About Kindness

I believe, that if you are kind with others, it come back twice, i think it works the same way if you do the opposite.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О доброте

Я верю, если вы добры к другим людям, ваша доброта, ваше теплое отношение вернется к вам двоекратно, то же самое равносильно если вы действуете противоположно.


À propos de la gentillesse

Je crois que si vous êtes gentil avec les autres, ça vous reviendra deux fois, je pense que ça marche de la même manière si vous agissez a l’opposer.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


111 thoughts on “About Kindness

  1. Sometimes the greatest kindness is not to be cruel
    Despite the obvious way the idiot Infront of you is asking for it!
    But then again, I might harbour a bit of repressed anger so maybe the majority of folks I deal with are ‘asking for it’ in my corrupted opinion
    But before the villagers light the torches and call me a monster, those who are kind and respectful (with a bit of venom of there own preferred!) to a jaded soul will receive more genuine respect and kindness back and know it’s real

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    1. About idiots, happens, sometimes i lose myself without trying to understand, because they make no sense and i say something, what i may regret, but in general i’m trying to be a good and kind to people, i still believe in the better world, venom inside me? believe me, you don’t want to see it😁thank your for your cool comment, thank you for reading and thank you for sharing your thought🤗 WE ARE VENOM🙌✊

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  2. Being kind to others is definitely the way to go, sometimes a little hard to do! I think we all struggle with that a bit. And it’s true, if we are kind, others will return that kindness, and often it comes back in a greater way for sure.

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  3. Smiles We Humans Are A Bundle of Neurochemical Neurohormonal and Peptide Connections that Fire off in Higher Frequencies of Vibrations overall at even the
    Subatomic Level as that is what we are as Pure Energy too that may be tainted
    a Bit Grey to even Black Abyss as Frequencies of Vibrations Being Human
    Go So Slow the Light of Positive Vibrations in Higher Frequencies
    Become A Clock
    without Flesh
    And Blood Within
    to Set us all Free as Free
    as We Will Love to Be NoW
    Giving And Sharing Leads to
    Giving And Sharing When Life is Balance..:)

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    1. I believe what we can be free until our freedom does not effecting other people freedom, i read those words somewhere and i think is really meaningful, thank you for reading🌸🌈☀️Who is filming you when you are dancing?😃

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      1. Smiles Wise Words indeed that Freedom at best Will Be
        Expressed all the way individually as long as it does not
        Encroach on the Freedoms of others and sure that is why
        There is Give me Liberty or Death and Privacy Fences in the
        Back Yard too for True some Neighbors may Like Clothes
        and others may not too.. hehe.. some are Tan and some
        Are Fair skinned as well some are Introvert some are
        Not shy at all as the Human Variety Show does Dance
        And Sing on in many Different ways of Dance
        And Song or Just Side Walk Talk
        in straight lines that never
        Veer off the Beaten
        Path never to
        Hear a Drum
        BeaT aN Original
        One of HeART as Spirit
        Brings Soul More of A Dance
        And Song than has ever Moved or Sung
        Before.. as Words may be Dead Lacking Emotion
        Or Words May Grow Organic where not even Emoticons
        Are Required to Bring Warm Hugs and Comfort Deep into
        the Night oF Light as Symbols Become Breath and Heart Beat True..
        in Flow
        as we may
        Go when Twilight
        Dreams come to Fruition more
        Inner Light ExpreSSinG more no longer
        Limiting Dance and Song in Choir Music Sheets of ‘Fore..
        The Observer Effect is real Katrina is very Introverted and when
        she films me i Feel Her Restraint and it is somewhat limiting as
        Feelings for my Freedom anyway i always Dance as if no one is
        Looking but True i feel the Vibes so close now of People around
        me too.. i don’t have to Look to FeeL iT if i am in a Freer or Less
        Place to Be.. so yes.. these Videos are Taken by Introverted
        Wife Katrina who helps me stay Grounded so i don’t
        fly away and never come back as Promised of course
        too.. but truly there are Hundreds likely thousands
        of other Videos that are taken when i am totally
        in Flow by the Video Voyeur Audience at
        Hand as i have done what is arriving last
        Night Now as 1630 off these Public Dance Events
        Now in 11,040 Miles of doing it in 67 Months and true
        with all those Folks Videos Sharing them all on Social Media
        in Peer Groups so much Larger than mine now.. it’s true now just
        about everyone recognizes the Hell or Heaven of my Dance wherever
        i go NoW in a 50 Mile Radius or So.. as eyes look to see what Dance
        i will or will not Bring next and yes about 99 Percent of a chance
        A New Dance Will come Spiraling Free Next.. hmm.. unless i am
        with a Google
        Search or i am changing
        to A New YouTube Song
        For more Inspiration to come..
        And here is that Song about Work by ‘Britney’ too..:)

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      1. It’s really contagious. Kindness is contagious. It attracts men, women, animals, nature and everything that exists on this mother earth.

        But you know the sad part? Not everyone is capable enough have that.

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      2. Woah!
        I’ve heard a lot about Paris. In fact, I’ve recently read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. And the way he’s portrayed things can make me imagine how amazingly you’d be living there.

        This is the benefit of getting connected to people through the art of literature.

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      3. So Mumbai is the most popular city of India. A city of dreams. Whatever Bollywood movies/songs/actors you see are basically located here.

        Perhaps, 8% of India’s overall income come from this city. The most crowded and financial capital of India.

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  4. Wonderful point, absolutely agree. On Russian it would sound slighly sharper, if we translate it this way: “Я верю, если вы добры к другим людям, ваша доброта, ваше теплое отношение вернется к вам двоекратно, то же самое равносильно если вы не делаете добрых дел.” Blessings.

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  5. “Я верю, если вы добры к другим людям, ваша доброта, ваше теплое отношение вернется к вам двоекратно, то же самое равносильно если вы действуете противоположно.”

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  6. You absolutely right. I know there are people out there who would say they’ve been kind to lot of people but they don’t see that happening to themselves, they have to understand that everything happens on it’s own time and when it’s due time they will experience what kindness is and it will multiplied not twice but many times so guys hang in there and continue to embrace kindness to others.

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      1. I think there is the limit as well, when it comes to this point, you can be kind to people, but don’t let them to treat you this way, usually i’m kind and nice, but when i’m pissed i’m pissed and believe me, they don’t want to see me in this kind of condition😃

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