Mental Diet

  1. Don’t be effected by negative people and negative environment,
  2. Try to be kind to people, they didn’t do anything bad to you.
  3. Think positive and read positive information.
  4. Try to find happiness in the most simple not material things.
  5. Enjoy the moment and take the maximum from it.
  6. Smile to people, they will smile back, we always think like someone looks angry or don’t like us, but try to smile to this person, you will see she or he will smile back, some people just have serious face expression.
  7. Don’t wish bad to others, the wish may turn back twice time stronger, i think it works the same way with a positive wishes.
  8. Be happy with what you have, try to think about what you have, instead of keep bothering yourself about things what you dont have.
  9. Don’t rush, don’t run, take your time for whatever you do.
  10. Have a productive and positive day.

48 thoughts on “Mental Diet

  1. OMG i Just Love Your Mental
    Health Diet the only thing
    i will add is
    Do Dance
    And Sing
    Jump up for
    Joy (if your knees
    are not bad yet)
    And there is always
    Some way to Dance and
    Sing even if it is a Key Board
    and you cannot See and Hear..:)

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  2. By training physically people have actually forgotten to train their most important muscle which is “Mental Health”

    Mental and Physical health should be trained equally in proportion.
    Hope everyone understands .

    Thank you so very much for such valuable info Ilona ❤
    I’ll almost follow everyone of the mentioned one’s

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  3. Wonderful points here Ilona! We should all practice these points in our lives, I think we would all be healthier if we did. You have wonderful wisdom, keep sharing it with people. I hope you have a good sleep tonight.

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