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Parc Phoenix, is a good place for family pick nick, is just in front of the sea, is big botanic garden with a little if of zoo, you can see many birds flying around they may come to ask for a snack, and you are allowed to feed them, they sell there special food for animals.

Last time i went there, the price was 6 euro for a adult for a full day, i think it didn’t change, you have also days, when is free, but to many people coming on those days. This place is really great for kids because you have a playground inside, also there is a little place where you can buy drinks and snacks, i find, that the price is correct, i honestly suggest for everyone who comes to Nice to visit the PARK PHOENIX, is accessible by bus, by feet or you can take a taxi, but taxi here is to expensive, i mostly go everywhere by feet, because we have problems here with parkings, is no space, specially in summer, even you rent a car and you park it underground, you may need to wait 30minutes until you get a free space there. Some people by memberships for parkings so they can always have a place there, but is mostly for those you are working in the centre city.


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  1. Wow.. i didn’t realize Nice was a Tourist Destination Close to the French Riviera..
    No Wonder the Parking is limited.. close to where i live the Emerald Coast is becoming a Bit like the French Riveria smiles what was once a more Secret Hide-Away place
    Of Beach Beauty turning
    More into Skyscrapers
    Of Commercial
    Buildings but
    Humans Do
    Build their Busy
    Ant Mounds True..;)

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    1. Yes, as i work in the hotel i always meet a lot of American tourist, they like it here seems, for some reasons they are the most generous with tipping lol 😂🤗i’m glad you checked it more about Nice, French Riviera is all this part Cote D’azur🙏Cannes, Nice Monaco and more..

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      1. Smiles.. i Love the Colors of the French Rivers the Most With the Deep Blues And Emerald Greens too i bet You must Love your
        Work in the Hospitality
        Industry too as your Personality seems like it
        Would be Great for making the Best Tips too
        For a Quarter of a
        Century my Work
        For the Government
        Was Providing Morale
        Welfare and Recreation
        To the Military Folks and their Family and Friends
        Creating Smiles for
        Others was Truly
        The Reward
        Unto itself
        Smiles.. My Mother
        Said when i was a very
        Small child even though
        i could not speak until
        4 Years-Old.. I had open
        Arms for all Strangers
        that hasn’t Changed
        But sadly
        More Folks
        Don’t like to
        Receive Hugs
        From Strangers
        It Seems But they
        Truly are Just
        Too lost
        In Stress the
        Great Theft of Love..🤗😇

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  2. So pretty! Ok, so in high school, we performed “The Boyfriend” set in an all girls school in Nice. We did a big dance number ‘on the beach’:
    “when trouble troubles you-the only thing to do is dance-you simply gotta dance…”
    Your enthusiasm and love for your city is making me want to pack our bags and visit…

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