The Man

The man is not afraid of darkness, but for some reasons he is keep looking for the light.

Ilona Pulianauskaite took it from her own head😉😁

Тот человек

Человек не боится темноты, но по некоторым причинам он продолжает искать свет.

Илона Пулианаускайте взяла из своей головы😉😁


L’homme n’a pas peur des ténèbres, mais pour certaines raisons, il continue de chercher la lumière.

Ilona Pulianauskaite l’a prise de sa propre tête😉😁


56 thoughts on “The Man

    1. Thank you so much, what is the reason in your opinion?🌸🤗🌈got russian keyboard my friend are not using it anymore, so he give to me, i will write now in both languages and if i have time i will add French as well🤗🌼🌸

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      1. Hey, that’s cool, writing in three languages! Maybe I can refresh my memory on French. But then, people tell me I have trouble with English! My grammar is bad anyway, but I guess I don’t try too hard on that. Sometimes a man has trouble knowing what he wants, or not knowing what he wants, like being in the dark and looking for light. And sometimes he knows what he is looking for but has trouble admitting it, or expressing it. So again, in the dark looking for light. You’re staying up late tonight. Thanks for checking my post!

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  1. “LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE AMONG MEN…” If what was said in English was said in the (Russian-?) translation, that’s pretty profound. But who will help him open his eyes or bring him into the light? Quote from Matthew 5: verse 16…in the Holy Bible…sure hope you don’t mind! ❤

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  2. Wow French English and Russian A Tri-Language Blog now that
    is a First of a Kind Kudos to you.. hehe.. Perhaps as many Blog posts
    as You Productively Create by the end of Next Week maybe i’ll have 2 Newer Langauges Under My Belt to Learn then..:)

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  3. Oops must really be tired forgot the Substance of this Blog Post about the General Species of “Man” You make for True i See and Feel and
    Sense too.. Those who are Afraid of the Dark and or Cynical
    of the Light where Dark Brings Light and Light
    Occasionally Brings Dark.. To Fear the Dark
    Takes the Light away from The Get Go
    other than
    that i don’t
    Fear the Dark nor
    am i Cynical Standing
    for the Greatest Overall
    Ways to Light is Love And Caring..:)

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      1. Well considering SMiLes And Dance is First Nature For me in 11,000 Miles of
        Public Dance in 67 Months if i Will put on Exhibitions
        For the General Public
        In Dance it might
        Be Hard to
        Or even
        To put into
        Words what i
        Do for Friends…
        The Short answer
        Is yes it is my honor
        To return the Gift of
        Smiles and Dance the
        Longer answer comes
        In Words hehe more to
        Come but you already
        Know what that feels
        Like most folks i meet
        Are not able to take
        Even part of me in…
        You welcome me
        As Friend and
        As long As that is
        True i am the Loyal Wookiee who will always
        Do my best to help
        Navigate your
        Blog ship
        Hehe just
        Ask one of my
        Other Friends as
        True you will always
        Count on a Wookiee in
        Times of Star Wars Troubles true i May
        Sound old in terms
        Of Human Years but
        Hehe.. Wookiee’s
        Live for Centuries…
        The past does not
        Mean the
        Be the Same…
        Believe in Magic
        Be the Magic
        Do the
        The Secret is…
        100 percent Hope
        And Faith in Loving
        Spirit of Will
        Giving up
        As God Holds
        Your Hands and
        It’s True Us Wookiee’s
        Don’t even Need Words
        To pray with God.. i Feel
        This First Hand With God Before i first spoke at age 4 looking Across the Black Water River to the Forest God i am with no Words
        Tells me within
        Feelings i am
        Always Holding
        God’s Hands
        my Soul Forever
        Now i see all of
        Existence this
        Way never
        Met a
        Even in
        A Grain of
        Sand how Blessed
        i am to Hear God
        With No Words at age
        3.. Now A Dance and Smiles Always complete
        my New Young

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  4. Wow, three language, I am so imprest. I learned French for the 20th year ago because I was going to be a chief and I actually spoke fluent French, but I forgot. Difficult language, fun to talk I remember.

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    1. Thank you for having a look, yes i have some russian and french people on my blog, i thought why don’t i make it up for them? And i a while i will translate my texts from russian to english so it can be perfectly written❤️🤗thank you for reading you are so nice😊

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      1. I understand it very well. I have some Norwegian readers I too, therefore I write Norwegian first in my records, but often when I translate it gets completely strange, but I struggle and try to get my English okay, but it doesn’t get quite good. You have perfect English and French … and study in French … I am so impressed with Ilona .. You really are a role model and you can get what you want. I cheer on you❤️

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      2. Always forward, i thought i start to write in 3 of them, so i won’t forget them❤️You too my lovely butterfly, yesterday i went to shopping and i saw i white orchids in the flowers section, it remember me about blue butterflies, who likes them🤗❤️

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  5. The darkness is my friend, for then I won’t have to see the face of those putting daggers in my back
    Or the looks on the faces of those leaving me

    Wait, social filter kicking in;
    The light is all nice and stuff
    I’m a positive person
    You believe me, right?!

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    1. hello, i couldn’t answer in to your comment yesterday was very late here, i’m here now, i’m positive as well, and is always the way to get of the dark places, i believe is very important surround yourself with the right environment and only with those people who wish you the best from all their hearts.

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