Why Not?

Have you ever thought, that you could achieve more, by giving a shot, without thinking to much, maybe if you just go for it, without asking yourself is it worth it, will i get it right, what my friends will think about me if i do it?

We thinking to much and we don’t do it enough, i think is better to take the risk, is nothing to lose, instead of regretting 5 years after, why i didn’t went for it. Doesn’t matter what kind of goal you have and how big is your dreams, i have learned, that hard work always pays of.

Always take the opportunity, you may never have the second one, you have nothing to lose, but you can change your life by giving a shot.

( Ilona Pulianauskaite, said it)

Почему бы и нет?

Вы когда-нибудь думали, что вы могли бы достичь большего, давая шанс, не думая слишком много, может быть, если вы просто пойдете на это, не спрашивая себя, стоит ли это того, пойму ли я правильно, что будут делать мои друзья подумай обо мне, если я это сделаю?

Мы много думаем и не делаем этого достаточно, я думаю, лучше рисковать, нечего терять, вместо того, чтобы сожалеть 5 лет спустя, почему я не пошел на это. Неважно, какая у тебя цель и насколько велики твои мечты, я понял, что тяжелый труд всегда окупается.

Всегда пользуйтесь случаем, у вас может никогда не быть второго, вам нечего терять, но вы можете изменить свою жизнь, сделав выстрел.

(Илона Пулианаускайте сказала это)

Avez-vous déjà pensé que vous pourriez obtenir plus, en essayant, sans trop réfléchir, peut-être que si vous y allez, sans vous demander si cela en vaut la peine, vais-je bien faire les choses, qu’est ce que mes amis penseront de moi?

Nous pensons trop et nous ne le faisons pas assez, je pense qu’il vaut mieux prendre le risque, il n’y a rien à perdre, au lieu de regretter 5 ans après, pourquoi je ne l’ai pas fait. Peu importe le type d’objectif que vous avez et la taille de vos rêves, j’ai appris, que le travail acharné paye toujours.

Toujours saisir l’occasion, vous n’aurez peut-être jamais une deuxième, vous n’avez rien à perdre, mais vous pouvez changer votre vie en essayant.

(Ilona Pulianauskaite, l’a dit)


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  1. Good morning Ilona! I very much agree with what you have said here. Although I think that in some cases it is good to do some planning or research, most of the time people just think about something but never do it. And, as you said, a lot is because we are afraid of what family or friends will say. Maybe they will think we are crazy, maybe they won’t like us anymore, and we are held back from our full potential, and settle for second best. If we have an opportunity to try something we should go for it. People are also afraid of failure, so they hold back. We shouldn’t be afraid of failure, if we fail, learn from our mistakes and go ahead again. When I first started my business I made a bad decision and lost everything, but I learned and determined not to give up and it turned out very successful. Sorry this is long, I could say more but will stop now.😁

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    1. Hey hey hey, why do you care if someone likes you? You live your life, you laugh, you have fun, enjoy, those who won’t like us anymore as you said, they don’t like us because we are levelling up and they are not, they prefer to stay around people who is same like them or even with those who are more unlucky in life so they can feel better, than them, i hope you know what i mean, if they are real friends and loving family they never put you down, if you they want to put you down, you don’t need this kind of people in life, you will find better, failure? How many people Steve Jobs failed? Do you think he cares what barbara from texas think about him? 🤗is not long is amazing!!!!

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      1. So true, I always used to worry about what people said, not any more. I discovered that when I did worry like that, things never went well, sometimes it’s impossible to please people anyway. I have had friends turn away from me because I didn’t do things the way they did, that happens sometimes. I know I don’t always make perfect decisions but I learn and move forward. Maybe that’s why I don’t have many friends now!😂

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      1. Not very exciting day today. I washed clothes, did some cleaning 😛, tried writing a poem though that didn’t turn out so good! And tried to get rid of the ice on my walkway. Also worked on my income tax return a bit. But it’s only 1:23 so more time yet to do things.😁. Where did you go today?

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  2. The problem here is fear of failure and concentration on what other people think about us. I have wrote about fear of failure in my blog so go and read it so that you can get more understanding about this topic.

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  3. Yes. Exactly. We waste too much time in thinking. You are studying architecture isn’t it? How is it? It’s really interesting I heard.

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  4. Ilona, you are so right in pointing this out. I, at least, tend to overthink things…and when I just go for it, it never seems as bad as I fear and I even get to learn a thing or two from it. Thanks for this powerful reminder. Have a great day.

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  5. Smiles my Friend
    A Song Without
    A Dance is Left Alone
    hehe it took me close to
    6 Million Words before i started
    Dancing but it’s true from the Person
    who was shut-in in a Bedroom for 66 Months
    now to the Person who has Danced in Public for 11,000 Miles
    in 67 Months no one where i live will ever forget me now hAha..
    it’s True people
    will forget your
    Name but they
    will never forget
    how you make them
    Feel and that too is why
    i do my Best to make my Song
    of Words A Dance that will move
    more than just Mind too my Friend..
    All of us Humans are worth remembering
    even a grain of sand
    as i surely
    was too..
    but i still remember
    i am No Greater Still
    Than A Grain of Sand That
    Is At Essence Living God As Existence too..:)

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  6. No more worries. I am going for it. Its now or never. Currently, I am taking my life and career in anothet direction. I have a three year plan to create, expand and push my brand. I have given enough time to family, work, church and friends. I am going for it.


  7. This is very true. I saw that to some of my friends their hard work really paid off in doing the unconventional path. They gave a shot without over thinking, they worked hard and it worked.

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  8. From the hit musical Hamilton in the US:
    Yo, I’m a tailor’s apprentice
    And I got y’all knuckleheads in loco parentis
    I’m joining the rebellion ’cause I know it’s my chance
    To socially advance, instead of sewin’ some pants
    I’m gonna take a shot

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