1000 Thank You Guys, You Are The Best, Always Giving For Me Huge Support, I’m Very Happy And Thankful❤️🙏🤗

1000 Благодарю вас, ребята, вы лучшие, всегда оказываете мне огромную поддержку, я очень благодарная🤗❤️🙏

1000 Merci a tout le monde, vous êtes les meilleurs, vous êtes toujours la pour moi avec un gros soutien, je suis très heureuse🙏🤗❤️


136 thoughts on “1000 Thank You Guys, You Are The Best, Always Giving For Me Huge Support, I’m Very Happy And Thankful❤️🙏🤗

      1. Sick, but wonderful and you? I called doctor, he come at 16 o’clock, went out a bit to get some sun light, but wasn’t going to well, seems cold can be really big deal sometimes huh? And you, having a great day so far with Muffin?

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      2. I’m sorry to hear you are sick, that is no fun at all. I😞 You’re doctor will actually come to your house? Won’t do that here! Muffin and I are having a good day, although she is sleeping again now.🙀. I pray you will not be sick long!

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      3. Yes, i don’t feel like i have power to go, staying in the bed with lap top, i hope he will give some good medicines, i hate pills and all the chemical medicine, but seems i don’t have better option for now. In france you have the option to ask them to come to your house, we pay so huge taxes here🤔

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      4. Yes, sometimes it’s necessary to use medicine, it will help you!😀. When I’m sick I like to just sit with my laptop too. Maybe the pictures on my blog today will help give you a smile.😁 Muffin meows that she wants you to feel better soon too.😸

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      5. I’m just having a bowl of cereal today, don’t even feel like eating at all actually but figured I better eat something.😁. You will be able to see my new picture of Sir George and Lady Pearl! They look so nice side by side. Is Leya with you?

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      6. I will check that out, I thought maybe you were not feeling well enough to read it right now.😀 I hope you liked the pictures. No sunshine here today but pictures can be funshine instead!😂

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      7. Always happy to help, anytime, i saw you wrote more comments, but i have to sleep now, is important, specially now, you followed advice? Feels good when someone listens, congratulations on everything, on liked and on followers as well, have a calm night my friend🤗

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      1. 2 months 10 days to be specific.. but its a great achievement… I have completed 13 months and yet yo touch 1000… So you have done a fabulous job… Proud of you and you should be also proud of yourself…🤗🤗💕💕😊

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      1. दुआ करते है खुदा से
        कि आपको दुनिया की सारी खुशियां मिले
        ये वक्त भी आपका गुलाम हो
        आप चाहे तो दिन हो और आप चाहे तो रात…

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