About Identity

We lose our identity, when we are trying to look like other people, when we copy they look and action, we lose our identity when we always counting on others, we lose our identity with other people or inside them. Be who you are, because you are unique and being unique makes you beautiful, you have your own soul and your own brain is up to you what you are going to do with it.

(Ilona Pulianauskaite)

О личности

Мы теряем нашу идентичность, когда мы пытаемся выглядеть как другие люди, когда мы копируем их взгляды и действия, мы теряем нашу идентичность, когда мы всегда рассчитываем на других, мы теряем нашу идентичность с другими людьми или в их. Будьте тем, кто вы есть, потому что вы уникальны, а уникальность делает вас прекрасными, у вас есть собственная душа, что вы собираетесь с ней делать зависит от вас.

(Илона Пулианаускайте)

À propos de l’identité

Nous perdons notre identité, lorsque nous essayons de ressembler à d’autres personnes, lorsque nous copions leur apparence et leur action, nous perdons notre identité lorsque nous comptons toujours sur les autres, nous perdons notre identité avec d’autres personnes ou à l’intérieur d’eux. Être qui vous êtes, parce que vous êtes unique et ca vous rend bon, vous avez votre propre âme et votre propre cerveau est à vous de décider de ce que vous allez faire avec.

(Ilona Pulianauskaite)


111 thoughts on “About Identity

      1. ❤️I❤️L❤️O❤️N❤️A❤️
        Thanks for showering so much love! You’re really sweet to be a real person. I’m not kidding! I’ve seen only a few people like you.

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    1. I m not sure about the quaestion, if you are asking where i’m from my answer is France🌸🤗😊if are asking who i’m, i’m ilona Pulianauskaite and i feel i’m unique and i’m me, i never copyng other people action and looks, i follow me heart, the brain comes after, but is it how it is and ita always going to be this way❤️🌸🤗🌈

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      1. वाह! बहुत खुशी हुई कि तुम्हे समझ आया ।।
        i like it you reply it.. i feel very happy ..😀😀😀
        i always ready to get hit by you..🌹

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  1. Like a symphony in my ears Ilona❤️ I will never be another me🦋and loose my identity. I am who I am in my own in one and all…I want to be unique and authentic and not a bad copy of others🦋
    Good work Ilona❤️Thank you🦋

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      1. Thank you for your kind words, you are so wonderful with your heart of gold🦋I hope you have a nice day❤️ and happy blogging, because Because you are a flash of light in my life and I think I have many many people with me in these words❤️

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  2. It’s very true. When we try to be someone we’re not, we become a different person. We don’t portray our real self and when we feel that way, it loses confidence and we get out of track. Be yourself and everything follows..

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  3. Yes, stay true to your soul! Because if you don’t, you truly will lose yourself if you’re caught up trying to be someone you’re not. Never change yourself for someone else- if they don’t accept you for who you are most past it and move past them. Every person is most beautiful in their true self ❤ ❤

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  4. Yes, all too often we try to be what others tell us we should be like, but that never works out. And people are never satisfied anyway even if we try to change to what they want. Just makes everyone miserable. Better to be who we are and things will work out so much better. If being unique is beautiful than I must be the most beautiful person in my house! But then, I’m the only one in my house!😂😅. Another great post Ilona!😁

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  5. Every Human
    is Truly A Star
    A Snow Flake
    A Finger Print of Art
    A Dance And Song of Foot
    Print Unique yes God’s Dance
    And Song Spiraling Free or only
    Adhering to Sidewalks others have
    Created before yes to Self-Actualize
    is Letting Go Being You instead of they
    Directing Producing Acting Your own play
    With Audience
    or not
    the Love of
    You to Be so Free..:)

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  6. until we are secure in who we are, we may barrow, try on like a new shirt, the ideas etc, of others and then we may put our on “feel” to those we like so they become “us”
    we all want to be accepted by someone. to be apart of some group yet still be unique. we are a patchwork or a collage of our life experiences. we are like a snowflake. we maybe snow, but in our own way unique.

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