Boost Of Vitamin D

Detox is easy way to lose some extra pounds, clean your body out of all the toxins, burn fat and to start a new life style. When your body is light and healthy you will feel different mentally too.

Cleaning yourself is just a first step to go, after that is much more things to follow, but is already very good start, if you are ready to pay a lot of attention for every single food you eat or drink that you drink, you will be able to loose a lot of weight and burn all the fat of your body.

Today i’m going to share with you my detox juice of Wednesday , i selected fruits and vegetables by health benefits and nutrition: orange, clementine, carrot, pumpkin, persimmon.

You will need:

  • 4 carrots
  • 1 orange
  • 2 clementins
  • 8 pieces of pumpkin
  • 1 persimmon

Wash all ingredients well and pat dry, cut fruits and vegetables, don’t forget to remove any peels, place all in a juicer. 

After your detoxification, your body will have better digestive function and will make you feel lighter. Drink if for 7 days, everyday after breakfast.


32 thoughts on “Boost Of Vitamin D

  1. Vitamin D Vitamin D So so Important
    for Great Health in Every way the Sunshine
    Brings so much of it to us too.. all your Tips
    here great for a Detox for Vitamin D too.. but
    this probably will not offend you as France isn’t as
    Nearly averse to the Natural State of our Human Being
    the Best way to get all your Vitamin
    D is to become a bit more of
    a Naturist and where
    Legal and acceptable
    to who ever wants to
    participate let the Sun
    Shine on all of you at least
    about 15 Minutes a Day hmm..
    my Private Back Yard is Best for
    getting my Dose of Vitamin D every Day..
    hmm.. you seem a bit fair skinned so ya don’t wanna stay out too long..
    even though my Grandfather Was Irish from Ireland and the rest of
    me English French and German too.. got about 1.6 Nigerian and South
    East Asian in me too as assessed by the 23 and Me Genetic Test
    so i guess that is why even with very light Green to Blue
    eyes i get very Tan in the Sun where i don’t have to
    wear too much
    Sun screen
    or cover up as much
    too.. but i still limit my
    Exposure very much in the Sun too
    as Skin Cancer is always a risk too..
    and yes off topic but when i go Dance
    i always always wear ear plugs too.. Hearing so precious too..:)

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      1. SMiLes hehe.. back in September of 2013 when i first Started doing this for the First Several Months i had many run-in’s(Dance-in’s) With Store Management and Store Security for it’s true when i first Started Doing this in Super-Walmart and i wasn’t quite as Coordinated as i am doing it for 11,000 Miles now i fell a few times and one time i Fell into Some Cakes in the Bakery Section and the Security Guy told me to Go
        Dance At the Target Store or he would get me for Loitering in the
        Store Well.. using Logic Per Say and Do i called
        up the Manager of the Store the Next
        Day and apologized for
        Running into the
        Cake Display and explained to
        him how this was just a Form of Moving
        Meditation and as you might imagine i made
        myself seem intelligent enough where it didn’t
        Seem like i would cause anyone any problems doing
        it.. so he said no Problem Dance to your Heart’s content
        And then at the Mall the Management there told me it was
        taking too much distraction away from the Commercial Advertisements
        in the Mall Halls but in each and every Store where Other Management Controlled the Space inside the Stores they had no Problem at all
        and were so so nice to me always telling me i lifted their
        Spirits in Joy so voila been doing it ever since then
        and there is progress every 6 Months on my
        Youtube Channel Journaling in Videos
        the Entire Dance Journey in the
        Last 67 Months and of course
        it is also fully documented
        in my 6.7 Million Word Free
        Verse Bible Poem in the last 67
        Months too as i have had so much unbelievable
        Fun doing it and one of the Videos Went Viral with
        Around 90K Views that a Young Women took and Shared in her
        much larger Social Network than mine as you might imagine
        this isn’t normally what someone Close to 59 Years-old Does
        in their Spare time or anyone at all for that matter as i live
        in a Very Conservative Closed Minded Place as assessed
        the Most for that way of living in the Entire United
        States by Sociologists so it was quite a Challenge
        Getting the Freedom to do this but haha now
        most everywhere i go people say you are
        Famous and a Celebrity but i never
        have made a penny doing it and i would
        not accept money for it even if anyone offered it as i
        don’t need money anyway but hey if i needed it i might find a way
        now to make money by actually taking the effort to send what i do
        to somewhere where folks are really interested in the story of what i do..
        it’s more fun to be Famous and Unknown by my real name other than
        Dancing Guy that way
        i have much more
        time to Meet and
        Greet New Very
        Interesting People
        like you my Friend Ilona
        and truly the only people
        who take the time and effort
        it takes to get to know me most
        always become Cherished Life-Long Friends
        with me as i’m all about the giving and the sharing…
        i don’t need anything more from anyone than what they care to give and share.. and smiles i don’t know if you got to see the last video i shared
        with you but in that one i was spinning much much faster than this one..
        but it was at the end of a Very Very Long Day/Evening of Dancing so i was looking a bit exhausted while doing it and not as Fresh as a Daisy..
        Good Night
        my friend Hope
        you Rest Peacefully..:)

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