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21881BFD-38F9-4DA8-B3DE-2B2839B70B20I believe, that each of us, asking ourself at least ones in life, what if something will go wrong with my job, how do i find another job fast, what if i won’t, how can i be able to take care of my family, what if my wife leaves me, because of my fails? What if i won’t go to university, will people judge me? What if i stay at home with a baby, i don’t want to hear judgements about it.

I have the same problem with over thinking, i always have to prepare plan A and B, and C,D,E, because i’m scared of what if? It makes my life more difficult, even if i’m positive person, but is hard to live with carrying on the part of what if.

I know what if, won’t change the facts and won’t effect anything in my life, but i can’t help it. It will happen or it won’t, but why do i feel like i have to be prepared in case the worse will happen?

Что, если?

Я верю, что каждый из нас, задавая себе хотя бы один вопрос в жизни, что, если что-то пойдет не так с моей работой, как быстро ли я найду другую работу, что если я не буду, как я смогу заботиться о своей семье, что если моя жена бросит меня из-за моих неудач? Что если я не пойду в университет, будут ли люди судить меня? Что делать, если я остаюсь дома с ребенком, я не хочу слышать суждения об этом.

У меня та же проблема с переосмыслением, мне всегда нужно готовить планы а и , б также с, д, потому что я боюсь, что если? Это усложняет мою жизнь, даже если я позитивный человек, но мне трудно с этим справляться, что если.

Я знаю, что если не изменит фактов и не повлияет на мою жизнь, но я ничего не могу поделать. Это случится или не случится, но почему я чувствую, что должен быть готов к худшему?

Et Si?

Je crois que chacun de nous, en se posant au moins des questions dans la vie, si quelque chose va mal avec mon travail, comment est-ce que je peux trouver un autre travail rapidement, et si je ne le fais pas, comment puis-je pouvoir prendre soin de ma famille, et si ma femme me quitte, à cause de mes échecs? Et si je n’allais pas à l’université, les gens me jugeraient-ils? Et si je reste à la maison avec un bébé, je ne veux pas en entendre parler.

J’ai le même problème avec la réflexion, je dois toujours préparer les plans A et B, et C, D, E, parce que j’ai peur de ce qui se passe si? Cela me rend la vie plus difficile, même si je suis une personne positive, mais il est difficile de vivre avec ce que je fais si.

Je sais que si, cela ne changera pas les faits et n’aura aucune incidence sur ma vie, mais je n’y peux rien. Ça va arriver ou ça ne va pas, mais pourquoi est-ce que je me sens obligé d’être préparé au cas où le pire arriverait?


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  1. Life is full of challenges. Sometimes, it’s worth taking the risk, and know that we made the right decision. But if we fail, we can choose to stand back up again, or wallow in our failure. My mantra is rather, “I’m glad that I did…” rather than “I wish I did…”
    The Catalyst

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  2. Two basic Worries Regrets for the Past
    And What ifs for the Future so Full of Worry
    Back to the Present the Gift of Now Always
    A GreaTesT SoLuTioN but How to Get Here now
    with a mind so full of what ifs that are also based
    on Past Experiences where most all becomes Past and
    Future and the Present
    of Now is Left
    Lost somewhere
    in an illusion of Time
    Distance And Space
    We Create that is
    often mostly
    for what in Life
    we really have no control
    over at all.. other than to be
    Just be And Cross the Bridge over
    Troubled Waters when that Now comes too..
    Hehe.. i am no Saint of Now as true in all my Days
    of Money Worries for Job Security whether or not my Wife
    With Epilepsy then could be covered by Health Insurance if
    i ever Lost my Job so Close to retirement.. Golden Hand-cuffs
    no matter if the Frigging
    Stress was fixing to
    Kill me next
    or not..
    so true so true
    i understand the Matrix
    the other Side of the ‘Neo’
    Coin i rest as Now so Full of Energy
    Most Always Positive Nary a Fear or
    Anxiety at all.. but true even without all
    those contingencies one must find Holy
    And Sacred Meaning in Purpose to Fulfill a Life
    from first to last Blink but when in the State of Transient
    Hypo-Frontality a Meditative Flow that is truly an escape
    from the Neo-Cortex of our Brain Dampening down all illusions
    of Time Distance and Space to set ourselves free from Future and
    Past Regrets and or ifs ands or buts.. coulda woulda shoulda
    have done that other thing too.. where the Journey
    is Complete
    the Flow
    of Heaven
    is in Hand
    for whatever Science
    or Art we Achieve in the
    Eternal now of Present.. in this
    Altered State of Consciousness Science
    Shows we are 400 to 500 Percent More Creative
    and so much more Productive too if we trained our
    Species more to Achieve our Human Potentials than
    Worrying about making money for Basic Subsistence
    Imagine a World where most everyone could fulfill there
    Human Potentials Minus fear that is A source of all weakness
    and the state of Hate so far away from the Healing and Evolving
    of Love..
    Smiles my Friend
    there is no answer but do..
    And for me at least as i was a bit
    more Exhausted this week than usual
    when i went to Dance Last night after not
    much sleep the night before oh Lord i had a tinge
    of Anxiety my Old Worst Friend Came back to visit
    but inherent in the Activity amongst Hundreds upon
    Hundreds of intoxicating Rowdy Folks Oh the Flow
    one with Nature Breathing God so free to be with
    Wings on Terrestrial Land a Few dance moves
    and all this Bio-Feedback of Meditative
    Flow in the Last 67 Months and
    11,000 Miles of doing that
    so Free Voila
    the Present
    of no time distance
    or Space the Transient
    Hypo-Frontality Gold the Flow
    beyond the Rainbow once again
    the Kingdom of Heaven EternAlly now
    the Gift now i am i exist..
    i love
    i live i am Free to Be..
    it was so crowded it was
    almost impossible to move
    but true either small movements
    or large movements brings A similar
    Flow Free to be..
    let it go Flow
    Free as a
    ‘FRoZeN’ Disney Ice
    PrinceSS oNCE LEarned too..:)

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      1. Smiles welcome ‘Alice’
        i started off a Celebration
        Of 11,000 Miles with
        A though about
        Wonder Land
        That is always
        Boogie Wonderland
        Now for me in ‘Mad
        Hatter White Rabbit
        True any
        Just about
        That Blog
        Post and thanks
        For all the inspiration
        Along the way you have
        Covered so many
        For so
        Many Dances
        Of the Challenge
        Of Existence for A
        Greater Potential For
        Most Important
        Intelligences Evolving..
        In Dance and Song of
        Life Freer to Be..🕺😁😇🤗🕺

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      2. To Truly be Alive one must never
        let the Romance For Living Die..

        i just used ‘this Song’ on my Blog..
        i am always writing Romantic Poetry
        too.. just keeping the Fire of living in my eyes..

        hmm.. i was gonna share ‘Hungry Eyes’ by
        Eric Carmen but i already Used that ‘Dirty Dancing’ Song when
        writing as Muse to my Indian Friend so this one is for you my friend…

        i write to my Soul who ever hears me is surely a friend to me..:)

        hehe.. one day maybe
        i’ll get a Job with Hallmark Cards..
        And Write the stuff within there too..

        i write to Feel.. smiles my Friend.. i Romance my Soul to be..

        My First Love was Cuban she was 15.. i was 18 she was my
        Very First Real Girl Friend.. and when i lost her Love it truly
        took me 34 Years and going to Hell on Earth for 66 Months
        to gain the Ability to Fully Love Again Without Restraint..
        something died in me then
        i buried it so deep
        my Friend
        it was well
        Worth it to go Hell to fully live again..:)

        Oh and thanks for the ‘Purple Rain’
        Song i always PArty like it’s 1999 Now..:)

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  3. This is always happening to me, those terrible what ifs! But I believe it is important to make plans just in case. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes things do happen so we must change course in our lives, but always stay positive about it, if we have to make a change then think of it as a new challenge, this is something I can do! Instead of worrying, which never helps. I have had those lost kind of days too, I admit they can be hard. I like to go for a walk in the forest, or sit by the lake, and I often write poems at times too. And don’t focus on the what ifs of the past, that’s a bad one for me! I hope you have a wonderful evening!

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  4. When I was young, I was scared of life. Everything frightened me. Now I look at the world with a pinch of salt. It’s better, it’s much easier to exist. I will lose my job, I will find another one. Maybe not as good or better. A husband will leave, he will thank him for years when he was with me and let him go his way. And he gave me so much, and I could never have him at my side. And so with every case. I’m still afraid of only one. For my children. They are my life !!

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  5. Hi Ilona, I tried leaving a comment on your detox drinks, there was 2 different ones posted and both disappeared, pages are not even showing up now. Maybe it’s just me, things happen to me all the time. Sigh. Sounded good anyway!

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      1. I agree, I would stay up all the time if I could! Muffin would love to have me stay up all night too, that’s when she really likes playing. There is 6 hours difference between here and there.

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  6. The best is to live in the present. To stay positiv and do our best to keep our belived safe and healthy. Too much thinking can lock completly true hapiness and its a huge waste of time. I m sur you ll find a way to fix this 🙂

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  7. Yeah and that’s the problem of most people. It should be different. I always knew How equals doubt and doubt is killing all goals and dreams. Happened to me. Not anymore. Hope you find your way to think different one day 😘

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  8. One thing I like reading about your posts is that they are too relatable. Plan A B C D and what not. We always live under the shadows of the “Murphy’s law” “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” but there are times we need to let things go loose and enjoy the journey and leave it to life at what destination we would arrive.
    I’m amazed to know that you’re multilingual. Really appreciate that! 🙂

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    1. What if it shouldn’t exist yes or no, but what if is not a question, i’m trying to deleted from my life, with all the power, i hope i will one day, because is really annoying thing, have a wonderful day you and you son, is always the way, i hope he can deleted what if from his life, it could change a lot, hugs guys!!!!🤗

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