About Value

If you have no self esteem in your personal life, you cant exepect, other people to respect you.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

O ценности

Если у вас нет никакой ценности в вашей личной жизни, вы не можете ожидать, что другие люди будут оценят вас.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos de la valeur

Si tu n’as pas d’estime e soit, tu ne peux pas attendre d’etre respecter des autres.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


28 thoughts on “About Value

      1. Your post is inspiring, reflective, heartfelt, makes me happy and I learn something from you, and I am gratful for your support too🦋
        🌈❤️and you- are a lovely soul with a heart of gold, thank you🦋

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  1. The Lion Does not fear for he and or her have been Tested in the Battles
    of Life not afraid of Challenge for they have fought their way through battles
    yes it is like my Cat Yellow Boy who fought his way through his Territorial
    Rights for Survival as opposed to a Domesticated Cat we had Named Moby
    who was De-Clawed and set out in the Neighborhood to Fend for
    himself when the Couple who owned Him had a Baby who
    Became Allergic to him.. they said Moby would be
    Okay for he was such a Big Cat but what they
    failed to understand is a Cat must have
    Claws to be able to Defend him and
    or her self to Develop Self
    Esteem and this is the same
    way it is with Humans we have to
    Develop Back Bone whether that is keeping
    our Human Boundaries Strong for Survival
    or actually having the skills that make us confident
    in Martial Arts or such as that as we are simply evolved
    to fight for life as instinct and if we don’t learn a way to do that
    we will truly never have full Self-Esteem to Walk Tall and confident
    wherever we go to be comfortable to handle our own Flesh and Blood
    Body wherever we go as our greatest tool of Self-Esteem true people get
    this illusion that we are not evolved as once Furry Social Mammals we do
    Love but We do Survive too for whatever it takes to do that confident people
    with Self-Esteem rarely get into arguments or fights as truly no one will bring
    them down
    to another
    Person’s smaller
    Size of Spirit of Confidence..
    Doing Free Style Martial Arts
    has made me feel more instinctually
    and intuitively Confident that any other
    Activity i have ever pursued including Status
    Positions at Work there is no Self-Esteem like
    the Self-Esteem of Being a Confident Animal at ease..
    Smiles as far as i can see at least… Yellow Boy was never
    afraid of anyone and every time a Strange Man came into
    our Home Moby went and hid under the Bed.. that’s not a
    to live
    with our
    Heads down….
    And it’s not so much
    an issue of who you can actually
    defeat in a Physical Fight it is more an
    issue of You are comfortable in Your Body in
    Real Three Dimensional Space Yoga without even
    ever laying a finger on anyone else will surely do this
    and i am surely not into Martial Arts to actually Strike someone..
    if You Walk tall and don’t slouch no matter if that comes now from
    Martial Arts or Yoga the Key is still Mind and Body Balance being secure in
    yes either Yoga
    or Martial Arts
    Free Style and
    yes just general
    Free Style Dance
    will Bring Huge amounts
    of Greater Confidence and
    Self Esteem to most people you can
    really see it on the Show on TV called
    ‘Dancing With the Stars’ those Folks are really
    standing tall and confident after the competition
    is done.. but nah.. i don’t believe in losing just winning to be..;)


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