I’m Going To Continue About My City

First place to visit what is free, is the sea, is very beautiful it has 3 colours in it, the water is clean and is healthy to breath some salt from the sea, you have free beaches and also the ones where you have to pay, this is what i like about Nice, you always have an option.

Second free place to visit is Old Town of course, very beautiful, you can hear the life music while you are walking around, you can grab scream, it will take you a while until you chose from 100 different taste, but you have to try them, they really tasty.

Another place is the Castle in front of the sea, they you go up, yo can go by stairs or you can go by the lift, is very hight, but the few is magical, there you have waterfall as well, very beautiful, also there is one restaurant and playground for children, but i go there, for the view, is breath taking.

The docs of Nice, if you are fan bouts and lots, you should definitely have a look, is huge and interesting, you can see many bug fishes around them, but is forbidden to do fishing in there.

The magical Coulee Vert garden is very big garden at first part you have many playgrounds, flowers flowering trees, at second part you can do pick pink, after is my favourite, is FONTAINE big i just have to shoe you, because i don’t have enough words to tell you how cool is this.


126 thoughts on “I’m Going To Continue About My City

      1. you are from UK? I love london, can’t even compare with Paris, Paris is cold city, well in summer does not looks like that, because of tourists, but in general for me is cold city, and London is much former like people, they are like in NICE, enjoyed my holidays day🌈

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      2. Yes I’m from the UK, I’m pleased you like our big city so much, I think it’s an amazing place there’s just so many people there.

        What are the people like in Nice?

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  1. Thankyou to follow my blog again. i am very happy that such a great blogger Following my blog, who always inspire me how to post how to write how to live the Life, Guide me every time. Thankyou Ilona for being a follower of blog ..
    Thanks alot it will encrouage me..😀🙏

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      1. i’m so sorry for you, try some natural medicine or if pain really huge try some chemical, i’m trying to stay away from usual pills, but if i have really huge pain and nothing else helping, well i take strong pain killers..🌈

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      2. Hi, Ilu how are you ?
        Hope you are good..
        thankyou for being with me last day.. i am very happy for you.. that i got such a good friend who was with me when i was in her need.. even she is too far but dont forget her friendship.. i am very happy to have such a friend..

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  2. Smiles i learned the Value of Photos when i lost effective eyesight
    and hearing for 66 Months of course the Value of YouTube too when
    i could no longer Use my Ears to Hear songs either then.. all i could
    stand was a dimly lit screen on my Computer without colors true in a way
    Modern Technology Saved me from totally going nuts as at least i could
    write on a Dimly Lit Screen true the origin of 12 Million Words now online
    since Thanks Giving Day 2010 a Hundred Months ago now.. when i purchased
    my first iPhone5.. 6 Years ago in March of 2013 Lord God Knows it was like magic
    for the Retina Display was the First Display i could ever use to see colors again
    Without intolerable Eye and
    in General Nerve Pain in my
    Face my Wife had some photos
    of that Farm She Visited i could not
    go to as a shut-in in my Bedroom then
    and some other Beautiful Photos she took of
    Nature on Her Really Fancy Digital Camera too..
    finally Thank God i could see the Beauty of Nature
    on a 4 inch Retina Display Screen it’s True my Friend
    in a Way Steve Jobs and ‘Apple’ Saved my Soul Back to the
    Beauty of Nature then can you imagine how i felt to Stand on
    the Beach again when the Pain finally Went away in July of 2013
    and sure from that perspective it might be easier to understand why
    i dance and sing so much and have shared 170 Thousand photos online
    that will never be Copyrighted by me anymore than i would ever own
    or the
    Earth or
    anyone else
    as a Possession away from Free..
    What Beauty it is to see all as Free..
    To Hear and See and Dance and Sing so Free..
    Smiles ‘they’ say the Beaches where i Live are the
    Most Beautiful in the World Still the Forests and Clear
    Yellow Creek Streams and Sugar White Sand there as well
    all Quartz Crystal Derived how blessed i am to share that Beauty
    with other people too.. and true how blessed i have felt in the last
    Several Years to share my Friendship words with all others too as well..
    It is true
    my Friend
    it might seem like
    an Eternity away some
    days but eventually what doesn’t kill You in Dark of Struggle
    Makes You OMG so Much Stronger to Love all that is (God) every
    bit of
    DarK in
    my Life i Still
    Welcome with HeART oF LiGHT SPiRiT oF SoUL
    For i reaLize GreaTesT LiGHT Does Come From DarK..:)

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      1. Honestly my Friend Photos From my Past
        And YouTube Songs from my Past after spending
        66 Months in my Bedroom as a Shut-in of Pain and
        Numb of No Emotions are Technological
        Saviors that
        Truly helped
        me so much bring
        my Soul Back to Life..
        We are Blessed in Many
        Ways in our Modern Age that
        some folks may not have a Reference
        Point from the Past to See and Hear the
        Challenge is to Make Technology our Servant
        Not Falling as its Slave Same with the Reasoning Part
        of our Mind as our Neo-Cortex is evolved to Serve the
        Emotions and Senses of Our Limbic System Brain and
        Reptile Amygdala and Brain Stem Brain as well as We in
        Relative Free Will.. Will Train our Neo-Cortex with the Deeper
        Part of our Soul that is beyond all Physical Measured Science the
        ‘i’ of us within the True Self in Light that is the Director of the Big ‘I’
        of our Ego too.. if we realize that Ego is just an Actor that We Imitate
        with others and Co-Create.. yes.. Training our Neo-Cortex with the Deeper
        Part of our Soul the ‘i’ of us Our Relative Free Will Together with the
        Rest of Nature Directing Our Neo Cortex to be a best Servant of our
        Emotions and Senses in Positive Love Flow or if We are not careful
        Now Our Neo-Cortex will go out of Control and Be Slave to
        Shadows of Our Emotions And Senses Where No Longer
        Mind and Body and Spirit(!) is in Balance of Emotional
        Regulation and Sensory Integration
        in Flow For our Greatest
        Human Potentials
        to Be Realized
        in Positive Flow of
        Love Imagining and Creating
        Dreams to Fruition to Give and Share Free Now..:)

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      2. Smiles my Friend it was the Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia a Nerve
        Issue of the Face where it felt like a Dentist Drill in my Right Eye and
        Ear From Wake to Sleep for 66 Months that is Medically Unofficially termed as the “Suicide Disease” for it truly is that Bad even if one is very Happy before they develop the Issue as it takes everything away from You and all that is left is Pain and Numb no drug would touch the Pain and it’s really indescribable of how Bad it is as a Migraine is just nothing nothing at all for you know a Migraine will eventually end and the Pain of a Migraine is like Joy compared to that pain.. anyway it did end finally After 66 Months.. then i escaped my Bedroom Went to the Beach and Voila i’ve Danced in Public for 67 Months now in 10,994 Miles of Doing that and written a 6.6. Million Word Long Form Poem to accompany that and i remember you asking me how one does Dance in Stores well here is
        an example for you as i am celebrating the Last 6 Miles of Dance by
        Tuesday to reach the 11,000 Mile Mark as i have been monitoring
        my Progress by Video Since the beginning of this.. as perhaps
        i am getting Closer to reflecting the Smooth
        Motion of the Entire
        Milky Way
        with Smiles..
        remember i do weigh
        240 LBS at a little over 6 Feet
        Tall in Athletic Shoes and it does
        take Leg Pressing 1340 LBS Twelve Reps
        to Move a close to 59 Year Old Man like this..
        Smiles the Folks close to the Age of what might
        be my Grandchildren are still catching up to me with winks now
        the lesson of Pain the Gain of Heaven After Numb too my Friend
        other than that the Community i Live in is noted as the most
        Difficult Place to be different by Sociologists in the United
        States not many people mess with me when i am moving
        like this haha.. for it is true when i was in school in this
        Beautiful but Backwards Community i was threatened
        by Bully Christian Soldier Boys if i even dared to smile
        Toxic Masculinity as Fostered by the Desert Tribal
        Desire to Kill Enough Empathy to Kill the Enemy
        as a Sad Tradition that sadly some Religious
        More Older Testament Left-Overs is still
        fostered World-Wide Sadly enough in
        many ways but hey it is what it is
        we all must learn to adapt to Challenge
        for Change Life is So Beautiful when we continue
        to Evolve across the Life Span no matter if it is some
        folks with Veils of Ignorance away from Love when we
        are Young telling us Boys can’t Smile or Cry Grief or someone
        telling you.. You will Go to Hell if You Meditate and/or Dance in Public..
        i’ve heard both of those things sadly still in the 21st Century my friend
        but hey we
        earn our
        by being Courageous
        Enough to Express it
        now no matter were we are born..
        Anyway i wish You a Restful Night of Sleep in France..:)

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  3. Wow, Nice sounds like such an amazing place! Would love to visit and see it in person. Actually France was always one place I wanted to visit, so much beauty and history. My poor ability with French however would not have worked out too good!

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      1. That’s interesting, I would never have thought that. But I guess so many people move around now that language becomes less of a barrier. 😁 Cloudy today and cool, might get a little snow later.⛄

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      2. Yes, I like being outside too, especially after a long cold winter of being indoors!🌞🌲. Muffin enjoys it now too, she can have the door open again.😺. She doesn’t go outside though, too dangerous, but she likes sitting by the screen door with the window open.😁

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