Healthy Breakfast Or Snack

As you can see, i’m not avoiding donuts, until is ones per week and only 1, just for breakfast is nothing bad about it, too much is unhealthy. I’m eating my breakfast at 7.30am, while i’m eating i like to drink my detox juice, not because i want to lose weight, but it feels good to stay on track and healthy.

For me Friday is the most difficult day of the week, because i’m trying to finish all what I couldn’t until today, this way i can have free weekend, without stress, extra work and unfinished tasks.

Thats why i’m having not tasty, but powerful detox juice, i can agree it tasty really bad, but it worth to drink them. For my Friday detox i choose: spinach 300g, 2 lemons, 1 persimmon.

I choose spinach, because they have a lot of nutrients, very low calorie, also increase insulin sensitivity. Lemon has bunch of vitamin C, helps to digest and to wake up faster. Persimmon is excellent source of antioxidants is taste good and gives you a lot of vitamins.

My second meal of the day i will have at 10.30, but before that i have to drink at least 0,5l of water is very important to stay hydrated and specially after detox juice.

Здоровый завтрак или закуска

Как видите, я не избегаю пончиков, пока их не будет в неделю и только 1, просто на завтрак ничего плохого в этом нет, слишком много вредно для здоровья. Я ем свой завтрак в 7:30 утра, в то время как я ем, я люблю пить свой сок детоксикации, не потому что я хочу похудеть, но это хорошо, чтобы оставаться на ходу и здоровым.

Для меня пятница – самый трудный день недели, потому что я пытаюсь закончить все, что я не мог до сегодняшнего дня, таким образом, у меня могут быть свободные выходные, без стресса, дополнительной работы и незавершенных задач.

Вот почему у меня не вкусный, а мощный сок детоксикации, я могу согласиться, что он очень вкусный, но его стоит пить. Для пятничного детоксикации я выбираю: шпинат 300 г, 2 лимона, 1 хурму.

Я выбираю шпинат, потому что в нем много питательных веществ, очень низкая калорийность, а также повышается чувствительность к инсулину. Лимон содержит много витамина С, помогает переваривать и быстрее просыпаться. Хурма является отличным источником антиоксидантов, имеет приятный вкус и дает много витаминов.

Мой второй прием пищи за день у меня будет в 10:30, но перед этим мне нужно выпить не менее 0,5 л воды, чтобы оставаться увлажненным и особенно после детоксикации сока.

Petit déjeuner ou une collation saine

Comme vous pouvez le constater, je n’évite pas les beignets, c’est un par semaine et un seul, rien que pour le petit-déjeuner, rien de grave. Je mange mon petit-déjeuner à 7h30, pendant que je mange, j’aime boire mon jus de désintoxication, non pas parce que je veux perdre du poids, mais c’est bon de rester en bonne santé et en santé.

Pour moi, le vendredi est le jour le plus difficile de la semaine, car j’essaie de terminer tout ce que je ne pouvais pas faire durant la semaine. Ainsi, je peux avoir un week-end libre, sans stress, sans travail supplémentaire et sans tâches inachevées.

C’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai un jus de désintoxication non pas savoureux, mais puissant, je reconnait que c’est vraiment mauvais, mais cela vaut la peine de les boire. Pour ma désintoxication du vendredi, je choisis: épinards 300g, 2 citrons, 1 kaki.

J’ai choisi les épinards, car ils contiennent beaucoup d’éléments nutritifs, très faibles en calories, et augmentent également la sensibilité à l’insuline. Le citron a un tas de vitamine C, aide à digérer et à se réveiller plus rapidement. Persimmon est une excellente source d’antioxydants, est bon au goût et vous apporte beaucoup de vitamines.

Mon deuxième repas de la journée aura lieu à 10h30, mais avant cela, je dois boire au moins un demi litre d’eau, c’est très important pour rester hydraté et spécialement après le jus de désintoxication.


28 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Or Snack

  1. Sounds like another great juice, the lemons might kill me but hey, worth a try anyhow! I love all these detox drinks, can’t imagine drinking so much water all at once though, and in the morning! Especially after all the coffee I drink. Who said coffee?

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      1. I know, writing posts about health and not following my own rules thought, happens, i had very difficult and hard 2weeks of my life, wonderful, but hard🌸🌼🌈my goals are to big and i’m keep fighting for them, i hope to get back on track with eating and sleeping soon🌸🍒☀️🧘‍♀️I dont even know how many coffee i drinked those days, i think coffein just keep ciriculting inside my blood system and never gets out. I wanted to do few exams earlier, so i could focus on other things, i did all, is done, i’m free until the day to take my diploma🌸🤗🌼now i have another goal, maybe i take a little break before i start to work on it, what do you say😂

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      2. Might be a good idea to take a break for a bit, you don’t want to wear yourself out totally! That wouldn’t be a good thing at all. I did that once and it wasn’t fun, took me a while to get my health back. Relax and enjoy yourself for a while. Yes, I know, you like to keep busy, just like me, but some relaxing is a good thing too. Exciting day coming up when you get your diploma, you will have to take a picture of it and show it!

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      3. Wow, thank you! I will look forward to that! That’s why I like to keep busy, so I don’t think too much about some things. I’m not much of a talker, takes a special person to really get me to talk a lot. I have always been very quiet, not sure why, no one else in my family is quiet. Oh well. I’m just different.

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  2. i love green drinks that i make at home. In them i put, kale, one apple, some flax seeds and some almond milk and it is sooo good! i highly recommend it!… P.s i didn’t find it in a recipe book or from google i just threw some stuff in it and then i had it and i loved it!

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  3. I should do a detox session. U motivated me 🙂 my donuts limit is personally closer to 1per hour than 1per day 😀 i exagerate but need to slow down bad food and think a bit more healthy. Its time

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  4. Hello guys! Good to hear about you! I am struggling with losing weight for a while now and I found a product recently, which could help me get in a better shape! this is an article about the product which seems to be working, since I have read a lot of psoitive reviews on different pages. Although I am not sure about it yet. I might give it a go. After all it is not that expensive for trying out a new way to lose weight. What do you think about it?
    Take care guys and have a nice day!

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  5. Smiles i’d like to say i’ve finished all the Work for the Weekend but Goodness Close to 40K Words now to Put Together.. so many Photos too and here i am still procastinating adding to that Pile of Words getting too sleepy to even finsih what i’ve already started there oh what a Good Night Detox of Sleep Will do to get that Started in the Morning Meanwhile continuing Happy Detox Drinks to You with Smiles..:)

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