Benefit Of Sleep

I know, that the sleep is very important for the human being, but i love life and sometimes i chose to live instead of sleep. I want to share benefit of sleep with you guys and to remember for myself, that i should get back in my regular sleep.

  1. when our sleep rhythm is disrupted, it becomes more and more difficult to fall asleep, the awakened person feels restless, and the ability to work is reduced, we come to work, but we are barely there. Some of us trying to sleep during the day, so we could get some sleeping hours back, but the day sleep even more imbalances the rhythm and makes it harder to sleep at night.

2. In order to ensure proper functioning of the body, it is necessary to follow the sleep regime and try to go to bed and get up at the same time, is it better to go to sleep early and to wake up early as well. This will help control the biological clock and ensure enough of hours of sleep. If you inevitably need to change your sleep schedule, do it slowly.

3. Melatonin is the most important hormone secreted by our body that cares about the rhythm of sleep. Melatonin slows down metabolism, restores the immune system and relieves stress. Once it has started, it reduces body temperature and helps to fall asleep, our body release it at night while we are sleeping.

Польза сна

Я знаю, что сон очень важен для человека, но я люблю жизнь, и иногда я предпочелa жить вместо сна. Ребята, я хочу поделиться с вами пользой для сна и помнить для себя, что я должнa вернуться в свой обычный сон.

1.Когда нарушается наш ритм сна, становится все труднее заснуть, пробужденный человек чувствует себя беспокойно, а способность работать снижается, мы приходим на работу, но нас там почти нет. Некоторые из нас пытаются спать днем, поэтому мы можем вернуть себе несколько часов сна, но петля еще больше нарушает ритм и затрудняет сон ночью.

2. Для того, чтобы обеспечить правильное функционирование организма, необходимо соблюдать режим сна и стараться ложиться спать и вставать одновременно, лучше ли рано ложиться спать и рано вставать. Это поможет контролировать биологические часы и обеспечить достаточное количество часов сна. Если вам неизбежно необходимо изменить график сна, делайте это медленно.

3. Мелатонин, это самый важный гормон, выделяемый нашим организмом, который заботится о ритме сна. Мелатонин замедляет обмен веществ, восстанавливает иммунную систему и снимает стресс. Как только это началось, это снижает температуру тела и помогает заснуть, наше тело выпускает его ночью, пока мы спим.

Avantage de sommeil

Je sais que le sommeil est très important pour l’être humain, mais j’aime la vie et parfois j’ai choisi de vivre au lieu de dormir. Je veux partager le bénéfice du sommeil avec vous et me rappeler que je devrais me remettre dans mon sommeil habituel.

  1. Lorsque le rythme de notre sommeil est perturbé, il est de plus en plus difficile de s’endormir, la personne éveillée se sent agitée et sa capacité de travail réduite, nous arrivons au travail, mais nous y sommes à peine. Certains d’entre nous essayons de dormir pendant la journée, alors nous pourrions récupérer quelques heures, mais le sommeil de jour déséquilibre encore plus le rythme et rend plus difficile de dormir la nuit.

2. Afin de garantir le bon fonctionnement du corps, il est nécessaire de suivre le régime du sommeil et d’essayer de se coucher et de se lever en même temps. Est-il préférable de se coucher tôt et de se lever tôt aussi? Cela aidera à contrôler l’horloge biologique et à assurer suffisamment d’heures de sommeil. Si vous devez inévitablement modifier votre horaire de sommeil, faites-le lentement.

3. La mélatonine est l’hormone la plus importante sécrétée par notre corps qui se préoccupe du rythme du sommeil. La mélatonine ralentit le métabolisme, restaure le système immunitaire et soulage le stress. Une fois qu’il a commencé, il réduit la température corporelle et aide à s’endormir. Notre corps le libère la nuit pendant que nous dormons.


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  1. Point 1- I do sleep during the day since during the night I wake up every two hours.
    Ponit 2- I agree.
    Point 3- The word Melatonin, a ctually exist. You said it relief´s stress why you are sleeping….obviously not an expert but what came to mind is that I myself don´t relieve stress or my adrenaline if it is not something I have to do physically and the more extreme the better.

    I should go to a pshychologist……

    Forgot almost, so the wedding is where in this face of the planet? You picked a country already? Still waiting for reply. You can also say NO, excuse me, YOU CAN…..getting bored myself while writing, as a matter (Atoms, neutrons, protons, that is matter, you and me and the neighbour are made of them) of fact, I did find the post very interesting.

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      1. You know that in Hawaii, they don´t let you go to a wedding with a dress…… you have to be in a swimming suit, with a thong and riding the waves with the priest. Just to let you know and be prepared.

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      2. I don´t order Bikini, you are nuts?……sorry, I´m a bit slow, you said ordering for you. O.K. I´m going now to that thing that makes you tan, tan salón? It´s called that or something like that.
        Hey yoooo! How you doing today?

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      3. My day….if I told you the truth you would go nuts, hence is why I´m infront of a computer. Later we´ll deal with the real world.

        But you didn´t answer my question that you through at me back, how is your day?

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      4. Love ya,
        what if i´m a player, you (not you specifically)….
        Again we´ll try, you can´t play a player.
        By the way that dumb thing I lerned it in the US, evil americans.

        Hey! My girfriend broke up with me, so ….. single, and ready tow mingle,
        Take care ilonapulianu….what the fuck is that kind of name, make it shorter

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  2. I love that you wrote the post in three different languages. 💖 I remember I started to write 10 years ago, here on WordPress but my English was really weak. And people started to talk how bad my gramma and I am better to stop and do something else. Well, I did. And now I know how to talk to those guys. They are pointing to other people writing but I believe if they would try to learn Russian or French they are wouldn’t do better.

    About sleep. It is important like your awake time. In sleep there is so much going on in the people’s brains they can’t even imagine. 🌈🌈🌈😴😴😴🤗

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    1. You know is your blog and you can write about what you want and how you want, i never care about negative opinion, i only care about good one, it won’t change anything in my life, you are doing great i like your blog and fitness content, thank you for stopping by❤️🤗

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  3. I do agree with this. I can get by on about 5 to 6 hours sleep, but I have to keep to my regular pattern, even when travelling.
    It was interesting having you post this in the three languages. Would you mind if sometimes I pointed out some minor mistakes in the English? Well done for writing as well as you do. Even though I can read French and Spanish a little I would not feel capable of writing other than Emglish.

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      1. I will try to be gentle but firm😊
        First, sleep is never made plural. A better way to phrase that would be when our sleep rhythm is disrupted.
        I am not sure what you meant by using the word buttonhole. I think it would be simpler not to use an expression just say what you mean clearly. Prepositions are a nightmare in English!
        You did well, except for and ensure enough of hours of sleep. Only one of required, to qualify the noun hours with the verb sleep. Hope this helps. Thank you for following me and liking my posts. It is much appreciated. God bless you.

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      2. You did well, except for and ensure enough of hours of sleep. Only one of required, to qualify the noun hours with the verb sleep. can you explain it with more simple words? already corrected the rest, thank you🤗

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  4. i read the post in english i wish i could speak russian but mhe.. i love the post so much i think i will reblog it if your ok with that! keep up the great posts i look forward to reading more of them!

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    1. Yes, you can reblog, read it, i hope it is useful, thank you from all my heart for stopping by, i go today with some friends to the beautiful places, to take pictures for my blog, i want to change picture, i hope you will like it my friend🤗

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  5. You are so right about the importance of sleep, and regular sleep pattern. I find that 7 hours of sleep is best for me, though I don’t always get that. I was very regular with sleeping at one time. Then work got in the way and I was only getting 3-5 hours of sleep. But I’m trying to get into a regular routine again. I must have missed something, I didn’t know you were getting married. But I have missed some of your posts, they don’t all make it to my reader.😀

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  6. Smiles i surely can relate to this as it is kinda fun to go with no sleep as the Dopamine increases but it’s true if we are not careful the Brain Will Actually Start to consume itself in deterioration due to the stress of no restoration through sleep and when i first developed the Pain Disorder like a Dentist Drill in my right eye and ear for 66 Months from Wake to Sleep i went the first 35 out of 40 days with an Alpha Blocker to help
    me to Sleep only one hour each of those nights in a very shallow cardboard like way and none for the last 5 out of 40 and that is
    A very destructive process for the Brain for i seriously could
    not even manage a Game of ‘Tic Tac Toe’ after that with
    my Wife it’s like i went from Stellar IQ at School and
    Work all the way down to Pre-school
    abilities.. That really helped me to
    understand what the gift
    being at least smart
    enough to understand
    most things in life is..
    smiles my Friend it brings so much
    Sympathy as Empathy to Experience life
    in so many Different shoes in one lifetime
    i am actually diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome
    on the Autism Spectrum as my Sister is too i didn’t speak until age 4 and did manage to get 3 College Degrees and my Sister got 3 too including
    2 Masters Degrees too.. i retired financially independent by age 47
    albeit shut-in in my Bedroom and She retired Financially
    Independent at age 55 a couple of years ago too..
    true i am diagnosed with Bi-Polar too but
    i literally have a prescription for Meditative
    Free Style Dance from my Doctor as
    my only medication to
    regulate my
    emotions and
    integrate my senses…
    i stay Very Happy For Decades
    as Long as i do not get into a Catch
    22 of stress as i am able to go way too high
    and burn myself out into Numb of Depression
    that will potentially Last years too as i’ve spent
    about 7 and a Half Years all together in other wise
    what is a very very satisfied enough Happy Way of Life
    for the rest of my close to 59 years.. i have to be very careful
    to get enough sleep or i will get too high and risk literally burning
    out my Brain and going back to Numb of Feelings about everything in
    life.. yes.. sleep is so important as we do not want to consume our Brains
    into Destruction
    as every Nerve Cell
    is important to refresh
    and Grow New ones too..
    as it is true Science Shows
    that Meditation will actually restore
    the Health of a Brain and Even Build Grey
    Matter in all areas of the Brain except the
    Amygdala where Meditation will actually shrink
    Grey Matter to give us less Anxiety in life all Naturally
    too so yes both Meditation and enough Sleep is the Literal
    Fountain of Youth but true there are still some days i only
    get about 4 Hours or Sleep and i really do fly high those days
    and get so much Creativity in Super Productive Ways done but
    true the Next day i make myself get enough sleep for i do know
    what the Long Term issues may come to be without enough sleep..:)

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    1. Holy sh….t, that was a very long poem-comment. Interesting, nicely witten and I did like your take on the subject, overall the writing I found it usefull for my Little brain to learn as a new person to the writing world.

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  7. Good morning (here in Sain is 7.a.m) on a Sunday…..I should be in some cool party…..getting old, but still crazy you hot-yoga woman. I did say tha I suffer from OCF (obsessive compulive flirt), buty I´m a nice man that I know. Again, it was an interesting read. Since I dont sleep to good, basically nothing really.

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      1. I have no idea why I can´t sleep for 8 hours as the psychologist told me. Seems it´s the normal thing to do, 8 hours. What I did tell the psychologist is that the day has 24 hours, the life is short I know that for me, so why spend it sleeping? I think that was my first and last sesison with her, she thought ¨ what a nutcase this one, no way to ´repair´ this person¨.

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