About Hard Work

We may hear very often, that hard work pays off, sometimes it does, sometimes is doesn’t, but it is important to know, when to cut of and to focus on something else.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О тяжелой работе

Мы можем очень часто слышать, что тяжелая работа окупается, иногда – да, иногда – нет, но важно знать, когда следует остановиться и сосредоточиться на чем-то другом.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos du dur travail

Nous entendons peut-être très souvent que le travail acharné porte ses fruits, parfois, oui, parfois non, mais il est important de savoir quand s’arrêter et de se concentrer sur autre chose.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


63 thoughts on “About Hard Work

  1. great words: that’s the reality of life. it’s true that hard work pays off sometimes, and at other times it doesn’t pay off because one can even be cheated. however, i believe that whenever hard work doesn’t pay off, it will give one experience that can be used to get a much greater pay off in the future…God doesn’t forget our hard work. whatever we sow in toil and tears, we shall reap a multiple number of times

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  2. You do have a good point here Ilona. Sometimes even with hard work something won’t work out, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s a failure. Some things just won’t work for a number of reasons, no matter how much work we put into it. The important thing is knowing when that point is,🤔 learn from our experience and move ahead with something else. No harm in doing that, no shame in doing that, many successful people have had to change course because something didn’t work. Just don’t give up. Keep on trying!😁 And getting a little help is a good idea too at times!😄😂

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      1. Wow, just a second cup? I will be getting my second cup shortly and my day is just starting!😀 Now there is a 7 hour time difference between us. It’s just starting to get daylight but it is heavy cloud out there today. Are you at home?

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      2. Oh well, shows you are feeling better so why not get back to your routine.😁. There was something on my deck again last night but I was too tired to go see what it was. Haven’t been sleeping well lately. Probably was the bear again.😁

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      3. I really need to get my income tax return finished today, that’s first, maybe some shopping afterwards. Guess it’s light enough now to get the bird food out. Don’t want to put the food out too early in case that bear comes around.😁🐻

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  3. Never Giving up
    Never Giving up
    Never Ever Giving up
    hehe.. Teacher please
    Make me Write iT aGaIN
    True i’ve been known not to say
    no.. yep.. that almost Killed me too
    No is as important
    As Yes to Save
    A Soul
    but ha!
    Still i am
    the one who
    mostly never
    ever gives up
    Persevering through
    the Pain but you know
    what without Fear oh Lord
    What Pain is there but moving Forward
    in ease of Blissful Flow no longer Slave to
    Someone else’s Pay for me.. no Longer Slave
    to my Emotions or unwanted Thoughts for now
    Emotions Serve.. Senses Serve.. Will of Regulating
    And Integrating All And now all i wanna do is make
    Pain and Pleasure Best Friends to rise even Higher
    as Dark is Light is Dark but True hard to do as Long
    as Fear is any Part of an Equation of Life but Yes Challenging
    as it is Evolving Still to be as Instant Gratification may be even more
    Damaging to Well Being than a Bit of Struggle to Move through the
    Pain and Make it Feel just
    About as Good as
    any Instant
    Gratification too but
    Again Fear the Destroyer
    Without Fear oh Lord just
    About anything we do is possible more..
    From the Date We are Small the Mantra becomes
    one of Money Making Money Making to get Happy
    where all along the reality is all happiness comes from
    within to navigate Emotions Regulating them Integrating
    Senses in Balance with Mind and Body sure does leave a whole
    Lot of Loving to get all of what seemed like before is so Difficult in Life
    Without the Fear the Colors of all our Reality will move from Darker to Lighter..
    True though
    A Bit of
    be exhilarating
    too there is no Human
    Feeling or Sense without
    Some Special Place to be
    And have too… SeASoNs as ‘they’ DanceSing..
    And the Day i finally had no choice but to Leave
    25 Years of working in the Same environment was surely
    A Beyond Frightening day to me.. with so much Pain and Numb
    that never saying no brought to me.. all i could do is remember the
    Past to escape the Pain my Sister said it is just another Chapter in your
    Life now to start it was hard for me to believe but i guess after 12 Million Words
    Now and 11,040 Miles of Public Dance the Chapter Finally started after 33 Months
    at all true
    when all hope
    is gone all that
    is left is the Will to be now..
    Smiles A Best Friend of All Is Change
    my Friend the only constant in life that truly works..
    other wise Heaven if given would become Hell too as not so well..:)

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      1. Last Night at the Big Metro Dance Hall From 11 PM till 3 AM with no Break not even a Glass of Water Marathon Challenge Dance for me there every Thursday Night last night was the 256th Week doing it since March of 2014 and i saw my Very First Regular Dance Partner There last night From 5 Years Long too she was one of a Trio of Young Women who danced with me Regularly who really looked like Charlie’s Angels From that TV Show and HAha Charlie was an older Dude in the show so i played That role as my Angels Chelsea.. Cortney and Maggie were the Best most reliable long lasting Dance Partners but hehe.. no one lasts 3 Hours of Spinning without getting Dizzy but me.. Practice Works Works And Works More.. HAha..!!..:)


    1. Smiles, hello, i have idea, why don’t you connect with other people about public dancing in stores? You could send chalenge to them and they could upload they videos, from they dancing, i’m going to film mine today, don’t laugh😀

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      1. Smiles Great Idea i am very much Looking forward to your first Dance Video just to see You Happy in Action and Prove to People here that you are Real for they say how Could a Young Woman Do So much and i say hehe how can a close to 59 Year-old Dude Dance so much luck of the Irish my Ancestors made it Through Potato Famines And you are Captain Marvel And Russian where one must be Hardy and ingenious to make
        It Through Very Cold
        Winters plus if your Blonde Hair is Natural
        Like what’s left of mine they called Folks like
        Us Angels in earlier English Days by King’s Vision.. hAha..;)

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  4. There are times when the hard work does not pay off. Take this semester for example. I finished a class with an A, for B’s in my other classes but failed clinical in the last 3 weeks because of an impossible instructor and a difficult population! Yes, FAILED! And unfortunately this means I have to REPEAT the entire semester including the theory classes. Ik this is the universe trying to slow me down because I’m doing something that makes me super uncomfortable, but I’m scared of failing again. If I fail a course again, then it’s game over. #nopressure 😓

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      1. That’s great. You are french right or are you Russian. I learned Russian a good time back but could not continue. Can read and write but understanding has reduced to almost 10% or may be lower.😊

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