About Being Affected By Other People

Today, i was talking with few other bloggers and i find out, that they was really effected by other people online, who was giving them negative feed back. If you decided to have a blog, don’t let other people to effect you, you decided to have to before they found you here. Accept their opinion, tell them thank you for reading and continue, but don’t think, that you should stop or you are not good at it.

  1. You know what you are doing.
  2. You are the best at what you are doing.
  3. Life is yours, you can do whatever you want, where you want and with who you want.
  4. Always go forward don’t let anyone hold your leg, unless the person who hold it is your child.
  5. Build a wall between negativity and your brain, so it won’t effect you.

по мнению других людей

Сегодня я разговаривало с несколькими другими блоггерами и узнала, что на них действительно повлияли другие люди, которые давали им негативную обратную связь. Если вы решили вести блог, не позволяйте другим людям влиять на вас, вы решили сделать это, прежде. Примите их мнение, скажите им спасибо за чтение и продолжайте, но не думайте, что вам следует остановиться или вы не очень хороши в этом.

1.Вы знаете, что делаете.

2. Ты лучший в том, что ты делаешь.

3.Жизнь твоя, ты можешь делать что хочешь, где хочешь и с кем хочешь.

4. Всегда идите вперед, не позволяйте никому держать вашу ногу, если только человек, который держит ее, не ваш ребенок.

5. Постройте стену между негативом и вашим мозгом, чтобы это не повлияло на вас.

À propos d’être affecté par d’autres personnes

Aujourd’hui, je discutais avec quelques autres blogueurs et je découvre qu’ils ont vraiment été touchés par d’autres personnes en ligne, qui leur renvoyaient des informations négatives. Si vous avez décidé d’avoir un blog, ne laissez pas d’autres personnes vous affecter, vous avez décidé de le faire avant de vous être trouvé ici. Acceptez leur opinion, dites-leur merci d’avoir lu et continuez, mais ne pensez pas que vous devriez arrêter ou que vous n’êtes pas bon en la matière.

1.Tu sais ce que tu fais.

2.Tu es le meilleur dans ce que tu fais.

3. La vie est à toi, tu peux faire ce que tu veux, où tu veux et avec qui tu veux.

4. Toujours avancer, ne laisse personne te tenir la jambe, à moins que la personne qui la tient soit ton enfant.

5.Construis un mur entre la négativité et ton cerveau, afin que cela ne t’affecte pas.


128 thoughts on “About Being Affected By Other People

      1. oh… Yes i saw many time people use to comment negative but i never think That i was wrong
        Because i knew that i am writting about God and its i write all true so i dont care them…

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      2. yes I said thankyou but never let them go. you know its very important to make them right otherwise they will discourage new blogers and some are so sensetive they will stop bloging so i always stop them to crrtise..

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  1. “Build a wall between negativity and your brain, so it won’t effect you.” love this ! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but if their negative opinion gets to you, you allowed it. So just build the wall against negativity.

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  2. This is really good for new bloggers like me to read. I appreciate it! I just don’t understand how some people-they seem to enjoy causing strife-why?
    I don’t know if anyone knows!
    Hahahaha! It’s ok. Gives us more to write about! No?
    ❤️ing the multi lingual posts-and your pretty pictures too! Keep writing!

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Good afternoon to you! I wish I could get pictures of some things she does! Especially her gopher pose, she sits up on her hind legs like she is begging. She does it to attract my attention, looks so cute!🐈😁. Probably a good thing Leya doesn’t do it, it can hurt!😂

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  3. Wow, Ilona, this is a lovely and great post, I love it all🦋
    As a career guidance and coasch, it is very important to set up a wall between negativity and myself. I like to imagine the wall in shiny glass as I guide in very tough cases.
    I wish you a great day and I hope you make you a great week as well🦋

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  4. Yeah so true………let others judge you or your work in whatever means they want.
    But don’t let them affect your work. Believe in you and your work. And most importantly have faith in your work.

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  5. This is great post… Feedback is necessary to improve… But people should not give negative feedback instead they should give constructive feedback along with suggestions to improve that will be better…
    You know I have written two posts on the topic of how to give and receive feedback.. if you have not read them plz read and share ur thoughts…
    And last but not the least.. you r looking beautiful as your smile is too beautiful.. keep smiling… How was ur weekend… And have a great day…😊😊🤗🤗💕💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, you are right Manish, suggesting and helping to improve is not something, that hurts people, but if someone says your blog is shitty and you better shut it down, is not the right words, this is what i meant😄i read so many post i dont remember if i read yours about it, i will read and i let you know, what i think if i didnt yet🤗🌸🌼🌈❤️Thank your for reading, for your oponion, and for compliments🙏😊

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      1. Yes.. but we should not worry about and not even think about those baseless comments…😊😊.. let them do their job and let us focus on our…Right…
        Those types of comments shows their character not ours…😊😊

        And your post says it all… People should not worry about all these… Thanks …😊😊🤗🤗

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  6. Smiles Dance Dance Dance like no one is looking and write write write yes Sing like
    No one is Looking that way if they Do Look
    No matter how they Look back at you or
    What they say you may invite them to
    Dance and Sing their way as you
    On the
    And Song that
    Sings and Dances
    Your Soul in Flow
    Most For it is A Tree
    Blooming Most Seeing
    No Human As Humans
    Are best Felt and Sensed
    Sadly by Nature (God) Cutting
    Tallest Trees Down With Rarest
    Blooms Smiles Be A Weed never
    YouR FLoWeR..:)🤗

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      1. Haha I’ll send you a little Prayer to Get well yah.. NOTHiNG Holds me Down
        Either unless i am like
        That Girl From the ‘Exorcist’ Puking ‘Green
        Stuff’ and Even then when
        The Doctors Gave Up And My Mother Called the Catholic Priest who
        Never Showed i
        Didn’t Give up
        In a Place Even
        Demons Fear to tread for
        When you Become the Devil Hell’s Best Lesson
        Is THere is only God and You In A ‘Hotel California’
        That is ONLY You THere
        With No Escape
        But Bear it and
        One Day You
        May Grin again
        And Find that ONE
        Smile is the Eternal
        Smile Now of Heaven People Who ‘think’ they
        Me Down to
        Their size now
        With Sticks and
        StoneS ain’t Never
        Met God Face to Face
        As the Devil ALLoWeD
        Leave Hell…
        This is no April
        Fools Joke i reAlly
        Am also the Devil
        But you see i am the
        Devil in Reverse and
        Evil in Reverse as
        Moral of
        A True Story
        We All Have A ShadoW
        THere is No Path to
        Heaven that
        Does Not
        Include Crossing
        Hell rarely does
        Anyone Volunteer
        To Go and Help
        The Fire it’s
        True my only
        Pay is Love A
        Devil’S onLY Joy..;)

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  7. True! Amazing that you understand such fact. Some people can say something and didn’t even realise that their comment can hurt. They just gave nice advice that’s it. Even if someone did that on purpose it is silly to get upset with them. Life is short, enjoy what you are doing without desire being accepted by others. I noticed that people who love themselves don’t care about others opinions. They just opinions after all. 💋💋💋

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