My Passion, Venom Unhinged

This is my biggest and one of my favourite statue, Venom Unhinged inspired by Deodato design.

He is really massive and heavy, close to 40 kg and i think around 60cm height for 70cm large.

I didn’t read much comics about this character and bought it before i saw the movie, than i loved by the way, and now i love it even more 🙂

The base can be light up and look great in the dark, i will update other pictures later. Pictures are from my personal collection, didn’t took anything from anywhere.

Hope you like it

We are Venom, if you saw the movie, you know, what i mean😁

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Моя страсть, Venom Unhinged

Это моя самая большая и одна из моих любимых статуй, Venom Unhinged, вдохновленная дизайном Deodato.
Он действительно массивный и тяжелый, около 40 кг, и я думаю, что около 60 см в высоту и 70 см в высоту.
Я не читало много комиксов об этом персонаже и купил его до того, как увидел фильм, чем я любила, кстати, и теперь я люблю его еще больше. 🙂
База может светиться и отлично выглядеть в темноте, другие фотографии я обновлю позже. Картины из моей личной коллекции, нигде ничего не взял.
Надеюсь, вам понравится.
Мы – Яд, если вы видели фильм, вы понимаете, о чем я… 😁

(илона пулианаускайте)

Ma Passion, Venom Unhinged

C’est ma statue la plus grande et une de mes préférées, Venom Unhinged, inspirée du design Deodato.

Il est vraiment massif et lourd, près de 40 kg et je pense environ 60cm de hauteur pour 70cm de large.

Je n’ai pas lu beaucoup de bandes dessinées sur ce personnage et je l’ai acheté avant de voir le film, que j’ai aimais d’ailleurs, et maintenant je l’aime encore plus

La base peut être éclairée et avoir fière allure dans le noir. Je mettrai à jour d’autres images plus tard. Les images sont de ma collection personnelle.

J’espère que vous l’aimez

Nous sommes Venom, si vous avez vu le film, vous voyez ce que je veux dire…

(ilona pulianauskaite)


77 thoughts on “My Passion, Venom Unhinged

      1. No. But I used to read comics so I know the character.
        There was a version of him in the Spiderman movie with Toby Maguire.
        Can’t believe how heavy that is. Pure quality 🙂

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      2. I didn t knew you was a comic lover 🙂 oh i remember in the third part. It was nice but i enjoyed more the last version even if its less faithfull to the comics it was very entertaining.🌸🌈Just saw your post, again going to be my read before sleep🤗

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      3. Oh I like a good comic or two. Marvel, DC, Manga. Doesn’t matter. If it’s a good comic I’ll read it 😊
        Heard good reports about the last movie. Just haven’t seen it…yet lol
        Ah you flatter me with your bedtime read 😊
        Good night and sleep well.
        I hope that ‘important’ thing worked out for you 🤗

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      4. Goodnight, i couldnt get out of my home today, i failed my important thing, but..BUT tomorrow if i will feel better, i will make it work from my last persiparation🌸🌈Goodnight, thank you for reading, i believe, that you dont have time, but the movies is really good, highly recommend☀️✅

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      5. Sorry to hear that. But a new day always brings new possibilities. So maybe today 🙂
        Yes, I actually haven’t watched a movie in months. But if you say it’s good I’ll try and make the time somewhere 😊
        Good luck with today 🤗

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      6. Thank you for reading, for taking time to write a comment and for good wishes🤗🤗🌈i hope it will come back twice to you all the goodness, what you wished, have a wonderful day, i already did my thing and i’m so happy it went very well☀️🤗have a wonderful day and make it meaningful🥀🍒🤗

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  1. Even though I don’t know anything about this, I am enjoying seeing your collection up close. Always nice to know other collectors and learn about their collections and you certainly enjoy yours! That’s great!

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  2. I need to watch it. 😊 My favourite character of Marvel is Loki. Yeah and I live Joker too but not that one Heath Ledger’s depressing Joker. That one who is funny 😂 Not sure if Joker belongs to Marvel though. 😁

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    1. You can ask me question about all of it, i will be glad to share what i know, i saw movie captain marvel about few weeks ago i was dissapointed, well happens thought, loki is very charismatic character i like it aswell. Joker is great but is Dc🌸🤗🙏

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  3. “i AM VENOM and You are mine”
    “Listen Carefully You Did not Find Us We Found YOU”
    ‘i Know Everything Inside Your Head” “Eat Someone Else”
    “That’s why we are Here”…
    Incorporating the Shadow the
    Venom Inside Yes the Passion
    the Aggression didn’t see the Whole
    Movie but probably uncontrolled Lust too..
    Sort of like the Sith Archetype in Star Wars too
    The venom
    or Weakness
    may Replace the
    Fire of Love that surely
    is Foundation and Balancing Grace
    but of course there is Will And Strength
    too for Love Will not Survive Long Free without
    The Shadow Side Fully Incorporated too.. currently
    in Modern Culture this has become a Popular Jungian theme/meme
    and Literature and Movies and all other Arts have surely portrayed
    the Shadow Part of being well yep Freddy Krueger it’s true my name
    is Freddy and i am Raised on Elm Street Too i did i Still even have
    a Picture of the Street still on my Blog Somewhere.. sure Halloween
    Three so many Ways of Approaching the Shadow Meme of the Reptile
    Brain to be.. yes the Dragon within the Shadow Side of Fighting for Life
    and Reproductive Prowess and all that Jazz too.. be a full Human or Be
    Half a Human
    but without
    A Bit of Venom
    true we are just
    half alive and so far
    out of Balance without a Solid Back Bone true..
    hmm.. everthing you’ve written today has fit
    in quite nicely i might add for True Creativity
    Waves in Patterns that only the Ocean Whole
    Will See as Whole unto Waves as Particles become
    Field Whole True.. as all of Existence is a Snake
    that Consumes a Tale of Life that Never ends now..:)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Smiles, i feel like i want to watch it again, do you like to watch the same movies multiple times? Movies was really good in my opinion, thank you for reading and for your wise words, i like star was but, i prefer dragon ball🌸🤗🙏🌈have a wonderful day, dance dance dance, turns, does the flip and dance again🌹😺🍒🌈☀️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. SMiLes Nature Hike Yesterday and so much more Store Dance
        as in my Practice of Really Working Dance every Thousand
        Mile Increment of Dance Must at Least Equal the Number of
        Videos as Record of each Thousand Miles of Dance.. smiles
        Three More Yesterday where i even had an
        Infant Making up Words to the
        Dance as Song..
        Dab daba something
        Maybe daba daba do like Fred Flintsone
        didn’t look back to see if it was ‘Pebbles”
        or “Bam Bam” i let Katrina notice who is
        Viewing my Dance while i am Found in
        the Flow of Heaven now no longer Lost.. smiles my Friend
        NoW as i continue a Dance and Song Here True in Light too..
        And Although i rarely to ever have ‘Time’ to watch a Movie
        or even TV at all all the way through smiles surely i will
        Repeat a Clip and some Youtube Music too and yes
        when Sharing Cultural Interests around the Globe
        i will always find the Cliff notes with a Google
        Search too for True Friendship is always
        Measured by the Interest You express
        in what the other Person likes
        too hmm.. some days
        it may be hard
        to figure
        that out
        but true you make
        no secrets about what you like..:)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks i go to the Dance
        Hall on Thursday Nights
        Tonight i go to the
        Military Gym
        Not many Smiles
        There but still
        i mix Dance
        With Lifting
        Weights Store Dance
        On Tuesday Saturday
        And Sunday Gym
        On Monday Wednesday
        And Friday Dance in the
        Backyard the rest is mostly
        Taking Photos and Writing
        Katrina takes care of
        All the other stuff that
        Must Be Done as
        Free as A
        Bee i Go

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