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We all have spam boxes on Word Press page, every day i find a lot of comments in there, some of the are really spam, but more, than half was beautiful comments, i’m always happy to release them, sometimes i’m late to check my spam box, because from phone is not comfortable to do it, but every time i’m on my computer, i always check them and i always thank to people who wrote it, i believe, that for successful blogging is important at least to say thank you for people who took time to read and write a comment.

Are checking you spam boxes as well guys?


54 thoughts on “About Spam Boxes

  1. Hehe.. I get more likes just by visiting your
    Blog and Leaving Comments here than
    i get on my Blog in about a Year.. Yep
    Got too Big to see long long ago
    In my Personal Galaxy And
    Wonder Land Far
    Far Away
    Where only a Few Good
    ‘Lost Men’ And Dorothy’s
    From Oz and Alice’s From
    Wonderland Venture unto
    ‘the Great Unknown’ Butt True
    At the Metro Dance Hall where i
    am Celebrating my 5th Year of
    Spiraling Dance there this week
    Where i will add highlights of
    Broad Smile Selfies from the last
    6 Months Dancing there in my
    Next Blog post celebrating
    11,000 Miles of Public Dance
    in 67 Months along
    With writing my
    6.7 Million Word or
    So Bible Long Form Epic
    Poem now in 67 Months too..
    Nah.. Not to Big to see.. obviously
    When i Dance if you checked out
    That YouTube Video I shared
    With you last night.. hehe Any
    Way even most Spam
    Is not able to get
    In my Blog
    As it
    Is Just too Big..;)

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    1. I know why, because on your post is many information and in todays world people always run and rush, so they don’t take time to read all, i guess, i don’t know if i’m right about it, but i like your blog, smiles my friend, if you could my a smaller post, just do a little experiment, i always experimenting on my blog🙂

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      1. Yes.. you are definitely Correct this World is way too much of a Rush for a Weekly 30,000 Word Post and Yes!! i made a Blog Post in January named
        Y.O.U.2019 inspired by
        My Indian Friend and
        Even she liked it as yes
        It had the most
        Likes at a Little over
        500 Words as my Blog
        Posts are even too
        Big for my
        Indian Friend to open
        Up but she is a Group Auditor Manager for the
        Biggest Airline in the United Arab Emirates
        Just the title of
        The Job almost
        Gives me a Headache
        As i know
        How Cold
        Numbers can
        Get as I Did Financial
        Management for the
        Government and approved printing
        For it too I’m all
        About People
        Hearts Spirits
        Souls that kind
        Of Work Puts
        My Flame out
        And Makes me Depressed
        i see it happening to my Friend time and time again where it may
        Be Difficult
        For even
        Me to Cheer
        Her up but
        i never ever
        Never Give up
        On a Friend as Long
        As they don’t Mind
        Me Being Part of their Life..🤗😇😀

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      1. Oh Gosh i wanna See Captain Marvel so Much because of that Yellow Cat With Green Eyes but oh my God i miss Yellow Boy so much it makes
        Me Cry just to
        Write this but
        i Do NOT Care
        As it just means
        i have a Heart
        And am
        of Love..😇🤗😀

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      1. I think is just because some people commenting a lot of posts, i asked word press ones, why it happened, they said it can be because the ip adress is similar to others who sended spam before, or because of commenting many posts🤗🧘‍♀️🌸☀️

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  2. Interesting post which has triggered my question. Whenever I make a pingback on my WordPress site to another WordPress site the pingback shows up and works, however if I do exactly the same from my Blogger site it never works and was once found in the spam of the other site. If anyone out there knows why this happens and how to stop it I would be very grateful.

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  3. I have just got a reply from Akismet which explains why it won’t work from a Blogger site, so if I use my Blogger site I will just put the link in the comments box and do it that way. Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out to us, we’re happy to help 🙂

    So trackbacks as it is in this case won’t work from Blogger as that’s only a feature that works within WordPress. The issue is that it is coming from Blogger – Akismet won’t have anything to do with it.

    I hope this helps – let us know if you have any further questions around this 🙂

    Best regards,

    The answer, pingbacks only work on WordPress, now we know!

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