10 Tips to Improve Mental Health

  1. Diet, healthy food plays a big part in our life, it we eat badly it can gives us pain in our stomach, it can make us tired, lazy, every little trouble with our physical health can effect our mental health and if we already have some troubles, we don’t need more.
  2. Relation ship, doesn’t matter what kind of and with who, but to have someone who you can trust and talk about your troubles, who won’t judge you, but give you a hand and help what you need, if you don’t have this kind of person, look around, you may find one.
  3. Lack of vitamins, if you are always tired and have bad thoughts, maybe your body is lack of vitamins, personally i don’t like to take vitamins from pharmacy, but it may help you to feel better.
  4. Serotonin, Dopamine, Adrenaline, have you ever thought what you feeling bad because you done have those them in your life? I read, that fruits and vegetables with yellow colour can help with serotonin. Dopamine, if you need it, text for a friend or family member, it will help you with dopamine. Adrenalin, i get my adrenaline by claiming high, it gives me a lot of adrenaline.
  5. Physical activity, i always write on my blog how important it is, is boost your blog circulations, it helps to stay focus, also it may bring some visual results as well, whatever you chose, even a fast walk, could make a change. Go out at least ones per day.
  6. Hobbies, i always had a hobbies in my life, it makes me feel good, i think every one should have a hobby, doesn’t matter what kind of hobby, but if it makes you to feel good, go for it.
  7. Addiction to alcohol, cigarets or drugs is not good idea to continue any of those if you have mental troubles at the moment, i don’t drink at all, is just makes me tired and is not tasty, i just don’t see the point, but if you like to get glass of wine or bottle of bear, i don’t see anything bad in it, but wait until you improve your mental health first. About drugs, i can’t tell about it, because i didn’t had experience with those, but if you do, try to remove it from your life, if you want a happy and successful life, it won’t help you, it may destroy you.
  8. Surround yourself with positive people, only with those you want you to feel good, who inspires you, who cares how you feel, also i’m trying to skip the bed news from the world, it won’t change much if i know it, if i really need to know something, i believe i will hear it from the radio of my car.
  9. Let go the past, even what happened 1h hour, is already the past, so you dont need to thing about it, live the moment, here and now.
  10. The society must change and environment as well, because people gets mentally ill, i don’t talk about people who was born with mental problems, i wrote for those who got problems with mental health recently. Fight for yourself, nobody will fix it for you and nobody will pay your bills, take care of yourself, there is the way, but only if you really want it.

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  1. Your advice is very good. It all makes great sense. We need to remember to care for ourselves better, or we won’t have anything left to care for others with. The only thing I would add, would be to find just a slice of quiet time each day. Thank you for your posts, I enjoy them a great deal.

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  2. Wow iLona.. You are amazingly Productive.. Truly Interesting to watch
    You Work what’s almost like Magic here online as Your Endeavors are
    truly Blooming here.. Mental Health is one of my Greatest Favorite
    Topics and i Love all 10 of Your Guidelines Here and truly as even
    Science Shows now most Addictions which many folks come addicted to
    from Substances to Behavioral Addictions these days are not so much a Deficit
    of Dopamine and Serotonin and Adrenaline associated Neurochemicals but the
    Neurohormone Oxytocin.. the Soft Affection of the Heart that is felt for Puppy Dog
    Tail Wags Kitty Cat Purrs Hugging Grandma where Age and National Origin and
    Sexual Orientations and Gender Differences and Religions Don’t Matter at all
    as most ‘normal’ Social Mammal Animals Fed By Breast Early in Age Develop
    The Wiring from Head to toe where we even have Oxytocin Receptors in
    our Feet to Develop a Close Relationship to Mother Earth and when
    we Feel this closeness Hugging a Stuffed Animal it only Means
    that we have Developed the Ability to Generate the
    Neurohormone Oxytocin of Comfort ourselves
    through the practice of Imagination of Loving
    Hugging a Furry Stuffed Animal Now too..
    Where Even if We just Look at the Teddy
    Bear We feel that Warm soothing feeling inside and
    i will tell you this a Big Big Big Huuuuge Problem with the
    Male of our Species in some Cultures more than others is this
    Neurohormone Comfort of Oxytocin is said to be for Sissies and voila
    Men Die Dead of Heart Attacks and Substance Addiction much more than
    Women Still so much Earlier Prematurely too.. yep i’ll go to A Disney Movie
    and Cry Like a little Girl when Bambi’s Mother Gets shot by a Hunter and no F
    no i will never Kill another Furry animal Not even a Rat i will put them in the
    Woods Safely and if the Nature of a Wild Cat Fills his Tummy So be it for all of
    Nature Consumes itself as we are part of the Same Breakfast Lunch and Supper
    of Reality True yes that old Symbol of the Snake consuming its Tail and True too
    if there was no other way to gain Subsistence you bet i’d learn to be a Hunter
    to Feed my Family too.. but since i don’t have to kill to eat i never will and
    the result of that will simply be living Decades longer with a Sweet Heart
    that does
    not rot
    Killing Love more
    those of us who do not
    have to Kill Love to make a living
    are the most fortunate of all those
    of us who will make Love the Staple
    of life where Life becomes one of do the least
    Harm and Love the Most where we escape A worst
    illness of all and that is NDD Nature Deficit Disorder the
    root cause of so much Mental illness these days where Avatar
    Life forgets the Green forgets the Smell of the Forest and forgets
    the Cool Waters of the Ocean where the Salt Air Washes all the Stress away..
    True though in most every situation we Humans have a way to adapt to challenge
    and Change for the Better for by God even Words will become a Forest to visit with smiles.. Sure An Ocean Whole a Never Ending Story and a Never Nether Land story too.. for there are those of us who are shut-in who Turn Words into Organic Nature of Soul..
    True too..
    what the
    Darkness and
    the Pain and Numb
    Will Bring of Light now
    True thing is as long as we
    Live we must fight through the
    Numb and Pain With Relative Free Will to get to the other
    Side of Love.. Pain and Numb has taught me most about Love..:)

    Smiles my Friend it always nice to see Your Kind And Sincere Smiling Face..:)

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      1. Thanks Again Ilona..
        i Believe You Make Everyone
        Feel Welcome on Your Blog Genuinely
        And Sincerely and i am sure Your Customer
        Service Industry Job Plays a Great Role in this
        as surely it did when i worked with Customers most
        of my Work Career as people actually asked me why am
        so nice.. as to me it seemed
        obvious that it actually feels
        so Good to Be Nice to
        Other Human Folks
        as simply our State of
        Being Erased away from
        All the ‘Cultural Clothes’ that
        take us away from Being both Nature
        and Human And Even Being so Naturally
        And Fully Nice to Each other without Fear
        but hey hey hey.. You Were Raised With Love
        and Live in a Most Beautiful Environment too…
        How Lucky We All are to Just Give and Share Life as Love..
        And haha.. Katrina Refuses
        to See Captain Marvel
        will be doing that
        Alone if i find
        enough time distance
        and space away from Creating
        My Own Captain Marvel Movie
        in Flesh and Blood real albeit missing
        A Little Yellow Boy with Green Eyes who
        Truly in Feral Wild Ways from the Forest
        took me Back to the Call of the Wild where
        i am no Longer Just a Domesticated Dog as
        for Free
        Just to Seek Find
        Be PArt of a Pack
        of other Free Folks Who
        Are Free to Love True Smiles
        in This Way the Full Moon is Still A Friend to me..
        Hehe Writing this way makes it so easy to find my
        Comments on a Blog as Popular as this one now with Smiles..:)


  3. You make some great points here! My Dad always said everyone should have hobbies and if you don’t have time then make some time! Hobbies are great for enjoyment, relaxation, reducing stress, in many ways they can help. But all your points are good really! A very enjoyable post!😁

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