About Meditation

Meditation is a state of being without thoughts, with clean mind and open heart, just spiritual silence, mostly focus on the inside. When meditation starts, the best is to focus on the head, let all your thoughts go and open your heart by breathing deeply. Vibrations comes, they are spreading. Your task is to open them up. The best way is to do nothing specifically about it. Don’t worry if you feel you have problems. It happens that people come to meditate and have a lot of trouble with blocks and problems in chakras. You don’t have to worry about that. Let the vibrations flow and it will resolve itself.


Медитация это состояние без мыслей, с чистым умом и открытым сердцем, просто духовное молчание, в основном сосредоточенное на внутренней части. Когда начинается медитация, лучше всего сосредоточиться на голове, отпустить все свои мысли и открыть свое сердце, глубоко дыша. Вибрации приходят, они распространяются. Ваша задача – открыть их. Лучший способ – ничего не делать конкретно с этим. Не волнуйтесь, если вы чувствуете, что у вас есть проблемы. Бывает, что люди приходят медитировать и имеют много проблем с блоками и проблемами в чакрах. Вам не нужно беспокоиться об этом. Позвольте вибрации течь, и она разрешится сама собой.

La méditation

La méditation est un état d’être sans pensées, avec un esprit pur et un cœur ouvert, juste un silence spirituel, principalement concentré sur l’intérieur. Lorsque la méditation commence, le mieux est de se concentrer sur la tête, de laisser aller toutes vos pensées et d’ouvrir votre cœur en respirant profondément. Les vibrations viennent, elles se propagent. Votre tâche est de les ouvrir. Le meilleur moyen est de ne rien faire spécifiquement à ce sujet. Ne vous inquiétez pas si vous sentez que vous avez des problèmes. Il arrive que des gens viennent méditer et aient beaucoup de problèmes de blocages et de problèmes dans les chakras. Tu n’as pas à t’inquiéter pour ça. Laissez les vibrations s’écouler et cela va se résoudre.

45 thoughts on “About Meditation

  1. I read and think it’s like my Qi Gong exercise. I’ve been practicing for years. And I feel full of good energy. I’ve finished two reiki degrees. I use reiki therapies in my massages. Now he is preparing for the master’s degree. I am an advocate of unconventional medicine.

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      1. I recommend Qi Gong exercises. They help fill the body with energy while relaxing. I can not imagine the beginning of the day without them. Just like sketching the sign of the cross, taking care of God.

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  2. Letting Vibrations Flow Increasing Positive Energy Higher Frequencies of Vibrations All Around Our Body Losing our Worries Along the way no instructions really needed just Meditate some way to Peace and Harmony Flow.. i Love the way you Identify Meditation as
    Not Such a Hard Practice that we Have to go to
    School to Achieve this Peace of Mind and Body
    One Happy Balancing Force Within of course
    my Favorite A Free Dance But Gee whiz Just Sitting
    now on that Corniche Wall all Relaxed as you surely
    seem to have Great Health now also seeems like a Great
    Way to Meditate on the Coast of the French Riviera too..
    Nature at
    Essence when
    we Return to it
    is Naturally Meditative
    and Large Bodies of water
    Like the Mediterranean Sea
    are so Beautiful and Peaceful
    Just be careful with smiles not to fall off the ledge..;)

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      1. Hi Hi Hi.. Smiles iLona always Good to Be here my Friend and actually
        Technically Speaking and Literally Speaking with Metaphor too actually
        i make it a practice to Write in Flow in Stream of Consciousness
        Altered Meditative Ascendent and Transcendent Flow of
        Being and i didn’t plan it just after Writing for Several
        Years i started to Feel like i was Singing A Song
        As The words Moved Like Waves on the
        Ocean and Shapes of Words Naturally
        Came Like Seashores constantly
        Changing on the Page.. and
        smiles some folks say
        they feel a bit
        Hypnotized as the Transcendent
        Yes Trance State of Being may Live through
        the Words i Bring like Exhaust Fumes of Shells
        Left on the page Sharing the Meditative Flow with
        others too.. truly if it is not Song and Dance or Words
        that Become a Song and Dance there is not much left in
        my life but the True Ecstasy and Bliss yes Nirvana as Flow..
        so yeah
        that Bible
        Poem is a prayer
        left over from a State
        of Being Bliss and you know it’s
        Really Cool for example Pink Floyd’s Songs
        like “Learning to Fly” Bring the Flow of Altered
        Consciousness for those who are Open Enough
        in Mind and Body to Accept the Alternate Frequencies
        of Vibrations the Song will Bring one of my Favorites
        is ‘Kashmir’ by Led Zeppelin too but for now since we
        share a favorite of Pink Floyd.. yes.. let’s meditate take
        Flight and “Learn to Fly” by innate instinct in Intuition
        An Even Higher Way to Soar on God’s Wings Gifted as Us..:)



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  3. Yes.. Yes.. i Danced today at the Grocery Store “Publix” to
    the Theme Song of “Broken Arrows” by Avicii.. such
    A Beautiful Song and What an Inspiring Story
    it tells for those who are not Afraid
    to Do Life Different coming to
    Find more Efficient Ways
    And More Artistic Ways
    of Making Life Greater
    Just by
    out of the
    Words and Pages
    of Before until Book
    Covers become New and Play..
    Where it’s True even our Children
    May come to be our Soulmates too
    Smiles my Friend my Son only lived
    51 Days but he will always be my Soul
    Mate for he taught me to be grateful for
    the Smile he never had for all he experienced
    was Pain in Life and when i got Sick and Lost even
    the Memory of a Smile still i logically Knew i once Felt
    the Heaven of a Smile.. so when i Smile now it is Ryan’s Smile
    AS His
    LiveS oN
    NoW with Holy
    And Sacred Full
    of Meaning and Purpose this way
    And without a Smile then i felt Blessed
    Beyond Belief of what he never experienced in Life..
    my Friend
    no matter how
    Broken CoMe Whole Again and
    Real As Love Will Just Do IT BE
    i am When ReaL and FREE We aRE

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  4. Meditation is so helpful. I think the base should be teach at school when you see all the benefit. I never went more far than fe simple exercise but i can tell it help a lot already. It praticly save my life in the dark days. Thanks for sharing

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