Can you imagine the cat, being jealous of another cat? I can’t..

(ilona pulianauskaite)


Можете ли вы представить себе кота, который завидует другому коту? Я не могу ..

(илона пулианаускайте)


Pouvez-vous imaginer le chat jaloux d’un autre chat? Je ne peux pas.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


63 thoughts on “Imagining

      1. Yes they are, but i found them a bit shy, i have a friend from Japan, she lives in France, very nice girl, but shy, everyone she want me to ask something she is being very careful, it’s nice, but i think japanese people should feel a bit more relaxed, it could make their life easier, i’m talking in general, from my observation in Tokyo,it was fan days of my favourite manga, so i went, going next year as well🤗you can see my manga collection picture of on my blog, if you want i can link it to you🤗

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  1. I guess a cat can be jealous certainly, when we were kids, (me and I had 2 brothers at the time, now I have 3) each one had a cat, they used to fight the entire time and they were jealous of each other 🙂
    Now there are many cats at my parents place and believe me they are jealous haha

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, but i i think i read, that you have4brothers in one of your posts or maybe my brain mixed up something i read so many information in2month😄each child had a cat, i cant imagine so many of them in my home, barely can deal with one🌈🤗🌸thank you also for sharing your observation🍒🌷🍒😺

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      1. I have 3 brothers, I grew up mostly with 2 and then we had a third brother… 🙂 Don’t worry, there’s a lot of information to store, certainly not my family history hahaa
        Each one was taking care of their cat otherwise my mother would have thrown us all out along with our cats hahha
        my pleasure ❤

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  2. Leya is certainly a beautiful cat! I love those big eyes!😺. I showed the picture to Muffin and she liked looking at it.😻 She likes my landlord’s cat, but not another cat that comes around. My cat stays inside too. She got real scared last night though, a big black bear came on my deck and looked in the window at her! She definitely doesn’t like bears!😂😹

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    1. my biggest supporter, looks like she knows, that i feel bad, she always bitting me and trying to eat me, but today she was different, she was calm, laying down near my head and vibrating🙂don’t know how you call it in english know, that noise, that they make when they happy?

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      1. One day last year I wasn’t feeling good and one of the chipmunks that come around did something he had never done before or since. He came to get his peanuts and he stopped, looked at me and ran up my arm to my shoulder and touched my cheek with his nose and then ran back down, got his peanuts and left. Animals can tell!😺😁🐹 That one isn’t a chipmunk but it was the closest I could find!

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  3. Because the cat knows that humans are stupid enough to serve more than one feline overseer with equal foolish devotion, and other cats are clever enough to keep thier own space… If only us humans could learn a bit from that last point!

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  4. Cats always have reasons, not always good ones!
    But a cat never lies about it or feels the need to hide it’s nature, so I shall always respect a cat

    Even when they make you want to strangle the bloody little… …but you can’t be angry for long, because you know you’re never been decieved

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