About Fear

I believe, that everyone knows the feeling of fear, when you scared of something, what is new, to fail. it can be destructive and reduce your possibilities in life, or you can take the best from it.

When you afraid to don’t succeed on any step of your life. Just fight it by giving the best from you. even when you think you gave it all, try harder and give you the best chance for success.

Everybody are scared about something, vertigo, bugs, there is tones of phobia. I believe every phobia can be fight. You will feel stronger by fighting them. it can take a day, a week or months but if you really want it you can beat them and you will end victorious from it.

Any kind of fear can be overcome. You just have to believe in yourself and to work on it. At the end you will become stronger, the success waiting for you.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О страхе

Я считаю, что все знают чувство страха, когда ты боишься чего-то, что нового, терпеть неудачу. это может быть разрушительным и уменьшить ваши возможности в жизни, или вы можете извлечь из этого лучшее.

Когда ты боишься не добиться успеха ни на одном этапе своей жизни. Просто борись, давая лучшее от тебя. даже если вы думаете, что дали все это, старайтесь изо всех сил и дайте вам лучший шанс на успех.

Все боятся чего-то, головокружения, жуков, есть признаки фобии. Я верю, что с каждой фобией можно бороться. Вы будете чувствовать себя сильнее, сражаясь с ними. это может занять день, неделю или месяцы, но если вы действительно этого хотите, вы можете победить их, и вы закончите с победой.

Любой страх можно преодолеть. Надо просто верить в себя и работать над этим. В конце вы станете сильнее, успех ждет вас.

(илона пулианаускайте)

De la peur

Je crois que tout le monde connaît le sentiment de peur lorsque vous avez peur de quelque chose, de ce qui est nouveau, d’échouer. cela peut être destructeur et réduire vos possibilités dans la vie, ou vous pouvez en tirer le meilleur.

Lorsque vous avez peur de ne réussir à une étape de votre vie. Combats-le simplement en donnant le meilleur de toi. même lorsque vous pensez avoir tout donné, faites plus d’efforts pour vous donner les meilleures chances de succès.

Tout le monde a peur de quelque chose, le vertige, les insectes, il y a des tonnes de phobie. Je crois que chaque phobie peut être combattu. Vous vous sentirez plus fort en les combattant. Cela peut prendre un jour, une semaine ou des mois mais si vous le voulez vraiment, vous pouvez les battre et vous en sortirez victorieux.

N’importe quel type de peur peut être surmonté. Vous devez juste croire en vous et y travailler. À la fin, vous deviendrez plus fort et le succès vous attendra.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


104 thoughts on “About Fear

  1. Fighting against fear requires a lot of will. Not overcoming it will cause havoc in our daily lives. You are right, overcoming it brings us many benefits to achieve our goals. The encouragement to overcome it is a great measure and your contribution of insurance that helps us to reflect.

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  2. Yes, we do all experience fear. It’s normal. But the thing is, we cannot live our whole lives in fear. We must take up the courage to stand and face that something we are fearful of. And, of course, we must establish or strengthen our faith.

    Thank you for expressing that emotion through writing. By doing so, you’re releasing a bit of that feeling.
    The Catalyst

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  3. Good artical on fear.. bit all people dont care for fear…
    for some people fear is the name of lazyness notwilling to do something only like me..
    As i was in hospital about to die i didnt care for fear of death..

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  4. First of all Smiles my Friend i hope you are Feeling
    Better through the Cold You have Recently caught
    and when you Speak of Fear and Fighting it there is a key
    there as Generally Speaking we Social Mammals more Specifically
    Human are evolved to Spend most our Day in Animal Homeostasis
    Balance in other Words not experiencing Flight or Fight Demands on
    our Nervous System and overall Body Systems as Stress Related Hormones
    Fuel us up for Fight or Flight when a Stressor comes that we see and feel and
    Sense may Harm us even if we create it all in our Imagination hmm.. yes of course
    Imagination and Great Memory may be Helpful if Positive but oh the Stress and Eventual Potential Fear that really Puts the Brakes on our Human Potential
    If we Become Slave and not Better Servant to our Shadow Self that does
    include Fear with the ‘normal’ Coping Social Mammal Response
    of Fight or Flight in the Scope of what is Perceived as
    Coming Danger to the Animal Homeostasis
    that may be at hand in Comfort with
    the Group hmm.. what to do what to
    do if one is stuck behind a Screen
    and such as that when one cannot
    burn off the Stress Hormones through
    Fight or Flight Stress as real or really just
    Illusory Imagined Stresses that we come to
    Determine endanger our Well Being as Stress
    itself and Fear itself will become the Destroyer
    of all Hope and Faith as Trust in Loving Life just the
    Way it is and we are.. you probably guessed what i will
    Say next Yep a Flow of Free Style Dance or even Journaling
    out the Negative Feelings with a Pen or yes Keyboard as Type
    Writer too is an excellent way both to Expel the Feelings of Fear
    And Aggression and even Hate too.. Yuck Yuck Yuck.. sure a Musical
    Instrument is Great to Help Moderate Emotions in Regulating ways
    for Animal Mammal Homeostasis and sure even vicariously listening
    to Songs other Folks Create will do the treat instead of trick too oh Lord
    A Walk in Nature just so many all Natural Ways to take a Chill Pill away
    From Stress leading to Fear in all the ways that challenge comes.. sure
    Just an unlimited Number of Ways to Regulate Emotions and Integrate
    Senses back to Common Feel and Sense of Bliss.. but truly it is really
    Hard to Sit Behind a Screen and expect what we are Evolved to do
    in Movement Arts to keep our Mind Balancing as Our Body
    Does when Left Foot Become one With Right Hand in
    Dance And Song True in Light FLoWinG Thru DarK
    too in a Great Escape from Fear and Aggression
    Even more and so many Martial Arts either with
    Lessons or Free Style Individual Ways Will Surely let
    the Shadow of Fear and Aggression out to Entertain
    And Master as we become in Neo-Cortical NeWesT BRaiN
    Way the Directors Producer and Actors we Self-Moderate in Our
    Own Mind and Body Balancing Game Force Across the Lifespan now..:)

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    1. hello hello, yes this morning i’m already feeling better after all the medication what took, sometimes is not avoidable to take pills, happens, thank you for your huge and wise comment, for sharing your bag of knowledge with me🤗

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  5. Fear is accompanied by a variety of emotions; embarrassment, anxiety, anger, sadness, and shame to name a few. Those feelings are uncomfortable and many people will do anything they can to escape feeling emotional discomfort.

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      1. i have big support from friends who visiting me and doesn’t care to get infected hehe😁it feels good, i may write about it as well on my blog, is so many things what i want to write about, where do i start😁

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      2. You cann´t loose if you don´t try.
        Hello beautiful, I don´t have to hide behind a computer, it is me, good bad don´t give a shit. Acutally I might be a racist, just pissed off, so her you go with a Flow.

        There was a wise man that saiid….Know what you know and know what you don´t know and know the unknown.

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      1. Sorry for the late response, my roomates seemed to have some weird discussion which basically they came to blows so since I´m the hero had to put order to the crazy thing. More for me really since I´m working in WordPress.

        Adrenaline…. why do people think about hights? Throwing yourself off an airpland or skie down a steep mountain for example.
        I get my adrenaline now from writing.

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      2. We ruptura our relationship without even started a relationship.
        I also thought that NEVER is a big word, never say never, things change.
        Having said this in a public fórum,
        any ladies out there?!!!!!

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      3. It´s Justin bieber, beer? don´t know my dear.
        what the fuck was the comment about that i wrote? i have to make a note, in pencil
        so i don´t cancell
        love ya beautiful, i should not say that in public….hell, i´m a public, love ya

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      4. Yep, I´m flirting. It seems it is compulsively, but a funny flirt. I can get serious though, but you and her and him and the neighbour wouldn`t like it.

        The truth is that I´m not flirting, you are a good looking woman and your mind works well.

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  6. My fear is the toughest to conquer
    Not a fear of something or someone, but a fear of myself

    My potential for negative behaviour and possible cruelty should I lose control and the potential for misunderstanding and causing others pain should I forget my ways are too corrupted (but no less genuine) to ever match anyone else’s standards of expected

    The one cure denied, because to find the cure to my fear I first need to have conquered it…
    So life has it’s twisted joke, and I have only a shadow of a life

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