as well, at the end i think i like them all, is very difficult to chose one.

Jared Leto was an interesting Joker also despite of the bad criticism he got. Sadly we didn’t saw him much in Suicide Squad. A funny thing to know about him when he was training for the role to find the weird laughs of Joker. He was walking and trying different laughs to see the reaction of the people around until people was freaking out when he found the right one.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Какой твой любимый шутник и почему?

Мой фаворит – Хит Леджер, он был великим Джокером для меня. Фантастический актер едва одержим своим характером. Джек Николсон тоже был фантастическим Джокером, в конце я думаю, что они мне все нравятся, очень трудно выбрать один.

Джаред Лето был интересным Джокером, несмотря на плохую критику, которую он получил. К сожалению, мы мало видели его в отряде самоубийц. Забавно знать о нем, когда он готовился к роли, чтобы найти странный смех. Он шел и пробовал разные смех, чтобы увидеть реакцию окружающих, пока люди не испугались, когда он нашел нужного.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Lequel est votre joker préféré et pourquoi?

Mon préféré est Heat Ledger, il était génial Joker pour moi. Acteur fantastique à peine possédé par son personnage. Jack Nicholson était aussi un Joker fantastique. À la fin, je pense que je les aime tous, mais il est très difficile d’en choisir un.

Jared Leto était un Joker intéressant également malgré les mauvaises critiques qu’il a reçues. Malheureusement, nous ne l’avons pas beaucoup vu dans Suicide Squad. Une chose amusante à savoir à propos de lui alors qu’il s’entraînait à trouver les rires étranges que Joker fait. Il marchait et essayait différents rires pour voir la réaction des gens autour jusqu’à ce que les gens paniquent quand il a trouvé le bon.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


106 thoughts on “Which One Is Your Favourite Joker And Why?

  1. Jack Nicholson because he was over the top like in everything he does… I like Mark Hamill’s animated version him possibly the best…evil and funny.

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  2. For me Both are good actors! But Heath ledger the way he has carry the character it’s something magical and remains in our heart for a long time and goes to nostalgia drive! But I believe Jack will be interesting to..
    PS- I love joker more than Batman

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  3. jack was good and i feel he lead the way for the dark side role that heath took over and played the role as the psycho the joker is to be. the animated versions carry on the way the batman series is to be…dark and edgy. one can only hope the non animated versions will continue the theme.

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      1. They were also played years apart and times have changed about how movies are done. I feel we are more accepting now a darker types of acting and this wouldn’t have not have been accepted years ago

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  4. All three versions of the character were such different interpretations that it’s hard to compare them. I didn’t really like the Suicide Squad Joker, but I blame the script, not the actor. It just wasn’t a character concept that I enjoyed.

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  5. Hehe.. i’ll trade you some “Heathen’s” From Suicide Squad
    for “Don’t Let me Down” with Harley and the Joker all Friends
    of mine all the People who are so attracted to Empaths for they
    have what
    they need
    Most Pure
    Love Always Trusted
    Never Left Behind.. hmm..
    it’s true most every person who
    comes to me has been abused in some
    way and while it’s true some days you look
    a bit like Alice in WonderLand and a Bit like
    Red Riding Hood particularly in that Red Dress you
    wear somedays.. and while it’s true i have rather Big
    Teeth and can make a Human Feral Mr. Venom Face that
    would Scare
    the Be
    out of
    Jack Nicholson
    and Keith Ledger
    if he were still alive
    true even when i do it as
    a Joker my Wife says holy
    Crap who is that in my Bed..
    haha.. but it is just an Act
    i’ve undomesticated myself
    but just because the Lion Roars
    does not mean the Lion Will Provide
    A Hug that is real sincere unconditional
    and comes from a place where Angels in Heaven
    have seen both Devil iNcarnate and Hell as a place that
    is real too.. Jokers and Clowns and even Fools on topic here
    as i write too timely subject i might add for synchronicity you
    bring too.. as funny how that happens when folks become connected
    in Creative ways too there is a Synergy that happens in Synchronicity
    that is much greater than simple observable empirically Measurable
    Cause and Effect yes.. A-Causal Connecting Principles where nothing
    is Truly Random all is Art all is Poetry all is Dance.. And Song full of
    Meaning and Purpose Holy and Sacred the Pure Consciousness of the
    Energy of God’s ‘Mind’ Flows through all existence now never separate
    always Whole as one.. hmm.. i don’t have time enough to be mean to people
    life is too much fun to be mean.. and so interesting too.. something always new to
    learn but true.. the Joker
    what we
    don’t expect
    in Life but i for one
    am an ultiMate Joker
    Clown and Fool too for i
    See Chaos as Magic Art and
    the Mind of God Dark through Light..
    now as far as your question about who did
    the Best Job of being a Joker either Jack Nicholson
    or Heath Ledger.. Heath is the Joker i would keep a safe distance
    the most.. for he played the part so well because he was actually
    troubled as some Jokers may come to be too.. where they come from
    a place of Pain instead of Bringing New Creativity to others to get out
    of the Box of all the old Dusty Clothes of Culture so far.. true there are
    Dark Jokers and Light Jokers just like Black and White Magicians really
    same true.. hehe.. “Wait ’till they get a load of me” was more to my liking
    than ‘Why so Serious’ with a Knife at the throat of someone.. but true
    the Part
    real for Ledger
    was dealing with
    Real Demons of the
    Soul that only truly
    “Heathen’s” May know
    who are raised not even to be
    Human Are sadly as it happens born too
    that way to be.. as life creates Empath
    Angels and Heartless Souls true yes it is
    what it is and i will sit next to anyone now
    in life but true i will watch my Distance with Dark Jokers too…:)

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      1. thank you for sharing, i like movies about vampires, specially romantic ones, but is getting late, and i have to go for now, i really hope we can catch up tomorrow about it, maybe i post something about it, thank you for giving me the idea, goodnight, until tomorrow🎈

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  6. My first joker was Jack Nick… (forget how to spell his name!) and how he carried off the role really did make him a proper villain for the original film batman, even in death he owned the screen

    Heath Ledger was a great joker but I think the first variation you see sticks strongest in your mind
    And it has to be said, these two actors set the bar so high it’s almost impossible to think that another actor could top them!

    And it’s true what they say; playing a villain is fun, which I think is how best to play the Joker as with a character with so few boundaries you can really let loose

    PS; You liking this stuff ups my opinion of you even more, especially referencing my generation’s films (saying that and trying not to sound too old!)

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