Which One Is Your Favourite Joker And Why?

My favourite is Heat Ledger, he was great Joker to me. Fantastic actor barely possessed by his character. Jack Nicholson was a fantastic Joker as well, at the end i think i like them all, is very difficult to chose one. Jared Leto was an interesting Joker also despite of the bad criticism he got. Sadly we didn’t saw him much in Suicide Squad. A … Continue reading Which One Is Your Favourite Joker And Why?

About blogging

Few of my observations. Honestly read other blog. About viewers, you want other people to read your article, but how many articles have you read of other people? You want more likes, without giving them, you can’t expect them. You want to hear thoughts and to read comment on what you have written, but have you wrote them for other people? You can’t get followers, … Continue reading About blogging

About Hard Work

We may hear very often, that hard work pays off, sometimes it does, sometimes is doesn’t, but it is important to know, when to cut of and to focus on something else. (ilona pulianauskaite) О тяжелой работе Мы можем очень часто слышать, что тяжелая работа окупается, иногда – да, иногда – нет, но важно знать, когда следует остановиться и сосредоточиться на чем-то другом. (илона пулианаускайте) … Continue reading About Hard Work