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Hello Guys, I don’t feel like i want to use anymore someone else pictures, even if i have the right and its free, i prefer to change it in to originals, i haven’t had time those days to make it up with for everybody, maybe i didn’t read all of your posts, i will, when i will have time, just want to let you know, i will be back soon, as soon as i’m done with the pictures.

O картинках

Привет, ребята, я не хочу больше использовать чужие фотографии, даже если у меня есть право и бесплатно, я предпочитаю менять их на оригиналы, в те дни у меня не было времени, может быть, я не прочитало все ваши посты, я буду, когда у меня будет время, просто хочу, чтобы вы знали, я скоро вернусь, как только я закончу с фотографиями.

À propos des images

Bonjour tout le monde, je n’ai plus envie d’utiliser les images de quelqu’un d’autre, même si j’ai le droit et que c’est gratuit, je préfère le remplacer par des originaux,, peut-être que je n’ai pas lu tous vos messages, je le ferai, quand j’aurai le temps, je veux juste vous le faire savoir, je reviendrai bientôt, dès que j’en aurai fini avec les photos.


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    1. Some of them wasn’t what i took by my self, many were, but not all, i’m changing some old ones in to new ones as well, if you see people on the picture it’s always me, not posting others, i have one picture of little girl, but i got parents permission as i’m god mother😁

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      1. Today it was my friends, sometimes my family members, i like taking picture of nature and the different cities also, i’m not good photographer, but i love the process, and how about your picture on your profile? Is this your nose?

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    1. I will focus more on my own content in 3 different languages as well, i saw tv, whats wrong in my UK? Why did they went out of Europe first, would be easier to deal with the rest, i hope i can visit my LONDON soon!!!

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  1. That must be quite a job sorting through all those pictures! I know what it’s like, I have thousands of pictures now and I’m trying to get them sorted out so I can find what I want a little easier! Not easy sometimes. But fun anyway. Look forward to your new pictures.


  2. Smiles i enjoy using the Photos i take it brings back
    many memories as i go along and i’ll try to check back
    on some of the photography you changed as i really
    do enjoy Photography particularly from different areas of the World..:)

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      1. Hi.. thanks and i loved your new pictures.. i used an iPhone 6s for my last post but am using the new iPhone 10xs about half way through the next blog post i am still putting together.. in bed now using one finger on my smart phone..😁🤗😊😇

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      2. Yes my Friend and thanks so much for the Godsend of your Blog it has really inspired so many Deep thoughts that i have enjoyed Digging up
        So Much a Higher
        Feeling of
        Life my Friend..🕺😁🙏
        Hehe Alice in Wonderland
        Curiouser and Curiouser
        You Evolve
        And Help
        White Rabbit
        Not Be Late to
        His important
        Date with no
        Distance Time
        Or Space
        ‘Neo’ too..;)

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