Friday, Finally

For some people Monday is the best day of the week, for others Friday, everyone has own preferences, but hear very often many people saying, finally Friday, i enjoy it as well, it tells me, that the hard week is almost over even if I still have to complete a lot of tasks before i can start to celebrate weekend, but to know, that is Friday is somehow makes me feel good, which is your favourite day of the week and way and why?

(ilona pulianauskaite)


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  1. It’s Saturday because almost all my work is done by then and I have time to do things that are not on my list like writing, dancing or sleeping! Hehe!
    Once school starts there will be no favourite day of the week. In that case, I’d have to say that I like nights better than days since I can relax on my bed…pen something down or listen to Billie Eilish! ❤️

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      1. Hehe! I love your blog too because of one very very simple reason- Your posts are short. I can read novels overnight but not long posts😂 Keep blogging, Ilona and keep posting beautiful posts❤️

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  2. Sunday is the best because that’s where I get to attend full service at church which means I get to start my week with a bang and remember once you start your week on low gear then you will surely end it also on low gear.

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  3. Hello, dear!
    First I want to thank you for following my blog and for spending time reading my posts.
    I do enjoy friday as well… because the weekend comes and I for sure need to rest after a long week (when I am not working :-)) ).
    So, Friday is my favorite day of the week as well!
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  4. Antonym: “a word opposite in meaning to another (e.g., bad and good ).”
    If we love some days from 7 that mens that we hate some days, if we can like then we can also dislike. I prefer tu view it as one day from 7 just to know where I stand, but not categorise it, rader just do the best I can with each of them.
    Hope this is not confusing 😛

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  5. My favorite day is Friday!
    It’s a little easier at work, and oh that feeling when I come out in the street, ready to finally enjoy some time off 😀 It motivates me to do many things in the afternoon (I finish work at 3pm) and I have time to prepare a nice dinner and enjoy a new movie ❤

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  6. What Numbers What Days.. Days Are Numbers
    And So Is Age And So Is Life Until a Great Escape..

    And Numbers Die
    And Are Replaced by
    Sun And Moon Again
    Just the Eternal Now of Change
    Now is always my Favorite Day
    True When Money is Removed from
    the Equation no longer Slave to Work
    or School All Becomes Play no Longer Days..
    Smiles my up and still coming New Friend if you
    Love ‘Pink
    Floyd’ no
    Doubt you
    Will Love Alan
    Parsons and ‘Days
    are Numbers’ Just as much in Light
    For A Tree/Lamp of Life coming Free..:)

    How Beautiful it is to Bring New
    Wor(L)ds WHere they are Welcome….:)

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      1. Yes. Are you ready? Thank you for allowing me this. I like to say to people-I’m not going to tell you anything you don’t already know.
        3+9+1+9+9+1=32/5 This is your lesson in life number—what you are here to learn, or overcome and also your gifts and vocation.

        The positive-
        Keyword: freedom
        “You are here to learn and experience the value of freedom-and should not tie yourself down too severely. Your talents, once learned prepare you for a literary career…dealing with public…”

        “…you bring a message of good tidings for the future.”

        “this is a number demanding action. You must be patient, determined and persistent in getting ahead…you must be mentally responsible and rely on your intuition. You have the ability to master speech and foreign language to aid you in communication. 😊 You must use your good judgement and not be swayed by others.”

        “Many friends will help…you will succeed”

        The negative—
        “If you are negative…you allow a proud nature to turn would-be friends into enemies…this happens when you obtain a position of authority and feel guilty for not living up to your potential…rewards…are delayed until you have learned the proper use of your energies”

        “you have a charming personality which gives you confidence…make you a leader…attracted to government…great sense of personal power and desire to see justice done in your life work…victory is yours if you remain untainted by ego. You will gain satisfaction only when you know how closely allied to the Source which sent the power through you. Self confidence is an asset in your career.”

        -from Numerology and The Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker
        1979. I did not ask permission to reproduce this—please forgive me Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 🙏🏻

        I hope you find this useful if not entertaining!😊

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  7. If I had to pick a favorite day I guess it would be Sunday, as you said, because of God. But I enjoy every day especially if I can do something new! I have been meaning to ask, do you see many Canadian tourists there?😀

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